Tallest Man On Earth, The - Talk Pyramids Lyrics

Up on the hill to see the stakes
Oh my lord, don't ask me why
What if I'm just a big mistake
Oh my lord, don't ask her now

I stumble on my thoughts sometimes
No really, I stumble all the time
Now if the echo is building up
Oh my lord, let me quiet down

I run for the nearest drink of light
Boy keep it on, just get it right
I ramble through the day
Talk pyramids at night
Some dance in this broken light

Up on the hill to meet the day
Oh my lord, don't watch me now
What is so far it cannot see
What's so near with hungry eyes

I fear what you don't see in me
No really, I fear the things you find
Windmills in front of wind machines
Oh my lord, what a wicked time

I run for the nearest drink of light
Boy keep it on, just get it right
I ramble through the day
Talk pyramids at night
Some dance in this broken light

And down in the valley hear them sing
Oh my lord, let's get alright
The last run just like the first it seems
Oh my lord, this endless mile

I wake up in your love sometimes
No really, I get it all the time
Like waves to my body in the sea
Oh my lord, when I quiet down

So stay in the weather of your flight
But keep it on, just get it right
I ramble through the day
Talk pyramids at night
I sound like this broken light

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Tallest Man On Earth, The Talk Pyramids Comments
  1. Matthew Dudley

    Thank you for all your FACFAF songs, really enjoyed learning your music and playing in this alternate tuning.

  2. Ashley Francis

    Kristian your videos are as beautiful as your songs! What video camera and lens kit are you using for these epic videos? The video colouring is also gorgeous!

  3. Robin Lorge

    I wish the song was longer.... Like 3 hours longer, haha. I'm Hooked!

  4. Robin Lorge

    Woooooooooow! So, so, so nice song! Again your weak voice and that awesome melody. Thank you, needed this tonight.

  5. Renée Sæthre

    pleeeease please please put it on spotify

  6. Andrés Ramírez

    I'm scared to tune the 6th and low E string in F cause I feel it's gonna explode hahaha

  7. Michael strakA

    I instantly fell in love with this tune.

  8. L C

    Why is this not trending?

  9. Isaac Daniel

    It's annoying how underrated this guy is

  10. Victoria Bennett

    What sort of cretin hits the dislike button after listening to this song? Unbelievable.

  11. Tyler Hoh

    this dude like the bob ross of guitar

  12. Shawn Markle

    AWESOME TUNE BROTHER. where u from ?

  13. Kathryn Sygrove

    awesome man! great stuff.

  14. M Leyden

    I like that one 😁

  15. Blade Walsh

    Please keep it up! I would love to see this song on spotify so I can listen to it all the time..

  16. Peter Haverkamp

    So what you're going to want to do is,... you're going to want to tune your guitar to the most precarious tuning possible, where strings could break at the slightest hit and you're intonation is thrown way off, then you're going to want to write a song using the 1-4-5 progression which could easily be written and played in standard tuning. Then what you're going to do (and this is the important part) is you're going to want to make a video, letting everyone know that this 1-4-5 song was written using the most unnecessarily complicated and unsafe tuning possible.

    ** beautiful song though.

  17. O Sacul

    Even if you passed the tallest mountain, this isn’t the end. Not for you, not for me, not for anybody. You’ve helped me breathe a little and I just hope you can do the same for yourself. It might be a dark world, but you are a happy place: never stop publishing. Please.

  18. Ancrown

    This is amazing omg, felt in love from the first listen

  19. Rachel Duval

    These are giving me so much life!! Thank you thank you thank you. Never stop making your incredible art.

  20. Alex Fisher Music

    How does his music always make me simultaneously happy and sad

  21. Chip Gibbons

    I love these songs you've done in this open F tuning. Just beautiful! Not just the tuning but the strums you use as well. But I'm wondering why you don't have an accent. You have zero accent. Sometimes you even sound like you're from the southern US.

  22. Eric Hinkle

    Oh my lord...a huge wave of emotion has come over me. I can't stop listening to this song. An instant classic. Every song you play feels like it's the ONLY song you'd want to play. I can't believe it. Thank you so much, Kristian.

  23. Vini

    Beautiful guitar, does anyone know what make and model this is?

    Simon Lampinen

    Furch D-40 I believe. I have it myself. Beautiful sound!

