Tallest Man On Earth, The - I'm A Stranger Now (Demo) Lyrics

When every wind is an afterlife out here
What language do you dream in when you're drunk?
And feel just like a map of where you've been
And all the smoke and mirrors you've hung

If only this one held the answer to the aching of our hearts

A little drop of poison in the rain
A little drop of madness in my heart
It's nothing but now nothing is in it's way
Look nervously at things that come apart

If only this one held the answer to
Our loneliness and all

Through days we love through days we disappear
To go for all the things behind a cloud
I'm a stranger now
And where will I undress to disappear
To go for all the things I'm here to find
I'm a stranger now

From ocean to the valley to the skin
I mumble to myself and miss your call
I run around but look for you within
The little stir of hope into it all

If only this one held the answer to the loneliness and all

Through days we love through days we disappear
To go for all the things behind a cloud
I'm a stranger now
And where will I undress to disappear
To go for all the things I'm here to find
I'm a stranger now

A little drop of madness in the rain
A little drop of madness in my heart
It's nothing but will nothing grow away
Look nervously at things that come apart

If only this one held the answer to
Our loneliness and all

Through days we love through days we disappear
To go for all the things behind a cloud
We are strangers now
And where will we undress to disappear
To go for all the things we're here to find
We are strangers now

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Tallest Man On Earth, The I'm A Stranger Now (Demo) Comments
  1. simpan

    Älskar denna låten! Letade efter chordsen och så hittade jag denna guldgruvan :) Tack <3

  2. Nathan Mag

    I hated your voice when i first heard it on some radio app. by the 11th time i heard it and the 3rd time listening to "King of Spain" . I eventually found my self studying to your albums and now currently looking for tickets to your concerts. So thank you for being pleasantly annoying :)

  3. Eric Vellekoop

    So good to see how this song has grown since its birth here! Thank you so much, Kristian ^_^

  4. 1m2a3t4t5

    From "voice memo that got out" to lead single for the album, nice.

  5. Joel Stephenson

    I recently discovered your music and it's breathed new life into me. Thank you.

  6. Pete McFeely

    Anyone know the name of the synth that he's using in the beginning?


    Teenage Engineering OP-1

  7. witchjumper

    Damn. What a beautiful song.

  8. J. Teunissen

    Heard this song on Studio Brussel, Belgiums National radio. Amazing song

  9. Gallifreyan Refugee

    I had forgotten about your music... revisiting it and finding some new songs made my day <3

  10. Hugo Bayona

    So grateful you did record it <3

  11. Joe Okonski

    You put it on here, so it WILL be saved and shared forever. No matter how "professionally" you record it, this is as good as it gets. Take it from a third person perspective. I can't believe its been almost ten years and I've never subscribed.

  12. Adrian Breivik

    One of my favourite Tallest Man songs. Genious melody! And that dobro is really cool

  13. James Pearson

    what guitar is this?

  14. Vitor Correa


  15. KennethS

    Beautiful guitar. What kind of guitar is it? Someone know?


    Looks like an old resonator, can't really tell what brand though. National had some with similar headstocks.

  16. UnBrainMyEye

    What a performer. I've probably watched these videos so many times that I've adopted his mannerisms.


    I wish the outro was ten minutes longer.

  17. John Wallace

    I really really need to know how to play this! These demo's have been so inspiring for writing my own music, and a challenge to push myself to learn these songs and push my abilities, especially the finger picking songs!

  18. Daniel Lundgren

    What are you talking about?! RECORD IT!! It's amazing Kristian :) Great show in Berwaldshallen btw. Magical moment with this song.
    We are strangers now.

  19. Jesper Hagström

    This was an amazing live experience on this tour. Thank you!

  20. Arturo Carrillo Macías

    I don't know what it is, but your music brings peace and tears (of happiness, sadness, and everything) to my life, and for that sir, I thank you so much, and tell you, that here in mexico, we need your music.

  21. Adrian Breivik

    The fact that there are people who spent energy on pressing the 'dislike" button. Even if you don't find the music appealing, you cannot ignore the incredible talent that lives within this man.

