Tallest Man On Earth, The - All I Can Keep Is Now (Demo) Lyrics

Here is the noise
And it's passing through me
Street so warm
And its call so loud

Here, darling
All of the voices all the time

Whenever I sleep
It's a god damn journey
Every then I've seen
Is now

Here, darling
All of the hours all the time

Caught in the rain
The train is somewhere
Out there to bend
Your lover's time

Your buildings are like shadows
And your eyes are deep
Here, all I can keep is now

Let's make sure
That we wake up early
For a whiff
Of alone somehow

Here, darling
All of the hours all the time

Caught in the rain
Go rinse your worry
Walk it to bend
Your lover's time

Your buildings are like shadows
And your eyes are deep
Here, all I can keep is now

And all for a quiet surrender
A nowhere still out there to know
But from life in the arms of lovers
Can I bring someone when I go?

Ran into a friend
Yes, her eyes said something
About a joke
That went through somehow

Here, darling
All of the subtle all the time

There is the light
The light is in me
Isn't this all
A silly dream

Your buildings are like shadows
And your eyes are deep
Here, all I can keep is now

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Tallest Man On Earth, The All I Can Keep Is Now (Demo) Comments
  1. Obstsalatissimo

    He should do a "Duet" with Beirut! Got that soft brassy solemn voice. So beatuiful.

  2. thebrooke

    I can’t believe these sessions have been out for 2 years and I’m only now discovering them. What a treat for me now, though! So special. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. rixxard83

    At home we have thought alot about the lyrics.. 'Your buildings are like shadows' - what does that 'mean' in the content of the song? Also what is your take overall? It's obvious an expression of a dream and longing for being together in a sense. Not so sure it's ment for a lost love..? Still the 'shadows are like buildings' makes me unsure.. Plz help :)

  4. Tim Barker

    June 2019. Why have I only just discovered your music? Must have been living in a hole! The passion in your music simply takes me to a happy place. Thank you for sharing your passion, soul and skill.

  5. Angus Mcleod

    Wow the difference between this version and your new album version! Myckke bra

  6. Lauren Nicole

    Would really truly love for you to release this song on an EP or album. So beautiful.

    Jerome Sharpe

    Your wish has been granted :p

  7. daniela popa

    Hey, I have just felt your music... I have poured it in my veins the entire day, and after so many hipnotizing hours, it sudenly came to my mind that I have even forgotten to check the like button... Unbelivable! But I do like each and every song and word!

  8. Snusk

    Why isnt this on spotify?

  9. Michael strakA

    You are an inspiration, my friend.

  10. Alika R

    Thank you for being you

  11. musicvh

    Linda canção <3

  12. Jngo

    I love the positivity in the community surrounding your incredible music. Thank you sir for your incredible talent and service to the world <3

  13. oskar fassler

    Dear friend,

    thank you for sharing your music with us. It brings me in touch what is alive within me.

    Love and gratitude


  14. peace sounds

    keep it coming you are loved

  15. Nancy Heeney

    I'm so excited to see you for the first time in concert at the Blue Bird Music Festival! Your voice resonates so well with me as someone who has always loved soft singing and delicate tunes. Keep it up my dear and thank you for the music, I can't wait to see you live! <3

  16. Seth Prather

    From me to you:

    A shadow holds the way of lost lights,
    And when you find that crow acallin,
    Some sign of sky to which we'll grow,
    Our duty heavy as a mountain, death light as a feather,
    Reflecting the sun with the night we bring home,
    And as we cross the little river,
    The wind whispers you're finally not alone..

  17. pall steward

    When I lived in the states, I listened to your music with ambition for change and experience. Now that I live in Europe, far from my home, your music is one of the only things that keep me grounded. Hoping to see the nature that inspired you soon. I once saw you play in Nashville, I chanted along with a group of people asking you to play the wild hunt.. It didn't work 😅

  18. Roman Lakes


  19. Dennis Lee

    Tallest (can I call you tallest?), you're a heck of a performerI'm late to this. Just found you out.Nice.

  20. Josiah Peck

    What's the name of the lake that is filmed at 5:07 in the video? Is it a Finger Lake?

  21. Noah Frank

    anyone know what kind of ukulele this is

  22. Anna Johnson

    Kristian, your music is a huge part of my life -- thank you for creating, truly truly.

  23. Joe Savage

    Muscle memory.... never leaves you, eh? You might get slower, but sometimes that's a good thing 😉

  24. TheCompleteGuitarist

    The Uke sounds like the guitar equivalent of the toy piano.

  25. jajajaja

    "playing Love is All while running around like a little idiot." LOL I love the way Kristian dances around on stage. Inspires me to not be less self-conscious about what people might think of me!

  26. Matt

    Hi Kristian!  On a normal Uke is the tuning F# B Eb Ab with a capo on the 4th fret?  Thank you for making these by the way.

