Tallest Man On Earth, The - Fly In Numbers Lyrics

The captain's eyes
They seem to say
Go drive forever
In the darkest rain

But beauty hums
A broken tune
I hear you sing it
And I fall into

That summer nights are long
I need this memory to be moving on
We're little broken ones
But fly in numbers out of darkness
So you are not alone

We fly in numbers out of darkness
So you are not alone

The country bird
Where kingdom rise
There's no horizon
I've been all around

Here, people drive
I'm people too
Here, I don't really know
What birds should do

But summer nights are long
Some northern memories I'm leaning on
We're little broken ones
But fly in numbers out of darkness
So you are not alone

We fly in numbers out of darkness
So you are not alone

A fever yells, it calls for me
In every mirror every time
Is that the captain that I hear
Or every wind and wave around

I'm in your hands, and you're in mine
Some hope has gathered in the little lines
Around your eyes from days of storm
Rickety airplanes but the only way is right into

And summer nights are long
Some northern memories I'm leaning on
We're little broken ones
But fly in numbers out of darkness
So you are not alone

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Tallest Man On Earth, The Fly In Numbers Comments
  1. Thoren Jacques

    the 19 people who disliked this are freaking mouth breathing idiots

  2. Antonio Ortiz Salguero


  3. Matthew Dudley

    Anyone know what make of guitar he is playing here?

  4. Chip Gibbons

    TMOE, are you ever going to make more of The Light in Demos videos? I miss them. They are so good!

  5. filbird

    Several years ago I pulled over on the highway out of Charlotte to hear better the first song I'd ever heard from you, which I'd found by luck on the radio ("Love is all"), and you've helped keep me sane (or as sane as I am going to get) ever since. This series is excellent, and I'm on the 4th playing of this song right now. Will probably hit double digits today. You, sir, are a wonderful soul. Thank you for your honest music.

  6. Robin Lorge

    Never wrote this many comments on youtube ever I think, that I've done on your music videos, haha. Il be short with words: So amazing.

  7. Lukas Mak

    I love your shirt... and you! And my girlfriend :)

  8. John Hamilton-Ward

    Kristian: It's not me in front of a green screen, I'm sitting in a big window
    Me: His mind is clearly degraded. That cannot be true. The old man is dying

  9. Eugenio R. Moreno P

    Just amazing! I would love to have The lights in Demos on Spotify

  10. Randi Anderson

    I am so so so in love with this song. I hope you play it in Austin!

  11. T Rod

    Just experienced this. So beautiful. My heart soars. Thank you so much.

  12. Matheus Domingues

    Brazil loves your incredible talent, happy new year for you and for your family

  13. Noémie Aumont

    i really wish that you would put this one on spotify, it's one of my favorite for this project !

  14. Joanne Adah K

    This is my favorite Christian <3

  15. Daniel Smith

    I know a bunch of people have already said this but it would be so amazing if you would upload The Light in Demos onto Spotify. Thanks for inviting us on the journey with you!

  16. Alex Mason

    that National resonator is just stunning. what model/year is it?

  17. Stephen V

    Man, listening to this today with the news of Anthony Bourdain...hits pretty heavy.

    "We're little broken ones, but fly in numbers out of darkness so you are not alone".

    I'm not one prone to depression, but if you are, there's wisdom in those words. We're all broken, we'll get through the darkness together, you're not alone.

    Thanks for writing this song Kristian.

  18. Victoria Bennett

    I love everything about this song.

  19. Josh Dever

    I love hearing you play that national! Nothing sounds better than a metal body resonator, especially with your fingerpicking style. It really got me into this kinda playing style and hearing you play the same guitar I've got is just cool as hell. Thank you for being who you are and making music out of it! :)

  20. Morgan Jodoin

    This is absolutely stunning. Your music has gotten me through so many difficult times. Thank you.

  21. Amenah Jafarey

    I'm sad this is the last one in the series.

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Amenah Jafarey it continues in the new series, first episode is out!

  22. Danny Rose

    Beautiful ❤️ love this 🎶

  23. Mia Watkins

    So, I wish I could purchase an album of these TLiD songs. Possible? <3

  24. lizzyjanee

    Upstate NY is my home <3 do a concert here! I saw you were in Ithaca in your first In the Light Demos!!! SAYYY WHAT??!!!

  25. Irrelevant Ginger Productions

    I really love these videos. just the way they flow, the beautiful spoken intros, the footage, and of course the music. it just, just soothes the soul and mellows the mind. Thank you <3

  26. Lisa B

    Wonderful and magical

  27. Tristan antal fleischhacker

    how is that finger picking style called? any tabs?

  28. Lee Allen

    great work, your songs just keep getting better.

  29. Connor Ross

    What I would do to get my hands on tabs of this song....

  30. Bill Amstutz

    I still think that's a green screen.

