Tallest Man On Earth, The - Bird Flew By Lyrics

Bird flew by
And wondered, wondered why
She was wise enough to stay up in the sky
From the air she could wonder
For the reason
What's the point of a year
Or a season

Your life flies away
As the night turns to day
If you start once to think
Your hair will soon turn grey
But one would like to wonder
For the reason
What's the point of a year
Or a season

The list of fallen stars
And crumbled, broken hearts
Comes from a need
To play so many parts
But one would like to wonder
For the reason
What's the point of a year
Or a season

The wind and the rain
Shook hands again
Untouched by the world
They managed to keep sane
They were able to wonder
For the reason
What's the point of a year
Or a season

Bird flew by
And wondered, wondered why
She was wise enough to stay up in the sky
From the air she could wonder
For the reason
What's the point of a year
Or a season

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Tallest Man On Earth, The Bird Flew By Comments
  1. J. Morgan Looney

    Please please cover From the Morning!

  2. Hungry Hiker

    love this cover, it was my favourite song on my 2 week hike on the coast

  3. welltoucansamatthatgame

    This is the video that introduced me to Nick Drake.


    I had my nick drake crush one year ago - enjoy ! :)

  4. ranopano75

    Beautiful song, beautiful fender mustang :)

  5. Ciar Cian

    abomination c'mon

    Ciar Cian

    Really i mean in terms of Nick Drake this is inappropriate

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Ciar Cian I’m just singing a song he wrote, mr/miss commenter.

  6. Frederik J

    Love these videos! Perfect brief getaway from the noise of a Wednesday. Thank you

  7. Randy H.

    If this song was taken more literally it would mean something around, only nature (weather?) knows the reason for the seasons and years but things like birds and people will continue to wonder as they can never figure it out through the craziness we call Earth (the reason there was a repeat of the first verse after the last one?). Sound about right?

  8. Winkyshowpee

    This series is like a dream come true.

  9. Christian Lopez

    Pf so sweet, i love you you are my inspiration since i was 11, now im 18 and im a musician like you, thank you 🙏🏼

  10. thundersrumbledsound

    whats that first chord at 0:42 ??

  11. nicole

    återkommande fågeltemat <3 <3 <3

  12. Pepperoni Sanders

    Great original sounding singing! I think I like this better than Nick's version.... is that possible?

  13. Alex Mason

    unreal cover. what amp is he using there?

  14. Matt King

    Hi Kristian, I have an artistic proposal I would like to make to you. Not sure how else to contact you so if interested perhaps you can contact me. Cheers. [email protected]

  15. Anthony Roney II

    That was pretty incredible. I just wish you would take a trip to the Southeast US to play this kind of music. It would ease a lot of pain for a lot of people.

  16. maruša štibelj

    Once again, something beautiful! Love the cover! I wrote it before but I am just gonna do it again, because you really are a great inspiration - I don't listen to too much music while making my art but your music I could listen always! Hope to see you in Slovenia one day! And thanks!❤

  17. Matthew Graham

    Thank you, this is a beautiful song. You do it great justice.

  18. Chris Basumatary

    You are beautiful, Thank you for inspiring.

  19. Digvalley Music

    So mellow. So cool. So good.

    Digvalley Music

    SO inspiring.

  20. Graeme Hill

    Awesome performance. I wish there was more Nick Drake in the world.

    By the way Kristian, are you a hockey fan? Just curious. Thanks.

  21. Acsa Serafim

    1. open this https://rainymood.com/
    2. then this cover
    3. feel the peace within you

  22. Femke Arends

    What kind of camera did you use at the beginning of the video? Loved the quality!

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Femke Arends thank you! Beginning and B-roll is Sony A7s2. Main shot is Canon C200

  23. Zach Byrd Adventure Hour

    "Bird Flew By" (Nick Drake) is the fifth episode of The Light in Demos, a video project produced, written, directed, recorded, shot and edited by The Tallest Man on Earth.

