Tallest Man On Earth, The - Darkness Of The Dream Lyrics

And so I'd stumble in the light
The night was always there
To end all repetition

Insane? I both with the blinds
Carry on and love will be here

I met this girl from my old town
But sadly she could see
I'm still a bunch of memories
And shit that I believe

And suddenly the rain
Is the only part you feel

And there's the darkness of the dream

But she was something of a flame
Just telling me to quiet
Excuses and the visions

Just let yourself out of your sight
Careless and some love will be here

And now you sleep and get some rest
From all the songs you make
They're all a bunch of mirrors,
And fuck it, I'm afraid

That suddenly the rain
Is the only part you feel

And there's the darkness of the dream

She said, I ain't got no time for no broken believers
And lie like the foolish one
It's taking hours and days and I just want to hold you
And end of a wait begun

I said I think of hours in everyone...

The letting go is here and now
The beauty is in your arms
No mind is out to wander

Just let yourself out of your sight
Careless and some love will be there

And now there's this dancer in the dream
Just rowing in the night
And I can't believe how pretty
And I can't believe the signs

When suddenly the rain
Is the only part you feel

And there's a darkness of the dream

A fear of heart and all of its turnings
And it's never letting go
I'm sure I'll sleep when all this goes under
But now, will I sleep alone?
It only starts with a river
But I know it's only waiting for the golden ground

It's wide and awake
But I'm showing up late
On the way there was something
That told me to stay
I feed on the sunlight
But sunlight just drives me away

In the loving game

The summer is deep
And the memories still
The garden is full
And I'm way over hills
I see there's a line that I'm walking
And I'm just the same

It's an endless game
In the darkness of the dream

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Tallest Man On Earth, The Darkness Of The Dream Comments
  1. Daniel Ger***

    YouTube needs an autoREplay button!

  2. Daniel Ger***

    Is good musics!

  3. Fox Conlon

    Snoo Snoo: The Musical

  4. Victoria Bennett

    Crying. Is it possible for a person to be this utterly perfect?

    Victoria Bennett

    I want to be his dog. lol


    Victoria Bennett that escalated quickly.

  5. Emma Carlsson

    I LOVE the dancing! It’s so liberating🌈❤️

  6. Rafael Soares

    Linda música

  7. Dennis Lee

    Great video, I absolutely love the choreography. Reminds me, a little bit of the choreography in the last episode of the series The OA which I found entrancing.

  8. Mahar

    e o clássico
    please come to brazil

  9. sarah A

    This song and The Dreamer are just so good! there's something about the music

  10. Jonas Zdanius

    Letting go is here and now. The beauty's in your arms, no mind is out to wander. Just let yourself out of your site. Carelessness and love will be there. There's this dancer in the dream just rowin' in the night and I can't believe how pretty and I can't believe the signs. And suddenly the rain's the only part you feel

  11. The MOONER


  12. Seth Thomas

    Amaze Balls!

  13. Fitness With Jeremy Shelton

    Saw this guy last night at the Greek Theatre with the Head and the Heart. Some of the best song writing and live performance I've ever heard.

    david beckett

    Where was that ?

    Fitness With Jeremy Shelton

    Los Angeles

  14. HeadstockFilms

    How come YouTube is only counting my views?!

  15. Evan O'Reilly

    anybody know anything about the tattoo on his chest?

  16. david beckett

    why has,nt this guy got world wide reconition ? effing brilliant !!!!!!!!!!


    Because he's talented ...

    comrade hermit

    Yeah, big business is talent-blind. So sad but so true.

    Danny Rasmussen

    Have you seen his world-tour destinations? He isquite huge pretty much all over the world ;)
    Hes just not over-played in the radio, thank god- that thing kills great artists.

    david beckett

    Yeah , see your point .

  17. comrade hermit

    Not usually into dudes but I'd totally fuck that guy....

    ....While the two chicks danced around us.... ....Awesome.

    comrade hermit

    The shit that I believe.

  18. Matthew Setlak

    one of the greatest artists of the 21st century.

  19. $pencer

    Am i the only one who got here on accident trying to find the worlds tallest human

  20. Born Again In Jesus

    I need to get laid.

    The Comrade

    celibacy has its virtues.

  21. Ivo Maatman

    A DOGGY!

