Tamia - Still Lyrics

Mmmm yea-hey-oh-woah-oh yea-hey-oh-woah-oh-woah
Usually when two people are together for a long time
Things seem to change
It's been said nothing good lasts forever but this love gets better every day
We get all excited inside everytime that we get alone
He still got love in his eyes, and I still got love in my soul

Still, feels like the first time we met that I kissed and I told you I love you
We still run around like teenagers even though we're grown and married with kids
And we still talk on the phone for hours when I'm away
And he still writes letters and send me flowers every other day
The question everybody ask is how we make it last
I tell them
I still
He still
We still

Now I still smile in the morning, when I realize when I'm still in his arms
We know everything about each other, but we still keep holding on - yeah
We're never gonna break up
We'll be always there to make up as long as we stick together
We'll climb higher
I'm gonna ride with him to the wire
Our love is never gonna end we're on fire


We go through problems just like everybody else (but I really don't mind)
But I don't mind 'cause it makes us keep it fresh
What's sadder than an argument is the thought we may have never been
He's my lover, my baby's father, my lifetime partner and my friend
Still the man of my dreams
He still, still the man for me and I'm still in love with him so deeply
I think I'll sing it again
He's still, still the man of my dreams
He's still, still the man for me and I'm still in love with him deep deeply

[Chorus x2]

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