Tallest Man On Earth, The - Where I Thought I Met The Angels Lyrics

Never once an ocean
Could hold me on its shore
Standing calm with all its motion
With all the movement of its flow
Cause I know way back in the distance
All the safer sorrows burned
The ones with no intent to drown you
The ones where nothin's to be learned

So now I'm headin' down a back road
The one that no one really takes
'cept for me now to be nowhere
When that early morning breaks

Now I'm dancin' with the mad girls
The ones who sin out by the town
Who were brought up by bell towers
And always nurtured by its sound
I heard them sing out in their language
Already when I was still free
Oh God I thought I heard the angels
What kind of fool'd you put in me?

'Cause now I'm tied by up by a back road, y'know
The one that no one really takes
'cept for me now to be nowhere
When that early morning breaks

They sure won't let me leave this summer
No no no
And they won't let me go this fall
And with the likelihood of winter
They'll take the heat out of us all
Just to deliver all their daughters
To track down sons of serpent roads
And let me look out over slaughter
To have a night out with the boys

And now I'm takin' off the back road, y'know
The one that no one really takes
'cept for me now to be nowhere
When that early morning breaks

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Tallest Man On Earth, The Where I Thought I Met The Angels Comments
  1. Noah Pirholt

    thank you for this song almost no one knows about, I wouldn't have heard it without this video.

  2. jzonkel

    666th like

  3. Antonio Perez

    Lists ing to music hb?

  4. Gabriella Feathers

    good medicine

  5. Emma Vardanian

    Unbelievable. This man...

    Mattie Stembridge

    Ha fancy seeing you here! And yes I agree so so much

    Emma Vardanian

    +Mattie Stembridge Haha, indeed!

    Emma Vardanian

    +Mattie Stembridge you'll probably find more traces of me here and there... :)

  6. Iguanaintrouble

    The most beautiful of all.

  7. iceandcherries

    Words can't even explain how profoundly I love this song.

  8. Duck Lord Bolemole

    When you think you have heard all of him a new song just pops out of nowhere, and I love it <3 :D

  9. Mr Bojangles

    this mans music did something quite profound to me. i can't even explain it. sort of like that he is so tall that he can see horizons in the distance that little old me could chase forever but never feel that sunrise on my wasted days.

    Gabriella Feathers

    I get it bo.... I definitely do.

  10. mikebiketrike

    If you scroll down, I wrote a comment 4 months ago about how unfathomable it would be to have heard every tmoe song. Well, I did it, this was the last one.
    Equanimously waiting for the next album.

  11. Barry Jones

    Try Fossil Collective - Let it Go.
    Beautiful x

  12. mikebiketrike

    You seriously listened to them all? how many? I counted 31 just on his wikipedia page. I've been exposing his material really gradually and slowly so the exploration process will last long :P I think I know about 15 of his songs but even then, I only focus on like 7. I'm still awaiting for his other songs to find me, because it's like that, I remember the first time I played "over the hills" through till the end, I thought it was okayy.. And then I became deeply captivated and learned it on gtr!

  13. Massimiliano Magni


  14. Nico Grez

    Why can't I quit you Mattsen.

  15. Nico Grez

    I've listened to every tallest man video on youtube, and it actually pains me that there is a finite number of songs.

  16. bleachedgreentank

    Thanks :)

  17. Jordin

    You know you wrote "Thougt" instead of "Thought" in the title?

  18. Arthur Saey

    My mom heard this and called it 'Country' music. That's it, I'm bringing her to the doctor

  19. skulptivator

    one of the most amazing songs I've ever heard!

  20. CharlesPanhead1951

    Absolument génial.
    Je ne connaissais pas du tout.
    Quelle claque!!!

  21. Justin Cenci

    @murilojt That made me smile! I think you're right. That is what good music does, and I never thought of it that way!

  22. Murilo Trento

    This guy makes me want to live forever.

  23. Yurith Joly

    He suprises me every time with his music, just perfect!

  24. Bora Erden

    Do you have "Graceland", by any chance? I think it's on the same single.

  25. Bora Erden

    Ah! Un français! Est-ce que t'aurais "Graceland"? Pleaaase?

  26. bleachedgreentank

    Pas de problème. :)

  27. Bora Erden

    Thanks so much for posting this, I've been looking all around for it!