    I bow, sir.
    Now please tell me what camera you are using!

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Zach Byrd Adventure Hour Thank you! Canon C200 and Sony A7s2

    Zach Byrd Adventure Hour

    Thanks so much. Looks great. Love what your doing here on youtube.

  24. Rachel Eh?

    Sweet Nick Drake. Darkness was what clouded him when he took his life, but oh boy, did he gives us light through his music when he was alive. It makes me understand mental illness more and more. We may have this darkness, but it doesn't define us. We can push through our fog, but sometimes there are moments of it controlling us and sometimes it's like it's out of our control. I love you, Nick.

  25. cyberprimate

    Nice. What pickup is it on the Mustang?

  26. wikichris

    How did you take the opening walking scene there? Gimbal obviously. Some colour filtering? Looked amazing. Camera?

  27. William Son

    I didn't know Brian Redban played music.

  28. danholmesfilm

    What camera do you use? Beautiful as ever, keep them coming!

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +danholmesfilm thank you! Canon C200 and Sony A7s2


    Awesome, love the A7s2! Thanks!

  29. Will Lenk

    This rendition is so meaningful for many reasons. In totally separate musical eras, both Nick Drake and you, Mr. Tallest Man, have ushered in entirely unique brands of folk to the mainstream. You have both produced incomparable bodies of music, inimitable folk masterpieces in presentation and emotional urgency. Time may separate you, but it is impossible to deny the ethereal link between the two of you through your music: You are both folk artists, but it is equally accurate to call your work SOUL music. I am beaming that you chose an ND demo that never had a professional quality recording, because you have breathed life back into the sea of potential that are Nick Drake's demos. Many fans like me have been waiting for you to cover Nick for a long time, and you delivered: perfectly minimal, concise, and transcendent. Through your music you have proved to be the steward of continuing Nick's legacy. You are in a unique position to do his demos justice and fulfill that potential for an entirely new generation of listeners who may not yet know how vital and timeless Nick's music really is. Your fans are hoping for many more like this :) Thank you, Mr. Tallest Man, for all the comfort, inspiration, and fulfillment you have given me and all your fans alike!

  30. A-Dan31

    A Nick Drake cover made by TTMOE. This must be a dream.

  31. Bantham Legend

    Only just caught my breath from working out your cover of Both Sides Now. Here we go again...

  32. Martin Sjöström

    Släpper du på halsen när du sätter på tjocka chromesträngar?

  33. Julia


  34. Evilfox

    Dakotaz brought me here. Amazing performance.

  35. audungun

    Tack, Kristian! Det varmer!

  36. Peter72

    Man, the tallest man on earth playing a Nick Drake song...is it Christmas?

  37. Sergio Scardigno

    Hey! I was the guy at the Pioneer Works show on the 21st who said he liked your YouTube videos. Absolutely amazing show!! Definitely one I'll keep close for a long time. Oh, and keep the videos comin :)

  38. Filip

    You're the reason I started writing and playing music. These videos are something I look forward to every week, absolutely beautiful and inspiring, thank you.

  39. Nick Rönnberg

    Du är helt jävla fantastisk.

  40. Andrew Christoffels

    Thank you sir

  41. jpcgordon

    So great! I so very much look forward to seeing these videos every two weeks.

  42. Alex

    This series brings me peace. Thank you.

  43. Y Dub

    These are getting better and better. Thanks so much.

  44. Noah Frank

    i would absolutely love to hear you cover Jim Cain by Bill Callahan

  45. tobeygun

    Hade älskat höra dig göra en Jackson C. Frank-cover!

  46. Kristof Melling

    Why are you so cool!?

  47. Eddy Palogrande

    Tallest Cinematographer On Earth!

  48. Kimmocheck

    Would love you to Do "against the current" by mree

  49. Reston Ansley

    Someone said Nick Drake, so I come running.