  31. Magali Aureille

    Well this fog is beautiful...
    Now my 4 y-o wants to learn how to play the guitar because of you! Might be my fault as well for playing your videos anytime we are at home, though...
    We both love your work on The Light in Demos (beside the rest!) and thank you for it ; it would be nice to see some more, why not in swedish Springtime!
    Hej do.

  32. turk1eighty2

    Hi Kristian,

    Love this new series. I would really love to know who your mentors were/are on guitar. Did you have a particularly influential teacher? Were you able to study closely with someone who knows the ins and outs of the finger-picking style? I guess I'm asking less about influences you've had and more about people you've been able to study closely with, or study under directly.

    I apologize if this question has been asked and answered in interviews you've done in the past. The interviews I've seen so far don't seem to touch on this.

    Blessings to you and the awesome music you're creating. It's a gift and a treat to those who listen.


  33. Kathryn Sygrove

    Thankyou so much, your songs are truly inspirational, raw, honest and very human. Enjoying all your albums.

  34. Kathryn Sygrove

    all beautiful can we have 80 more please Kristian?

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Kathryn Sygrove on it.

  35. hannah moore

    you are my favorite human

  36. bmxtrasher

    Wow vilken bangerlåt.. Hoppas alla dom här låtarnafrån The light in demos dyker upp på spotify så småningom eller på skiva!!

  37. Rosy Penson

    Me and my boyfriend love you, we fall in love with your music!! Thank you for coming back we start to miss you

  38. Donald Gelpi

    Hey Kristian, if you could go back from the start of what has become would you choose your real name or the moniker again? Hope that makes sense. Thanks! :)

  39. angelicinterment

    Saved the best for last. Wonderful stuff.

  40. David Gillham

    Please tell us there are more amazing videos to look forward to!

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +David Gillham there are more! Not too long until the new ones start. Thank you for waiting.

    David Gillham

    The Tallest Man on Earth this is the best news ever. Day, week and year made by your response. In the first video, you say that you want to be a part of inspiring each other to do cool things, and practice love in our hearts. Well, I want you to know that your videos have inspired me, for what feels like the first time in years. I have been listening, watching and sharing for the better part of two months. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  41. Lookpla Palalee


  42. Nick Milana

    Kristian if you read these, thank you so much for these beautiful songs. So prolific and inspirational.

  43. Anshul Chhangani

    Still waiting for your next masterpiece, absolutely in love with this series

  44. Sten Nitov

    Att långsamt, långsamt, åh så långsamt
    Så vann du dina nätter tillbaks
    långsamt, långsamt, åh så långsamt

    This time of my life is called waiting for the next chapter. Hopeing to see you again, in Estland.

  45. Cris_taco

    You're amazing! :D

  46. Givingitashot.

    Excuse me Mr Tallest Man On Earth........I have adored your sound and style for years and seen you live in Belfast which is still, and will always be one of the greatest nights of my life!
    You may not even read this comment for I'm sure you are busy but if you ever have 3 minutes spare and would like to listen to an Irish accent trying your song "A lions Heart" (Which I think is one of your best) please giveitashot for a listen and give me an honest opinion.
    I would be absolutely honored.

    Serious respect for your time....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKpNeFM8xDc

  47. Tim H

    Please make more!

  48. Top Hat Tuna

    Listen to Empty - Ray Lamontagne (Cover) by Elliot Horsley #np on #SoundCloud

    Hey! I'm starting up a SoundCloud account, I've only got one song up for now, but there's many more on the way! Give it a listen if you want, I'd appreciate it!

  49. David Gillham

    How does one learn to pick in the way you do? It blows my mind, and is so stunning.

  50. Joseph Rowley

    What’s gapping now? Is there any more of these videos? Such a great idea by the way.

  51. Tom Selenow

    These are incredible. Any chance you'd release just the audio versions on Bandcamp so we could hear them outside of YT?


    Hey Kristian, really admire what you do! What camera do you use? :P
    Happy Holidays,Thom

  53. Noelle Gonzalez

    This series has been lovely. Thank you.

  54. Roman Lakes

    Lovely. Again.

  55. A Person

    I hope you release these projects as an album, even if its only for a little bit. A limited release for those following this who can still play this with the rest of your music.

  56. Roland Peelen

    Hi man, just a quick shout out that I love these videos. As a filmmaker, these things have such an awesome mood. It's ridiculous. What did you shoot them on? Also, if you're ever in Amsterdam with some time to spare, I'd love to buy you a beer :)

  57. Henry Christensen

    Is this the last one in the series? I have been checking daily for number 9!

  58. Declan Corcoran

    anyone else returning here whilst waiting for the next episode?...

  59. Josh Turner Guitar

    Stunning in every way. Really superb.

    Michael Jantz

    i like that you like this <3

    Dhanush Selvaraj

    oh my, didn't think i'd see you here


    Hey josh, somehow not surprised to see you here, you and the tallest man on earth are a couple of my favourite guitarists to watch on YouTube

  60. EarToTheGroundMusic

    After listening to this a whole lot of times, I can't pick a favorite thing. The guitar... the vocal... and those absolutely divine horns. It all works so well together. Beautiful and thank you.