  22. Szymon Starzycki

    0:36 red means recording

  23. callum mckissock

    Just out of interest, what guitar is this? I've looked all over and can't find one.
    You should definitely record more of these EP songs as well, massive fan of your work, can't wait to see you in London in September!

  24. greg goso

    sweet song, fast tempo yet emotional which isnt that easy to obtain. love the fast vocal line that goes back to the tonic, also theres a strong indie rock taste to the entire piece, idk perhaps the harmony and vocal timbre remind me of the band bell x1 which i really like so its only a positive thing i guess ahah

  25. David Moore

    Love that guitar, is it miked up or does it have a pickup?

  26. Erik Brännström

    Whooa this might be your best "daydream" ever! Please make a song from it!

  27. Kevin Lamarche

    You should release this one on iTunes or something, it's a true masterpiece!

  28. Lee Allen

    What kind of guitar is that?

    Gordon Grajek

    Looks like a National. http://www.nationalguitars.com/nrp-b-singlecone

  29. Lander Huys

    No need to refine it, it's perfect the way it is :D

  30. Anthony Roney II

    Man, this with a horn line would be perfect for a good track on your next album

  31. Micah Nankee

    this series is awesome!!!

  32. Antonio Palumbo

    I just can't help but come back here once in a while and everytime it's so beautiful!

  33. the_al_guy

    What tuning do you use?

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Alexander Dunsche FACFAF

  34. Matt Vajdic

    Amazing per usual. What kind of a synth is that???

  35. Christomir Rackov

    You're not sure if you'll ever refine it and record it for real?!? :O
    Man, seriously? This one is a hit, mark my words. Just do it.

  36. oyttyoungster

    Thank You Kristian

  37. Johnny Wynne

    Like alot of people in the world who have crawled through mental shit and still hold the memories of bad times like a brand on skin it always seems whenever I listen to your music accompanied by the complete solice you seem to throw out by simply talking i always remember how it feels to smile like a happy toddler, you're simply soul satisfyingly brilliant

  38. Dennis Lee

    What a great song that might not ever get recorded. Thanks Tallest.

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    Thank you, +Dennis Lee. I think I’ll might record it

    Dennis Lee

    Tonight, I was assigned the task of finding Christmas gifts for my 41-year old son who is the kind of guy that has everything. You know what I got him? Your first and your last albums. He didn't have those I'll bet. I also got him the three seasons collection of the show Newsroom but that's not relevant.

    Also, I shared this video on my facebook page and wrote that fifty-five years after I discovered folk music, I have rediscovered folk music and it's even better than the first time. that's a compliment by the way. Ten, twelve years ago, my son who was living in Shanghai, China at the time got to go to a Bob Dylan concert in that city...Shanghai!

    Can you believe it? Dylan in China. There was a time when I would have sold my firstborn to go to a Dylan concert. My son, the guy who knew how much I loved Dylan and who I might have sold, called me from the concert and said: "Hey dad, guess where I'm at?" "I don't know." "I'm at a Dylan concert...in Shanghai." I said "Yeah. So?" I was dismissive. Uggh.

    He reminded me of that ironical moment recently. I didn't remember but I wasn't surprised and I felt pretty guilty and shitty about blowing him off. So here's you and your music that will serve as an apology of sorts and my son will have the chance to discover a new talent that we will both appreciate together. Yay! A Christmas story. Maybe if you perform somewhere in the Northeastern part of the US, I will get the two of us a couple of tickets and we will do a father-son thing.

  39. t. conring

    I adore you.

  40. Alex Paige

    This is my favorite one of these videos so far. Especially with the surreal OP-1 drone at the beginning. I keep coming back to this song over and over again. Would totally dig a studio version of it

  41. lissaplaysmusic

    This song is certainly more than a daydream :)

  42. Simon Lampinen

    If anyone tabbed this out yet please tell me! Lovely song!

  43. Tammy Lantz

    Greatly appreciate you for taking us with you on your process. Your music is real and in need for those who are in search for answers/hope/love/beauty/truth/life. Grateful to be alive to witness you and be with on your musical journey... thank for sharing.

    Tammy Lantz

    Ps I am huge fan since your first album and i am amazed what you keep creating..from then to now. You are so beautiful.