  22. C.J Armstrong

    also, those boots he's wearing are awesome

  23. C.J Armstrong

    strange video, but he's dancing shirtless and I have a giant man crush so i'll take it

  24. lettucerules

    ahhh.....so nice

  25. Andrew Hyer

    Damn this video is confusing but good

  26. mossy1

    Strange to see a woman holding a man like a child while dancing.

  27. Thomas Phillipe

    The greatest man in the earth

  28. Eoshat

    You have to come back to Portugal! Tonight was amazing!

  29. Olav Skogen

    If anyone would be interested in watching my cover of 1904 i would be really grateful. Feedback would also be much appreciated :-) Cheers!

  30. Mike Hummell

    well done Kristian!! great song..and beautiful video!

  31. matt Schiavone


  32. peter markoli

    can someone explain the meaning of the video and the song

    The Comrade

    Like lenin once said, "dance, dance, revolution."

  33. Chris Dryer

    ...he is going to get grass stains on those white pants...

  34. unjonfeeld

    Holy wow. Bifferent, but really good. It's the old Kristian, but a bit… spicier or something.

  35. Scylliza

    Jag är impad. Bravo granne K!

  36. Jesse Martens

    This is pure

  37. Molten_

    this man is a legend

  38. Velcom Cs

    he is not so tall


    +Velcom Cs He's the tallest man on earth


    +Lasmamoe duh

  39. Steven Gilpin

    I love this song and video so much it hurts

  40. ThelastJohnSilver

    Loved the raw combination of the dance and the nature, great stuff indeed BUT! Chrisitan, those pants are not made for artistic dancing...

  41. Tycho Barth

    Please Kristian, as a fan of your music for now 3 years or more. Please go back to the roots.

    Night Owl

    I'm sure he will still make bare acoustic music. In my opinion some of his songs in his new album really benefitted from the energy that the extra instrumentation brings, especially this song that has very strong message of hope. But I still do mostly prefer the wild hunt album.

  42. Deadi11

    the savior of body insecurities of small men

    Jack Taheny

    You're so right


    not alone!

  43. Night Owl

    Very emotional video, I absolutely love this.

  44. Champagne Supernova

    One of the best of our times. Brilliant.

  45. Paul

    damn who knew Kristian was such a gifted dancer?

  46. Samuel Humphreys


  47. MagneticField34

    yasss queen!

  48. Dominique Keller

    Des chansons intimistes inspirées par Dylan, aux mélodies lo-fi issues de la guitare d'un aède, mettant en scène façon conte scandinave des thèmes personnels écrits avec la plume d'un oiseau : depuis 2006 à Leksand (Suède), Jens Kristian Matsson aka The Tallest Man on Earth polit un folk boisé et suspensif à la Bon Iver, paré en 2015 d'un quatrième jet (Dark Bird Is Home, 12/05) aux arrangements plus amples (cordes, claviers), qui perd (un peu) en magie ce qu'il gagne (pas mal) en fantaisie.

  49. Sami Mourad

    This is amazing

  50. Natalie Jane

    this song makes me want to get up and dance. the kind of music that hits you hard, right in the heart

  51. Alex R

    oh my god why wasnt I told this was made?

  52. TheFaicilef

    don't get me wrong, i love this song! but am i the only one who noticed the awkwardness when he's dancing?

  53. OliverToomsaluVEVO

    woppaa..! muy bien, chicos! ;) that`s bloody nice

  54. Vanessa Reis

    OMG OMG OMG 👏👏👏

    J rss


  55. emstildaa

    Så jäkla begåvad så jag orkar inte.

  56. Mattie Stembridge

    Abso-freakin-lutely wonderful, as is everything he has ever done/will ever do. Brilliant.

    Roman Lakes

    +Mattie Stembridge small world ;)

    Mattie Stembridge

    +Roman Lakes Haha fancy seeing you here, huh? Except not really bc we both love good ol Kristian

  57. Emma Vardanian

    Damn. Brilliant, brilliant.

  58. Rebecca Cook

    He dances. Oh lord. What a perfect creature.

  59. Andrea Bortolozzo

    God. He conveys something amazing in my feelings, every time. No doubt, he is one of the best artists of our times. Music is so good since the day I listened to him for the first time.

    b greenberg

    +Andrea Bortolozzo listened to him for the first time when i was eight in my friends dads car, since than i have had no doubt he is the best artist of our times.

    Cesar Hernandez

    He's god😂

  60. Isaac Bordas

    And suddenly the rain
    is the only part you feel...