  61. Thomas Thaxton

    I want to learn this, but it scared me so much to tune to an F because then my string breaks and I can’t play for a few days

  62. Martand Saili

    whens the next vid coming out?

  63. Wilson Hoppe

    The sound quality on this is amazing, what kind of mic do you use? Absolutely love the song

  64. Whale Dick Nachos

    Do you plan on putting any of these songs on your next album? This one is too good to only be on youtube

  65. Ry Kell Music

    what guitar is that?

  66. Ludovic U. Tourigny

    In little fire, this one and Talk Pyramids are special, be god and record them please!

  67. alicjanoo

    Please PLEASE make an album out of this project...

  68. Stephanie Harman

    You are so very lovely. It has been awhile since I have looked you up...I love your new and pretty little journey. You carry yourself so sweetly. I adore your way Mr. Kristian.

  69. Rachel T

    a balance of light and dark
    is outweighed with the heavyness of fear and lust
    in the dreams of darkness we are free to be not alone
    while in the day we walk and carry on and try our best to shine
    and the music helps all of us stay strong
    thankyou through tears of joy and pain 🙃☺

  70. Christoph

    Can someone please tell me, what guitar he's playing? I love it!

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Chris this is the actual guitar: https://trcrandall.com/collections/archive/products/1930-national-duolian


    The Tallest Man on Earth thanks man, i love the music <3

  71. OwlsRunaMuck

    Can you give us any hints if you will be playing Eaux Claires Music & Art festival this year?

  72. Guytari

    It's a real treat when you upload one of these btw!

  73. Tim Hkm

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul

  74. Nathan & Eva

    Bless this man.

  75. madagan riley

    what camera do you use? I love the look of these

  76. Henry Christensen


  77. magmion

    the songs are so sweet. come on kristian, scream again, from the top of your lungs! nevertheless your music will be the best there ever was/will be. i would love to see you and johnny flynn perform together

  78. Jem Wilner

    @The Tallest Man on Earth, what camera are you shooting these videos on? I'm always so impressed by the incredible quality of the footage. (Does anyone know what he could possibly be using here?)

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    Thank you, Jem. Canon c200 and Sony A7s2.

    Jem Wilner

    Thank you!! I'll check those out. Keep on having fun making these wonderful videos.

  79. Grey Owl

    That's real nice. Dobro's sounding good.

  80. BaigL

    Thank you. I have bad depression and you have gotten me through my darkest moments. Thank you.

  81. HarrisY

    I've been trying to figure out why this one sounded so familiar.. and just now I realized I'm hearing a bit of To Just Grow Away and 1904. Absolutely beautiful work. I also have been meaning to ask, what kind of camera did you buy for these videos?

  82. SidMcgnarly3

    OOooooooo those horns.

  83. Dara Otl

    Next album is going to be ridiculously good, if these songs are anything to go by. Whatever it is you're doing, keep doing it. Holy.

  84. Nate Klopotic


  85. where Theo is

    any chance to see you in Japan?

  86. Malte Leifsson

    So good.

  87. Arnar Freyr Kristinsson

    Wonderful song! Have you been listening to Sigur Rós? The brass sound makes me think of them

  88. adrian eylers

    This might just be my absolut favorite of all your song, pls do the world a favour and release it on spotify when you feel it's finished ❤

  89. Terje

    Great great series. Have you considered some actual in nature recordings? Have a feeling the added nature sounds would fit your music perfectly

  90. Jonny Luck

    These videos are everything.
    Would love to know what you're recording it with? Video and audio?

  91. Jonathan Poettcker

    Ya know, I’ve stayed up late two nights in a row and worked on this between haircuts all day today to have sore shoulders me arms only wanting to be apart of this song because I feel it so much...I know no one is going to play it like you so I am accepting your beautiful expression here-you gotta know it cuts me deep in the best way and saddest ways🙏🏼 Come play my little town ion Vancouver Island and lets be friends for real✌🏼

  92. Emma Vardanian

    WOA I LOVE IT! Also, Your t-shirt has a pretty color. Suits you

  93. Jose Rivera

    The best of this series!

  94. Andy Gertjejansen

    God damn you continually blow my mind. You are the king of sonic ambience and birds.

  95. Luan Oliveira

    getting a new TTMOE song every other week is probably the greatest thing I didn't know I needed this year. the horns in this sound so fantastic. wonder what it'd sound like to throw a little accordion in it.

  96. Doomed Friend

    I love your music. You got me back into music. I will write with inspiration from your music. Thank you always

  97. TheSardOz


  98. Smashmouth Nickelback

    The Sweetest Sweater on Earth

  99. Joe Savage

    What a concept! Thanks for the Music. Keep on keeping on Big Man ❤️ If you ever want to know what it's like to be a bird give me a shout. I'll let you borrow my Drone and FPV goggles, it's unreal 👌

  100. Moody box

    Please put these on Spotify! Seriously incredible songs