  27. tyler M

    Great song

  28. Tamás Fábián

    5:12 :O

  29. Michael Ciccia

    Amazing guitarist obviously proven time and time again, but holy shit your lyricism is why I can put one of your records on and literally just go back and forth from A side to B side for hours. I swear every time I listen to a TMON song I pick up something new from it. You're a damn treasure sir.

  30. ThelastJohnSilver

    Heard he got a girlfriend again... bet this song is related to that!

  31. Lisa Wolfe

    Oh, my heart...

  32. Dan McCarthy

    Great stuff. Thank you so much for recording these videos! I truly enjoy these so much, and it seems many others do as well!

  33. s3bbe

    Saw you last night at Pioneer Works, the show was great and this piece is even better on guitar. Any chance you could upload a guitar version ;)?

  34. Okay Mann

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kristian.

  35. Dustin Richards

    You have helped me through many dark times

  36. Alison El-Feraly

    Wow, just wow. I need this released.

  37. Jordan Osman

    i can always count on this guys music to keep me grounded. keep on keepin on

  38. Francisco Siutti

    Hi Kristian! I listen you for some years now, don`t remember the first time I listen you for the first time and that I had to tune my guitar in another tuning haha it open my mind!
    Im from Argentina (Buens Aires) and with your inspiration I composed a song almost 4 years ago, thanks a lot for sharing and inspire all of us with your music. Here the link if you like to hear https://lugones.bandcamp.com/track/stay-alive (from my humble place).

    You are the man!

  39. Chronfucius

    Just found out my all time favorite songwriter is a youtuber... life is good.

  40. Raley Delk

    My creative outlet is my channel - thank you for the inspiration!

  41. Didier Morin-Laprise

    Now I actually believe there is no color saturation in Sweden

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    +Didier Morin-Laprise It's NYC

    Didier Morin-Laprise

    Oops ! I was trolling, of course ! Btw, as you're not afraid of the cold, we'd like to see you up North in Québec once again. Love your music man, thanks for what you do.

  42. Robin Chang

    Thanks for your song and share from the other side of the planet. Music create a wonderland for me to escape the reality and the passiona to pursuit the dream. Listener from Taiwan. Hope to see you one day on this beautiful little island. :)

  43. indieguy412

    The second prechorus should be "go rinse your sorrow" and not "go rinse your worry"

  44. Galen Winsor

    You are such an inspiration

  45. Sean H

    I really love these! I find them soothing and inspiring: they make me want to spread the love of nature and quiet and peace—even the one in New York City! So I'm glad you still seem to be enjoying them as well.

  46. Faulksss

    The intro really reminds me of his song 'On Every Page'. Loving the eps...keep them coming!

  47. Faqihurrahman Andi

    your debut album, Shallow Grave and then Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird were still my favorite

  48. Taylor Lee

    Thank you for your wonderful music, Kristian.

  49. Nina Sue

    What instrument is that?


    Nina Sue Ukelele

  50. Gabriel Nogueira

    The Light in Demos is my favourite series

  51. Lucas Lelis

    This project is amazing Kristian, I love it!

    I've been following your music from Brazil since 2010. I've introduced your songs to my girlfriend and now she is also addicted to them. We hope to be able to see you play soon. Wish you all the best, and thank you for everything!

  52. Olof Ljunggren

    Brilliant. You seem to have gotten a taste for filmmaking. I like the creamy look of the lens, what lenses are you shooting with, Kristian? Eller: vad använder du för objektiv? :)

  53. John Kaitlyn

    To me one of the best parts of writing and playing music is when you have a breakthrough while in the creative process. It might just be coming up with an interesting phrase or Melody, but the most special moments are the moments spent alone with the guitar and figuring out the puzzle. Peace, your music is inspiring

  54. Bailey Nigh

    Thank you so very much for everything. As with so many others, your music has touched me in ways I can't put words to. Through rough times you have been my closest friend. Thank you

  55. Colin Lima

    Hey Kristian, I pre-ordered your collaboration record with ymusic and I still haven't received it, who should I contact? Also, this is yet another gorgeous tune to add to your ever growing collection of songs that I am forever grateful for.

  56. Kyle Byrnes

    Hey Kristian!

    Any chance of purchasing these as a collection when your done? Call them the YouTube sessions or something haha

  57. Kristiana St. Claire

    I'm so pleased by this one. I love the vocal transitions... how it just flows and yet so subtly breaks (hope you know what I mean). Great Uke playing... more musicians should use them. Love love. Great new song, and thank you for sharing!

  58. Rodrigo Nazar

    Wonderful as always Kristian.

    Kind regards from Chile.