  50. Gabriella Feathers

    your music helped me through my mothers suicide . I write and record now . your music still saves my life brother. peace and love.

    Will Foley

    Angel Feathers Hugs and love to you, friend. Thank you for being here. <3

    Gabriella Feathers

    Will Foley thank you for being here .... love and light . my brother .

    Alexandre Philippe

    My deepest sympathies to you my friend. I hope your writing music will help you cope with this tragic event. Love <3 <3 <3

    Roman Lakes

    His music has helped me through some tough times too, but no doubt none as tough as that. My condolences and keep writing my friend

    Willem Green

    So sorry for your loss, blessings to you, brother. Music is a great refuge for the weary

  51. Alex Kessler

    I wish I could hear you cover all of my favorite songs.

  52. Connor S Adams

    Not only are you a phenomenal musician, but your image compositions are on poiiint

  53. Janique Cosmic Unveiling

    Thank you so much

  54. Theflyingcamel

    I am so glad you decided to make these videos. Whenever i am watching them i feel so peacefull
    Thank You so much! Please come say hi to you're french fans :)

  55. Matt Lisowski

    i couldnt wait to get home to watch this. every one of these videos moves me to tears. please keep being you. you inspire me.

  56. Evan Tyor

    I've got that same amp! It was part of a Gibson Melody Maker starter guitar kit sometime around 1967 and it used to be my Dad's. 5 watts and it sounds gorgeous. I love this series, love this performer and his philosophy and calm.

  57. Ty Perala

    Nick Drake!

  58. Chemisier tyran

    Beautiful, well done. Really loving this new project!

  59. Donato Garcia

    Whatada nice and peaceful song...the lyric and melody makes me be in a relaxing mood.

  60. PedroMO7U

    Beautiful sound on the guitar! Really love how every note sounds so clean, like the instrument is playing itself. The neck of a Fender can produce wonderful things. And, can anyone tell me which amp he's using?

    Alex Kessler

    amen. great fender tone he's got going on in this video.

  61. Matt

    This is insanely beautiful. Thank you


    Matt I love every one of your covers!


    Thanks!  Appreciate that.  Got this one figured out too, just need to practice

  62. cancelforgrind

    Really enjoying each new episode. Keep it up, my friend.

  63. Heath Kish

    I've been waiting for so long to hear you do a Nick Drake cover! ❤️

  64. Jorge Galan

    You are truly my musical inspiration! If and when you go on tour it'd be awesome to have you in Texas!!

  65. Bebe Lulu

    Please come to Cleveland!

  66. Peanook

    What a great cover! Anyone knows what camera does he use? These shots look so beautiful ^^


    The Lost Penguin Sony a7s2 (saw it in comment on ep.3)


    Thanks!! :D

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    Correct, thanks. Also a canon c200 in the mix now. Used it for the main shot in this and the last one.


    The Tallest Man on Earth great! Thanks for answering Kristian, your music means so much for me, and I love the approach you're having with fans with The Ligh In Demos. Cheers from Spain! ^^

  67. Bruno Míllara

    Saw some Tarantula Waltz fishing somewhere on the video.. This is nice and peaceful

  68. BaBa BGood

    Great stuff

  69. Montezuma03

    What a dream. I love hearing Nick Drake in your singing. Two of my favorite musicians, feel free to do more Nick Drake covers!

    Camilla Wikström

    YES !!!!!!

  70. bsjett

    I would love nothing more than for you to cover a song by my two favorite musicians, Jackson C. Frank and Townes van Zandt, in one of these.

    BaBa BGood

    bsjett would love to see a blues running the game cover

    Marcus Slade

    Definitely want to hear him cover a townes van zandt song!


    Something like Buckskin Stallion, or one of the not so well known ones would be amazing.


    Milk and Honey, My Name is Carnival, and Dialogue are three I thought of. But he didn't do any bad songs, so they're all great choices.

    tyer matthews

    Something bluesy and syncopated like Macy's song would be perfect tbh.

