Tallest Man On Earth, The - Same Ghost Lyrics

On certain nights
The ringing in my ears
Louder than the rustle of leaves

Along the path
But who am I to scare
And who are you to follow out here?

Deep in the mile I will walk for you
Deep in the lines of our summer
I see the clouds and they seem so young
What wicked mind did set their trails
Were they the ones that got away?

The longest train
That I ever saw
But what is in a ticket to move?

Could beauty lie
In my place of fear
Run and the horizon will too

Deep in the mile I will walk for you
Deep in the lines of our summer
I see the clouds and they seem so young
What wicked mind did set their trail
Were they the ones that got away?

You might as well be on my shoulders, I suppose
I can pretend I do not see you, and so it goes
We can talk about just where the clouds are from

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Tallest Man On Earth, The Same Ghost Comments
  1. Jerome Sharpe

    but when are you going to make that intro into a full song?

  2. Sarah Szuba

    You are such pure art and talent. Is there anything you can’t do? ❤️

  3. ryan delp

    Still watching. Thank you Kristian.

  4. Debbi Griffith

    I love the sound of your voice and the emotion in it

  5. Kelly Bohannon

    Does anyone know where i can get the piano sheet music for this song?

  6. Tanner Allen

    Kristian, we might not know each other, or ever meet, but because of this song and others like it that you have made for us, I consider you to be one of my close friends who has been there through many hard things . Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  7. Heather Lewerenz

    I wonder if “the longest train” is a reference to J.E. Mainer’s mountaineers

  8. Conniption 86

    Lyrics anyone? 🖤

    L C

    They are in the description 😻

  9. Victoria Bennett

    This song breaks my heart.

  10. Scott S

    someone do a tutorial for this piano intro :)

  11. Anshul Chhangani

    This is so beautiful, hope you will release an album version of this. I'm surprised nobody has made a cover of it yet.

  12. Martin Blais

    Would someone be kind enough to release a tutorial on how to play this song pleasseee?

  13. Sam Anaruk III

    It's been over a year, I still come back to this video. It's a beautiful and precious thing you've made here. Love.

  14. Lucas Beck

    i‘ve been listening to this song an entire year now, since then, when my unborn child died, i find comfort in the beauty and depth that lies in it. it converted sadness into melancholia, melancholia into serenity and then into happiness. your songs are full of authentic, understanding love. they showed me that even if something really bad happens you can still find a way out, if you’re honest and humble with life. thank you kristian for giving me that gift!

  15. Peter Davis

    optimistic melancholy is ma jam

  16. PostinReviews

    It's a late summer night just sitting with a sad friend listening to his troubles and put on this song. Kristian I just would like to thank you for all the beauty you've been sending us in the years. You inspire me everyday. Thank you from the deep of my heart

  17. magmion


  18. floyd gaming

    Whats his hieght

  19. James Stonley

    Same Ghosts is possible the most beautiful song i've heard in a long time. Why does it have to end?

  20. James Stonley

    This was uploaded on my birthday. The perfect birthday present.

  21. Sam Young

    I know he writes most of his songs on guitar, and they're all amazing, but for some reason (and maybe cause I play piano myself) the songs he writes on piano affect me in a special way

  22. Saturn

    studio version, please!!

  23. Oliver _

    Best episode of the season.

  24. Mathew

    This one is my favorite from you

  25. Antonio Arruda


  26. Saturn

    we need this song

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Saturn thank you. I need to play it.

  27. Jason Eid

    And thank you for sharing. <3

  28. Huana Teufel

    I REALLY like your piano tunes...Thanks for taking the time to include us in your life, Kristian!!

  29. MrGraveyman

    That's it. I'm moving to sweden

  30. sara burbank

    Still one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard

  31. Joseph Rowley

    Have you taken piano lessons?
    interesting stuff

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Joseph Rowley I wish I had. Thank you!

  32. Alexander Östholm

    This song needs to be released, I would probably buy it severeal times

  33. Sam Anaruk III

    This is my favorite of his demos thus far

  34. Isaac Ward

    this is one of my favorites

  35. Timothy Austen

    I wish more people would do this. This is creation right here, the space between spit and polish. This art form fosters such deep engagement with your music. Thank you for undertaking this project.