  24. Charles Finley

    I feel like all the greatest songwriters these days are from Sweden

  25. AJ Joseph

    Another beautiful song. You remain to be my favorite artist, and im so glad I found your music. It has seen me through some pretty high and pretty low times. Keep up the great work.

  26. Andreas Collberg

    This is so nice!

  27. 8laxboy

    Incredible. Please record a studio version!

  28. HeadstockFilms

    This is my favourite one, apart from all the others... :)

  29. Palmina

    I hear some Neil Young :)

  30. Andrés Felipe Daza

    When solo estás aquí por Simón Vargas :v

  31. jake

    Loving this so much !

  32. Guidiany Morales

    Wonderful music

  33. Jerome Sharpe

    Will you ever make a bad song?

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Jerome Sharpe I’ve made a bunch of bad songs. I keep them in a dark place.

  34. Chris Hartland

    This song is fab. You're fab. Can't wait to see you live again when you next go on tour. I'm wearing your Albert Hall t-shirt while I've just washed all of The Light In straight through; that was my favourite gig of any I've ever been to and I think about it most days.

  35. nicole

    tack för att vi får vara med, i alla tonarter, alla tider på dygnet, alla humör. det är så himla fint.

  36. Raley Delk

    Inspires me to write too https://youtu.be/B-4T3w2XzRI

  37. Daniel Stensdahl

    Älskar alla dom här

  38. Kristine Zipfel


  39. Luan Oliveira

    this might be my favorite
    keep them coming

  40. William D

    Kristian, I am sure it is a great responsibility to read all of these comments, but I truly hope they give you great joy.  My wife and I just got back from the Peace Corps where we served in Albania for 27 months.  While there living in the mountains in a small village, we would sit on our roof and listen to your music for hours watching the swallows dance in the wind above our house.  For years, you have been my favorite artist.  People in the Peace Corps came to my house anticipating listening to you.  And now, my wife has come out to finally say that you are her favorite artist of all time.  We sat on the couch about two weeks ago, after discovering these videos, and we cried together as we watched each of them.

    You see, my son was born 3.5 months ago.  He is the greatest gift I have ever received, but my wife and I are still moving through the terror that was his birth.  My son was born with extensive brain damage.  They say he will have Cerebral Palsy, but, thus far, he has hit every developmental milestone, like the Peaceful Warrior that he is.  His name is William, V.  We call him Willy.

    The reason why I love your music so very much is because it perfectly captures the pain and joy of this world.  Your lyrics convey both the darkness and the light.  When I look at my son and my wife, I love them so much, it is painful.  When I see a beautiful sunrise, I understand the darkness that came before it.  The terror of the 14 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has carved a reservoir in my soul.  And now, my friend, joy and bliss fill every part of it.  You, Kristian, understand this paradox of life.  I know, because I truly listen to your music. 

    I know you are busy, but aren't we all.  I know this may be construed wrongly, but I thought I would give it a shot.  Ever since the Peace Corps, I have developed a fondness for writing handwritten letters.  The problem is I have no one to write to.  The flow of this beautiful universe has led me here this morning, so I will ask you if there is anyway I could have an address to write you.  If you can trust that I have no ill intent in this sometimes crazy world, I would love to converse with you.  I will await your response before posting my e-mail. 

    Though I am second guessing the former paragraph, I will leave you with this.  No matter your response, thank you.  My son will know your music.  Moreover, my son will know the meaning behind your music.  You will be a part of his life.  You should be proud of that as he is a truly beautiful being. 

    With the utmost respect and sincerity,

    Will, IV.

    Jack Taheny

    You just brought a tear to my eye. Beautifully written and the sentiment is golden. Hope you got through to him in the end!

    Stacy Hannon

    William D I just read your comment and it truly reached my soul, reading about your fear, pain, and then tremendous Love, while listening to this beautiful music. Wow. I will be praying for you and your family. I hope all is well with your son and your wife. I have been blessed with a truly amazing husband for the last 22 years and all I want for everyone is the love, joy , and peace we have together. I hope you were able to write this amazing artist. If not, I would be honored to be your ‘Pen Pal’, as I like writing “The old fashioned way” as my boys call it. Either way I wish you and yours all the best.
    P.S. This music resonates with me on a level I didn’t know existed. I think that you actually get that.