  71. Joacim Nilsson

    Haha, am I seeing this wrong or is the man in the beginning chasing you down the street?!

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    He was not super happy, but also very slow.

  72. Levi Reynolds

    My girlfriend and I were fortunate to be two of the people staring back at you last week; what a wonderful performance!
    Curiously, she misread the title of these videos as 'The Light in Demons', referring to a desire to see the best in people. Why did you choose the name "The Light in"? and what does it mean to you?

  73. Gustav Blendulf

    Dessa videos är guld

    Mourad Ghareeb

    yas dess videos Arre fUcking guld!

  74. Bianca LJ.

    Can't wait to see you performing live again! Any chance you'll be coming back to the UK soon?:)


    meet you there my dude

  75. Manuela Fischer

    What a dream come true a Nick Drake cover!

  76. Lulu kallinen

    I am in a deep Mood since a while But i can Catch so much Love and light Out of These Songs and Videos, it makes me feel so confortable and it's so calming. I really can feel that my heart rhythm Slow Down . Thanks for Charing all These Moments of Peace. Hope you are in Germany soon. Wish you the best time.


    Lulu Hoppe Yeah hopefully :)

    Matthias E.

    I saw him in Leipzig, where he played in front of a really small crowd in August 2016. Sunsett and good weather... I´m sure you could find a video of it on YT. Absolutly fantastic :)

    Lulu kallinen

    Matthias E. Oh that Sounds so beautiful..those are moments of Life


    Matthias E. I'm kind of sad that he doesn't play these small concerts anymore. I like that he gets a little more recognition nowadays but I have seen a few videos of early concerts and they seemed so intimate and special. I guess that is just another form of nostalgia.
    Good to hear from other German fans.


    I was there too. I hold that memory dear.

  77. Lucas Lelis

    Amazing video! The song and the images are beautiful. I also love the parts where you are just talking or showing us things you saw, it's nice to have these small glimpses into the lives of people we follow from afar. Wish you all the best. Greetings from Brazil.

  78. Joe Rowley

    This is really nice. Thanks Kristian, I'm really digging these videos. Happy Friday!

  79. Curtis Lovejoy

    Such a great choice! Thank you for this.

  80. Simon Lampinen

    Fan vad kul. Fanns en nick drake låt jag hade tänkt önska och det var bird flew by! Hälsningar från Mora.

  81. Alexander Black

    Love this Kristian! Would you consider doing 'Boots of Spanish Leather' or any other Dylan? I love your version of 'I Want You' on the banjo from the daytrotter session!

    Didier Morin-Laprise

    If you play the guitar, you'll notice that his song "Love is all" is really close from "Boots" !

    Michael Ciccia

    You should listen to Boots of Spanish Leather back to back with King of Spain, you'll notice Kristian takes some of Dylan's lyrics from the song and gives them a new twist. I thought it was a really cool way to just tip his hat to him.

    Alexander Black

    Yes! That's why I thought it would be a great choice for a cover, I'm sure he was quite inspired by it :)


    "I wear my boots of Spanish leather!"

    Colin Lima

    He also did "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" (on youtube) and "Honey Wont You Let Me In"

  82. Ghost of Young Michael

    Tremendous. Thank you sir

  83. Evelina Taavola

    I can feel the emotion you're conveying through your song, through my screen and my headphones. Absolutely stunning! Love.

  84. Stoopid Rumpum

    Nice and soothing as always. Greetings from Russia))

  85. Wesley Dickson

    Great cover!

  86. T Webber

    Kiss me

  87. Josh Levario

    Its good to see you looking so at peace. Beautiful cover sir! Would you ever consider doing From the Morning?


    Yes, please! My favorite Nick Drake song.

  88. Cal Norman


    Ricky Lagerkvist

    First!! ..to tell you, you are gonna die alone : )

    Cal Norman

    Ricky Lagerkvist I hope you die today