  36. Federico Gil.D

    holly molly

  37. Mohammad Zarris Akhmar Zakaria

    Still remember your show in Sg. Standing alone on the stage and gave us beautiful moment. You such talented guy. I miss the feeling.

  38. Randy H.

    If I ever find my mind in a weird place, I listen to the first 50 seconds of this video. That seems to clear things up for me.

    If anything has ever made me feel deeply, it was this. Don't know why, it just did.

  39. Alex Uriati

    Holy shit that piano intro!

  40. Michael Vedeler

    Utrolig fin intro!! Lurer sykt på hva akkordene er?

  41. mindxcircus

    One of the most beautiful song I've heard for a while. Touched by simple and sincere beauty of the lyrics too..

  42. mindxcircus

    Everytime I visit your new The Light in Demos videos, a whole new bubble just wraps me up, making me feel safe while I indulge in a moment of clarity and serenity for a moment.. They are inspirational and calming, Kristian. Big love from me! Keep it up!

  43. SidMcgnarly3

    That intro piano sequence is almost better than the song itself.

  44. Phoebe Snow

    Thank you for making these beautiful videos!

  45. KeepMyStreaks Support

    I just teared up and I very rarely cry

  46. Liv Childs

    every time i see the bird take flight i weep. This is one of is so very precious to me. You're so lovely, thank you.

  47. danko krashna

    The Tallest Voice on Earth!

  48. robin bergström

    Vill bara säga att din musik berör så jävla mycket! tack för allt skapande!

  49. Chris Basumatary

    You are best than all those pop artists out there, but I think you know that already.

  50. Matilda Häggström

    Fantastiskt bra!

  51. Danielle Forrester

    I love this song soSO much! All 4 episodes are wonderful, but this is my favorite so far. Can't wait for more.

  52. Adam Ouellette

    This is my heartbeat.

  53. Elizabeth Thorp

    Love the warmth of the upright. I would love to know what mics are used, it's brilliant. Keep up the awesome work friend!

  54. MalibuBarbaraschannel

    I have no words, but I will go with these:  Thank you, so very much.

  55. KingKuisma

    Chords as best I understood


    E B
    On certain nights
    A E
    the ringing in my ears
    B C#m A
    louder than the rustle of leaves

    E B
    along the path
    A E
    but who am I to scare
    B C#m A
    and who are you to follow out here?

    C#m B E A
    deep in the mile I will walk for you
    C#m B E
    deep in the lines of our summer
    C#m B E A
    I see the clouds and they seem so young
    F#m B
    what wicked mind did set their trails
    F#m B
    were they the ones that got away?

    E B
    the longest train
    A E
    that I ever saw
    B C#m A
    but what is in a ticket to move?

    E B
    could beauty lie
    A E
    in my place of fear
    B C#m A
    run and the horizon will too

    C#m B E A
    deep in the mile I will walk for you
    C#m B E
    deep in the lines of our summer
    C#m B E A
    I see the clouds and they seem so young
    F#m B
    what wicked mind did set their trails
    F#m B
    were they the ones that got away?


    B E B
    you might as well be on my shoulders, I suppose
    B C#m A B
    I can pretend I do not see you, and so it goes
    A B
    we can talk about just where the clouds are from


  56. sam gundy

    please make an instrumental record

  57. Declan Corcoran

    Artistic creations like this blow my mind. Every note, word, shot is perfect. You were born to do this, Kristian.

  58. Joshua Clark

    thank you for the inspiration, sir!

  59. Gonzalo Piedra

    I love so much this song...

  60. Katra Petricek

    We need more grains of sand like you, to make us (other grains of sands) feel. To encourage us to express, to live, to love. Thank you for sharing your life, your music. Thank you so much for creating your music, it really does transcend.

  61. emma pinkley

    "i see the clouds and they seem so young
    what wicked mind did set their trails
    were they the ones that got away?" favorite line. so so thought provoking for me. i love this series!

  62. Maureen Ochs

    Sooo so beautiful!

  63. Manuela Fuchs

    Dear Kristian,
    Thank you so much for lighten up my day each time.