  41. I'm Jonas

    Fantastisk låt, tack för att du fortsätter att göra dom här.

  42. edwardvlad

    Another one from the master!! Just stand there in awe and listen..

  43. Noah Frank

    this is definitely an album closing track

  44. JZwadlo

    Need all these demos on Spotify <3

  45. Farid Ben Miles

    The FB link goes to "Ahmed Mohamed Aboul Fotouh".
    You changed a lot very quickly or the link is just broken! :)

  46. JamesWood

    Your music inspires me to live life to its full and utmost. It teaches me to love, to cry and to connect. You have an exceptional talent in both song writing and your musical ability. You have the ability to make music that changes the way people think about this world and their very existence. Thank you for your constant contributions Kristian! X

  47. Adisasleep

    We are so lucky to get all this new music fresh! Thank you

  48. Jacob T. Rex

    I have made a tab for this and encourage criticism, hopefully we can get the song right together!

  49. Matt Begala

    Does anybody have any idea on how he gets that washed out film look? It creates such a dreamy, mellow vibe. I love it.

  50. Nicolás Aimar

    Muy bueno!

  51. Elizabeth R-G

    Absolutely amazing! Loved seeing you in Brooklyn! Keep it up

  52. Gonzalo Piedra

    Soooooooooooo good man!!!!! Keep doing that it's just amazing how happy i get when i see there is a new episode!!!

  53. Ron Stoop

    What camera do you use Kristian?

  54. wolfmankilla89

    I dance in the broken light

  55. Tommaso Antenucci

    Try adding some bird sounds, it sounds majestic Kris!

  56. babobu babobu

    I love this song and the lyrics. Its so human.

  57. Jared Friedman

    Incredible song and performance! It's a bit of a long shot I guess, but Ive always wondered if the horrible recording quality on a few of your older tracks (like Shallow Graves) were artistic decisions or due to your available equipment. Thanks!

  58. Sean H

    That was awesome!

  59. Summer Kid


  60. Susan Coleman

    This is superb, and please keep looking at the camera, it seems so personal, and the nearest I'll get to seeing your eyes.

  61. SeamusHutchensMusic

    I love these videos. Thank you!

  62. ben laprise


  63. Michael Ancrum Walker

    Agree - my favorite from these demos so far! great track. well done, man! you a damn talented musician. what's more, you're human and you're an artist.

  64. Matthew Graham

    Another stunning tune. Thank you, again. I am deeply grateful for your willingness to share these insights.

  65. Janne Niskanen


  66. Brendan Boudreaux

    How do you do what you do? you stumble upon a tuning and in no time have a song more song more eloquent musically and lyrically than I could ever write. I make up tunings and it takes me forever to figure out what Ive done and how to dance around it, let alone get a song down. Ive always wanted to know how you think about music and where your style come from. Ive been a huge fan for years and have studied your work and I always find myself saying the same thing: "where does this guy get it."

  67. Ethan Bugg

    These are such beautiful treats to listen to. I love your music, thank you so much for sharing!

  68. James

    I genuinely don't understand how he does this!!! Finding new tunings and crafting new sounds that are so beautiful. It's awesome, it's unique and I really hope they keep coming :)

  69. illadorningfall

    Beautiful! Sounds like those early days of falling in love. Thanks for sharing!

  70. Jordan Laurenti

    this is so good tmoe such an inspiration

  71. Rob Barnes

    This is incredible. Thank you

  72. Pablo Estrada

    Undoubtedly, the best song out of the 6 you sang in these episodes you've been uploading. Keep it going master!

  73. Mads Sorensen

    I love this ♡

  74. PedroMO7U

    I wish I could do that much noise when I can't sleep at night. Instead you make the noise for me.

  75. Dhanush Selvaraj

    Just want to say that this series made me discover you and your music which has helped me through some tough times recently. i'll be buying a guitar in about a week and i want you to know that your one of the reasons why

  76. Bakerman is Bakin Bread

    You really work some type of magic. Since you started, you've been doing essentially the same thing. Just your guitar and your voice (with some extra instruments at times), yet you've been so creative, I never felt that it became stale or repetitive. In fact, your albums are some of the most relistenable ones in my collection.

  77. Carlos Trivino

    I'm absolutely loving this series! Every time you post a new video, I get all excited. Keep them coming pleaseeee

  78. Nesta Lettering

    this is just beautiful. thank you.