  44. Lander Huys

    In my opinion this is the best of the series so far. Can't stop listening to it and every listen it gets even better :D

    Dennis Lee

    Same for me. I've had a busy spring and summer but now I'm settling in for the winter and it was Halloween last night, I was still taking leaves when the snow started. Now I'm revisiting episode seven for the umpteenth time.

  45. Grey Owl

    *_Love it! Especially nice sections where vocals mirror guitar phrase._*

  46. sid slater

    Glad you got this idea out of your head. Yes, this one needs to be recorded. Definitely.

  47. eddie jonsson

    Great!!! You should do a duet with a female singer on this song

  48. stealingroses

    This is my favorite song you've written in a few years and you should absolutely record it!

  49. April Michael

    Thank you

  50. Saxon

    you say you may not refine this but in my heart is sounds like not much needs to be refined. i love it all

  51. Vini

    Beautiful music, I am so glad you have a YouTube channel and that I came across it. I have been mesmerized by your music ever since I first heard Over The Hills.

  52. MrPariah88

    Definitely my favourite musician of the present.
    And one with the most poetic und beautiful lyrics I know.
    Can't wait till someone figured out the tabs for this one.... (:

  53. David Golubic

    Love IT...MUCH LOVE!!!

  54. Vasja Markič

    So honest, so simple, so direct ... so why I love this song. Keep on "rocking", Kristian!

  55. aovadea

    never fail to lift up my days my brother.. these episodes are truly something special

  56. 13irishsailors

    I wish somebody could tab this out because I really want to learn it but I can’t figure out these chords..

  57. Henry J

    Excellent song,love it. Nice edit too. I still think you look like you are in a boy band when you look at the camera!!!!

  58. unjonfeeld

    Love the entanglement between guitar and melody. Too bad the video‘s cut off on the bottom, so we can‘t play it ourselves… but thanks for sharing anyway! :)

  59. Olli Matala

    This outro is the best there is!

  60. die kanaal

    Magnificent, thanks for this blessing

  61. Mike Maas

    This is one of the good ones. Thank you.

  62. Electric Fangs

    The Tallest Man on Earth playing with an analog synthesizer? Alrighty I can dig it

    Electric Fangs

    Also the beginning sounded like the stranger things soundtrack

  63. A B

    More cool electronic stuff please! That intro was sublime....

  64. Will Lapointe

    Wow ! Easily my favourite of this whole series, nearly had me in tears for some reason. You should definitely record it

  65. Martin Sjöström

    Påtal om inget, saknar din Gretsch Firebird. Vars är den?

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Martin Sjöström I studion hemma i Sverige. Den har varit på renovering och har precis kommit ur sjukskrivningen.

    Martin Sjöström

    The Tallest Man on Earth Skönt och höra, hoppas den får komma ut på vägarna!

    Night Sky

    It can stay in bed all it wants as long as this National is feeling up to being played. it has the most perfect beautiful sound!

  66. Aorakis

    and some assholes, found your tribute of roxanne an amateur waste...
    They should come around here, and listen to what you're doing here...
    You're a trully amazing Artist Kristian !
    Thanks for all the good folq you're bringin' in our existences !
    keep it up !
    Cheers from belgium !

  67. Matthias E.

    does anyone know the tuning? Ill probably figure it out myself because I´m too impation... But in case that i fail

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Matthias E. FACFAF

    Matthias E.

    thank you for responding personaly :) You´ve played a wonderful concert here in Leipzig last Summer and i was lucky enoguh to sit in the very first row. Hope to see you here again. Your music is a great source of inspiration and motivating for me! Few things in life are as touching as your music for me!

  68. Seth Prather

    It's a privilege to watch you grow, watch your thoughts manifest in music, to help others in your individual spectrum of emotions... really no diction would accurately describe the beauty...you know your shadow gives the best of lights, when you see the crow acallin, and to which we grow together, duty heavy as a mountain, death light as a feather, we reflect the sun with the light we bring home, and as we breach the river, it whispers you're not alone

  69. Jeremy Kemble

    Damn, TMOE is into modular synths! This guy can not get any cooler in my book.