  64. PedroMO7U

    I've been away for a week. I was in a music festival: six days of loud songs, pasta and heavy stuff (ya know). Came back home after two hours of sleep and found the mess that used to be my room. We're changing some things from one room to my bedroom. Shelves full of toys and other memorabilia, books pilled in my speaker, guitars in every corner and my router is acting weird so, the Internet connection has been a bit dodgy sometimes. Only now did I find the time to relax and experience being one of the tallest men on earth for almost 5 minutes.

  65. Fabiana Hdez

    How to stand so much beauty in these videos... I don't know how to manage it. Your music is like the calm on a nice night out there in the dark nothingness and the everything. I love it, thank you.

  66. HeadstockFilms

    Don't ever stop being an artist, the world is a better place with you.

  67. deadzepplin

    Thank you for the music

  68. Ghostbrush

    Thank you for making this.

  69. Jearian Ondo

    love these videos, what do you use to shoot (camera or PHONE?)

    Alfred W.

    Jearian Ondo He mentioned in the previous video that he bought a camera

    Jearian Ondo

    thx a lot Alfred W

  70. Taylor Black

    Jesus you are one beautiful human being.

  71. Susan Coleman

    Kristian, can you feel how much you are loved, I hope you know, and that it means something to you.

  72. Elim Garak

    naked on a trampoline?

  73. lostforwords6

    These videos are just perfect. Every angle and shot so thoughtfully done. The music is just wonderful. I just find myself absolutely silent, staring at them when very few things on the internet ever warrant that sort of reaction.

    Keep them coming and make a dvd of all these at some point, so we can all keep them forever.

  74. sparky123hehe

    Beautiful. there were tears..

  75. Kimmocheck

    Thank you so much for these videos. They are a big light in this small world.

  76. DaCabbageCutta

    Not sure if we have any affect in expressing your usefulness to us in a way that impacts you! but you truly have a way
    of touching and inspiring a primal moral instinct to simplify what is real in life and to keep striving to see yourself!
    Love this new direction! Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

  77. Jacob T. Rex

    I think I need to sit by the water and think for a bit

  78. THS_Alex

    Can you guys sub to me

  79. Trisha Morris

    These videos make my soul feel good.

  80. Mitchell Jackson

    These are amazing, thank you so much!

  81. Explosure Marketing

    Dude, I love your videos/music/ideas! So much so that I wrote this even before listening to this one just cause I know its gonna be a goodie!

  82. RurouniPedro

    These videos are precious little gifts Kristian. Thank you for this project! Amazing work.

  83. Brett Bonchi

    Thank you Kristian

  84. Harrison Nir

    cynicism and coldness drain away here. thank you for this intimacy!

  85. givemethebeatz

    wow great job on the cinematogaphy - beautiful! I hope these songs make it on record someday, would love to listen to them in a better sound quality

  86. Bryan Folan

    thank you

  87. Matt Baumann

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  88. Josh

    Oh, how I would love to learn this on piano

  89. Paul Scannapieco

    ohh man love the piano piece at the beginning

  90. KingKuisma

    Some of the best music i have heard you release! Truly great

  91. at tropicalcomet

    No problem, man. U're very welcome tbf..

  92. Ricardo deCarvalho

    I'm sold

  93. Simon

    Last year, the beautiful project of songs/videos “Island Songs” by Olafur Arnalds made my month of august special. This year, this project by The Tallest Man on Earth will certainly be the soundtrack to the end of my summer. I listen to it while I look through the window, the summer season slowly starting to fade away here in Canada. Soon the autumn will come. I listen to it while thinking about the girl I secretly have a crush on right now, dreaming of just lying in the grass with her somewhere, talk and get to know her better. All these feelings come together with the feelings of the songs and the videos, and it makes me feel good. If by chance you happen to read this, Kristian, thank you: sometimes we wonder if we make a difference in the world... well your songs and videos truly makes a difference in my life. (p.-s. English is not my first language, so maybe I made some mistakes in my choice of words)

    Ludovic U. Tourigny

    Simon Ami québécois fan de Kristan?

  94. ibanez456189

    Thank you, these are amazing!!!

  95. Galen Winsor

    So movingly simple and honest.

  96. Will Anderson

    These videos feel like what church is supposed to feel like


    Will Anderson i have to process this statement

    Randy H.

    Damn... you're right.

    Joseph Rowley

    Exactly. Don’t settle for less.

  97. Chris Leggat

    He would make a good Joker replacement. Theres this thing about his voice.