  79. Samuel Lazarus-keene

    Just brilliant work TMOE! Will these demos be made into full tracks on an upcoming record? When will you start touring again? There are plenty of little nowhere towns in Kent, UK that would fill their theatres for you. Thank you for these!

  80. phreddcatt

    I love this

  81. Emma Vardanian

    Yesterday i went to listen to the stories of Nick Cave, went to bed with a lot of emotions. Today i greeted the morning sun with a lot of new ones, thank you.

  82. Adrien MARIE

    Kristian I love you so much, thanks for being who you are and for what you do. It really helps me, and many others I'm sure, every day

  83. Agus Amir

    From one earthling to another....luv it

  84. little hannah

    I stumbled across your earliest youtube videos when I was 12 years old. I definitely wasn't the most skilled guitar player, but I loved your music so much I pushed myself to learn and even performed some of your songs for my 5th grade class. They thought I was cool. You inspired me to keep pushing myself musically. I don't know where I'd be without that. You've continued to amaze me for years, your music feels apart of me. thanks for all you have done, u r freaking cool as heck!

  85. alice1763

    I remember the first time I heard your music. I had a friend recommend you based other artists we both liked. So I was travelling to the sea side in a warm afternoon in the oldest, most broken bus ever and I had There's no leaving now, and I pressed the shuffle and it played On Every Page... I remember I was blown away by the first sounds of your voice and by the time the "There must be mark on every page..." line came I was crying.
    Your music has been a constant part of the soundtrack of my life since then. Thank you for everything!

  86. dpb20

    This is what the internet was invented for, keep it coming

  87. Jaeyoon Park

    I love this one too

  88. Calvin Allie

    Thanks, i listen to it this morning while i was in bed, and your song make this day a great day

    Calvin Allie

    Just got the horse tattoo, cause you make me feel better when i'm anxious about life

  89. Anthony Senesi

    I don't know what to say. I guess I am having my own 'stumbling' moment trying to describe what I am hearing. Thank you for making such authentic, pure art. Thank you!

  90. Noah McDaniel

    Kristian please respond I need your knowledge!!! When you work in other tunings, do you use theory to find the chords, like even simple root 3rd 5th or minor 3rd or do you just fumble around until you find chords?

    rr vtte

    Noah McDaniel I think in drop tunnings it's mostly about complete improvisation or at least in my case. Just tune down your guitar and play around with the tunning until you figure out a melody. I wish you luck!

    Morgan Pratt

    Have to disagree! Knowing even basic music theory makes it so much easier. All of his songs are very diatonic, so I doubt happenstance plays a large part of his process beyond ornamentations.

  91. Pat Smoker

    What do you mean by "talk pyramids?"

  92. Bryce Flores

    Simply fantastic

  93. ivan zuniga

    Now this one, I love!

  94. Thomas Thaxton

    I have a love hate relationship with Kristian's tunings. They sound so good, but i have to re tune my guitar over and over switching in and out of tunings

  95. Brian Wes

    god he is so talented

  96. Paola Janet Bides


  97. Henry J

    Love all your music, please stop looking at the camera when playing!

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Henry J thanks, you can look away! Please.

    Henry J

    The Tallest Man on Earth haha! I think 1000 yard stare suits you better!

  98. Thomas Phillipe

    This is great as always, love you Kristian

  99. Tim Randolph

    You’re a huge inspiration to me and my song writing... I’ve seen you three times now since right after The Wild Hunt... Nashville, TN. You’ve gotten me through the toughest of times I couldn’t even begin to try describing. I wanted to meet you at your concert at the Ryman back in May but we had to leave though we did meet your sax player, didn’t even know it was him til we saw him on stage though haha. Anyways, your cd merch girl was nice enough to sell me your newest album for a dollar or two short as it was all I had on me. I could go on but this is a long enough YouTube comment. I hope to see you again play your wonderful songs. Have a great day!

    Michael Ciccia

    I pronounce you a wonderful human

  100. The One Who Knocks

    Chord progression sounds a lot like 1904


    11thCabbage I believe it's a I VI IV V progression in C.

    The One Who Knocks

    Lol yeah I was referring to the song "1904" by Tallest Man haha


    11thCabbage I know. Same main progression I believe.