  70. Corbin

    You're so inspiring. These videos not only drive me to want to understand music on a deeper level every day, they remind me that life is about just enjoying the ride and helping others do the same. Thank you so much for all the love you put out through your work.

  71. SamuFons

    I will love to know what camera model is he using for this videos!

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +SamuFons Canon C200 and Sony A7s2

  72. Viivi Kohonen

    Amazing. Thank you.

  73. Paula

    Jag brukar börja gilla låtar först efter att ha lyssnat på dem några gånger, men dina älskar jag direkt. Det känns som om jag har hört dem förut, känslan som jag får av dem är samma känsla som jag hade när jag fortfarande var en liten flicka, bodde hemma och sprang runt barfota i trädgården på kvällen när solen fortfarande sken och det luktade hö. Det känns som nostalgi men utan klumpen av ånger i magen.
    Den här låten är väldigt fin och jag skulle älska det om du släppte den. Älskar hur gitarren följer din röst. Eller din röst gitarren. Cheers!

  74. tobeygun

    Best one yet!

  75. Jöns O

    Tycker verkligen du borde släppa den här på riktigt. Låt den inte förbli en demo

  76. Brian Cook

    Happy to see you making light hearted beauty as a tourist in our country of unease.

  77. Ludde Ohlnér

    This REALLY needs to be on the next record. Awesome is´nt enoug!

  78. Jody Herron

    Amazing!!! Can't wait for you to tour again :)

  79. Robert Slater

    Would love to see this recorded and on a record, even if you recorded all your odd tracks and B-sides :) Also can't wait til you visit England again, but obviously take your time and chill before you decide on touring again 🍺🤙🏼

  80. Liv Childs

    You are an astonishing force, Kristian. Beautiful, thank you.

  81. Andrew Rose Gregory

    thanks for this, and for this series

  82. emilydaviesmusic

    This series is incredible - what an amazing song! I wish my drafts sounded as good as that!!

  83. AlisonZ

    This is so beautiful. It's my favourite one yet. I had to watch it three times in a row when I discovered it this morning. Thank you for sharing!

  84. Henry Ainsworth

    What do you think of the Mutable Instruments stuff? Isn't Rings just the most inspiring thing?

  85. Luan Oliveira

    I love quiet songs but upbeat is where it really is for me. Love this.

  86. hapamadness

    Hey Kristian, I've been a fan of yours for a long time now. I would love to read a bit of what you read. Do you have any book suggestions?

  87. Wenceslao Guerra

    Thank you, Kristian. Stop whenever you want, but I sincerely hope that's not in the foreseeable future.

  88. Ruthie Rudnick

    Any current plans to tour next year?!

  89. Jerome Sharpe

    I love the cinematics that come with these videos (and the music of course).

  90. Alex Pienkowski

    Are you playing any more shows in NYC, Kristian?

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +nerdilocation Not this year, but I’m living in the city most of the time so I’ll probably end up on a stage around here sooner than later.

    Alex Pienkowski

    The Tallest Man on Earth right that makes sense. I couldn’t make it out to the Red Hook shows last month but i’d be so stoked to see a live set of yours☺️

  91. &Y Myles

    I wish my voice memos sounded like this!

  92. Rachel T

    The glint of hope between sadness and heartache glows in your eyes. Give me hope and help ease the long road home. Thankyou words can not express between my tears and laughter ohhhh by the way in our dreams we are never stranger's in this dark land 💙🌅

  93. Nate Abel

    please tell me that synth intro is another full song you are making.. please

  94. Luke Conley

    Please release that little ambient electronic riff at the beginning. It's magical.

  95. Donato Garcia

    Not only the songs are great but also the way you storytell, film and edit the video is really amazing.

  96. PedroMO7U

    The shot you set up for the singing and playing part of the video is amazing. It suits well with the song. You have, not only a great ear for music, but also a good eye for video.

  97. Max Helgemo

    What kind of microphone do you use?

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Max Helgemo In this video there’s one Townsend Sphere and two Sony C38’s.

    Max Helgemo

    Wow, wasn't expecting that many. I guess that explains how full it sounds. Thanks for getting back to me. Your music is pure joy.

  98. Raley Delk

    Inspires me to write and record too: https://youtu.be/B-4T3w2XzRI