Tallest Man On Earth, The - Slow Dance Lyrics

And so to be one to lie to the captain
Sure I'm coming back
But I walk along and meet up a tree line
Cover up at last

And they're raging at the beach for some light
But like the birds I was given all this time

And to stop believing in the returning
I went on
So vaguely I still hear the bands but not
What's going on

I guess they're raging at the beach for some light
But like the birds they're forgiven every time

But then I know that I'm a stranger in this land
And I wake you up by speaking what you cannot understand, no
All I said was there were mountains in my way
But they're slowly disappearing
And I balance when I feel you to my skin

In times like these even travelers can win

To be high in trees when they walk
Just forth and back and out
And the vessel's gone and I will stay to
Figure this one out

I bet they're raging in the seas for some light
And like all birds they're given all this time

And now I hold on fall is greeting me to stay
And we slow dance in the kitchen and I dream the days away, oh
And just like Lucinda's you are right on time
There are louder cities somewhere
But I don't think I'll be back where ringing stays

In a place like this I should never feel afraid

Get around
This is handsome life
I guess my rhythm grew
Through my darker time, oh

I was not the killer I was one just setting sail
With the fear of sideway winds just turning
Downward with the hail

Oh, I was raging in the field for some light
But like the birds I was forgiven with this time

In this sunlight I just can't believe your face
We're some laundry line believers
We're just kids in many ways, oh
And you smell like smoke and honey in my arms
I'm somewhere in some falling and I'm learning of your language for to say

In times like these I should never grow away

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Tallest Man On Earth, The Slow Dance Comments
  1. o_O 0_x

    Laura, are you here?

  2. Nicholas Pratt

    When I went to his concert he said this song was about looking out to the ocean in Portugal

  3. Tchikanii

    Laundry line believers? Laundry line believers...
    You see, this is why I LOVE his lyrics.


    i was thinking same

  4. Saleh Emon

    Only Kristian Matsson can clear throat in the middle of the song haha!

    Adrian Ivanov Hedlund

    Exactly what I thought about but couldn't find anyone who also had noticed, lol! Did you think it was on purpose?

    Saleh Emon

    I dont really know. He is a badass. He fixes throat in the middle of a song, Fixes guitar when hes live etc. lol. He just doesnt give a shit about anything.

  5. pashdown

    Needs more views

  6. Alejandro Mejia

    Love his music!!

  7. Sunshine Marmot

    this song is ridiculously beautiful. Blows me away every time.
    Like +José Rivera says in his comment, it feels like turning a page in life, the revitalization of gaining a new perspective on life.
    So beautiful.

  8. José Rivera

    This song is like the opening for a new episode in life!


    @José Rivera Me too my friend ;)

    Justin Hill

    Exactly when/how I’m listening to it!

  9. Federico Berti

    All rights belong to Dead Oceans and Kristian Matsson. 
    Support Kristian and buy the album.