Tallest Man On Earth, The - The Sparrow And The Medicine Lyrics

When you mend the patches of my clothin'
You know every thread goes through my heart
Guessin' that the river's gonna dry up
Well, I said that's not the reason why we bard

Lookin' 'round the corner where I left you
Wonderin' whatever led me there
Knowin' that a quiet, unconscious feeling
Could be bought to drown a memory anywhere

She said, "I don't want your medicine and I don't need the sparrow in my heart"
When I'm covered by the thunder I get rid of all your breath deep in my lungs
Splayed in the wind apart

And when I touch the ceiling on a spring day
Wishin' it could heed up every crow
So that they could lift me by my shoulders
Take me from this frozen lake and let you know

Just that I want to be your medicine I want to feed the sparrow in your heart
When I'm covered by the thunder I'll get rid of all the breath deep in our lungs
Splayed the wind apart

Hell I'm still standing 'round the corner where I left you
Diggin' up a quite sufficient track
Never know when you're behind that angle with a tranquilizer gun in your sweet pair

Oh I want to be your medicine I want to feed the sparrow in your heart
When we're covered by the thunder we'd become just one and feel the lightning shard
Splayed the wind apart

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Tallest Man On Earth, The The Sparrow And The Medicine Comments
  1. Paul Kempe

    Brandon from silver lake ramin shop turned me on to this he is a blooming young genius paulkempe.con

  2. Wayne Passe

    Dope Crooner!

  3. Turbo

    This type of music is what should be on the Top 40

  4. Nothin

    . All of his music is just so good .

  5. Lingsbord

    a guy spends months writing and refining a beautiful piece of music and it's shared for all of us to enjoy, but people can't resist the opportunity to have a pointless exchange of abuse on here. bizarre. great song, beautifully performed. thank you.


    Only 1.5% Dis art like this. So I suppose I'm thankful for the most part. Likewise about 1.5% truly appreciate, understand and promote. For those people I'm forever grateful!
    Wake up each day thinking, "What can I contribute today". That's all that;s needed to make this silly planet a more enjoyable experience for all creatures.

    david beckett

    music is all about personal taste , i , like you love this ,but some don,t we all don ,t march to the beat of the same drum

    The pieman

    @david beckett so vile abuse is the acceptable way to express dislike for a song? Social media generation sucks mate

  6. FX Whisper

    in between the sad keyboard warrior stuff (zzzzzzzzzz) can I just say this is a beautiful song? Thanks.

  7. Artemis

    this is some good music. Excuse me while I'll just forget the world for a little while.

  8. George Lynch

    JB has nothing to do with it. It's the media.

  9. George Lynch

    what secrets?

  10. subvice

    lady gaga has massive marketing teams and a huge promotion budget

  11. G Aubertin

    Consider it a good thing that we don't have to share out secrets.

  12. manda fitzsimons

    i love this song more than i love blueberry muffins

  13. Ben B

    because it was just listed and it is in less coca cola commercials

  14. Shawskee

    My fingers hurt just listening to this song.

  15. kunanakuna

    justin bieber has corrupted young people minds. I wish they heard this song or listen to the tallest man on earth

  16. Tallmanonea

    My self-made Music video The Dreamer from The Tallest Man on Earth.
    Please check, thanks! (:

  17. Burniing901

    Holy shit.... I am in love with his music! :'D

  18. isaac barrow

    just got into this guy, love him!

  19. Gazonkie

    i love this man. no homo

  20. Gertjan De Glas

    Shh.. Just enjoy the pretty music.

  21. checkeraka47

    @IAMthatONEnoob it was more of a reply, dumbass

  22. checkeraka47

    Gotta do a little diggin if your lookin for gold.

  23. peacockman00

    @psychedelnick1 do you really want people doing to these guys what they do to lady gaga? it better that few people know about this.

  24. James Wolff

    @psychedelnick1 or cause lady gaga's record label spends hundreds of millions of dollars on her songs and their promotion, and these artists have very little money. that probably has something to do with it.

  25. ThelastJohnSilver

    Why isn't he playing these great song these days? Over the hills, The Sparrow and the Medicine and walk the line? Why are they completely discarded?!! Thats what I would ask him cause I did not know they existed when he performed them...

  26. originalsin7777

    fuck damn I love this song

  27. wkodom

    @psychedelnick1 It woulnd't be a gem if you didn't have to do a little digging.

  28. baydostyles

    totally agree with u psychedelnick1