  59. johnnylep

    Can you please never, ever stop releasing these amazing songs/videos. I just can't get enough. Thank you for warming my soul :-)

  60. Ian Andrews

    Beautiful, Kristian!

  61. Matt Lisowski

    i cant even put into words how wonderfully beautiful and inspiring these videos are. you should know i'm crying at my desk at work watching these. in awe of the beauty of it all. these are everything.

  62. Andrew Christoffels

    Another Gem. Thank you sir.

  63. Levi Reynolds

    Gorgeous tune. I'm looking forward to seeing you next Thursday!

  64. Connor S Adams

    Amazing, I love this series so much

  65. suyash gautam

    turned my depressing day upside down,much love from Nepal Kristian.
    Don't you dare stop

  66. nash

    I can't control my goosebumps while i'm listen every episode. Thank you so much for this, Kristian!

  67. Babette de Jong

    Pfff that ending. Tears in my eyes.

  68. Dan Barclay

    Absolutely lovely, I really like the 6 string ukulele for it too.

  69. brentman121

    Thank you

  70. brentman121

    Love you Kristian

  71. Jaeyoon Park

    so good. I love the title line

  72. Cj Mair

    Please tell me all of these will be compiled into an EP!

  73. Fabiana Hdez

    Everytime I watch these episodes I always stay quiet in front of the screen, engrossed like a child, receiving all the kind and tender energy you spread. Thank you.

  74. Harry Bloomfield

    Hi! Your videos have really been a light (ba-dum-tschh) in my life recently as I go through a really dark period. Some of the shots you have are spectacular and I was wondering where in Sweden you would suggest visiting for a hiking trip as you have inspired me to explore some of the country! Even if Kristian does not see this could anyone else help me out with suggestions? Much appreciated! Thanks, Harry

  75. Diego Castropozo

    Great song! regards from Perú

  76. Criz Cavalcante

    A cada episódio mais nos encanta.

  77. Talin Wadsworth

    Lovely. Thanks from sharing Kristian! 👏👏👏

  78. Shawn Sullivan

    Thank you

  79. Mads Sorensen

    Just about to go to sleep, I take a last look at my phone and see this posted on instagram. Ahh. I love it. Makes me calm and I remember that life can be beautiful. Thank you for your music. Cheers from Denmark.

  80. Taylor Salvetti

    Those in between clips of the birds, windows, and everything else compliment this series so well. I'd like to see this put together as a visual album in the future or something.

  81. dakotaz

    Look forward to every episode you put out! These are diamonds down here in dark caves of youtube. Thanks for taking the time and connecting with all of us like this.

  82. Dawson Estes

    Beautiful, as always. I appreciate how varied each episode has been so far, musically. Might be hard to say, but is it realistic to expect another album within the next year?

  83. Jane Campbell

    Thank you for these videos. Your music saved my life and this series brings me such peace and comfort. Blessed to have you in this world with me. I haven't seen you in a couple of years but I hope to see you again one day in Fargo or Minneapolis!

  84. Kai Tocher

    Hey Christian,

    my names Kai, I am a fellow musician/yogi starting out his journey
    into playing for more people. Your music is a big inspiration to me,
    the lovely progressions and meaningful lyrics are really along the lines
    of what I want to do with music. I was simply wondering if you have any advice or
    insight into what to keep in mind with music? Don't know if you will actually read this just thought I would put it out there. My music has been recently more focused on ukulele
    (mainly baritone uke), using a loop pedal to cover my favorite songs and originals,
    couple of your songs as well now going busking on the streets of Vancouver BC. =)

    So again just wanted to say keep up the amazing
    songwriting, your a truly unique artist with some of the most truthful and pure lyrics I have head in a a while. Respect and love Tallest man, (ps. all I can keep is now - so true) om Kai.

  85. Caterina Sansone

    Thank you. Amazing.

  86. ∆rtemis

    Holy shit this is pure gold

  87. PedroMO7U

    This one as potential to be one of your next great songs. Also, the intro sounds a bit like "fado". Don't know if you're familiar with that genre but I recommend you check it out.

  88. windestharbor2

    In upstate NY were you in The beautiful Adirondacks?

  89. YaBoiOof

    Damn, never knew you were in upstate New York

  90. Andrew Choi

    Every two weeks, you come out with another episode, and every two weeks I hold my breath while another beautiful piece is presented. Absolutely gorgeous, nostalgia inducing songs- thanks.

  91. alovelylifex

    I appreciate you so much. Thank you for sharing such beautiful music with us. When I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain, I listened to 'King of Spain' whenever I felt weary or as if I couldn't carry on. Your songs have always been such a source of strength and love. Keep on keepin' on!

  92. Amy Malone

    Hey Kris! What inspires you the most when writing lyrics and what artist do you listen to the most? I absolutely love your music and the video series you've been doing!😍 I saw you at the Orpheum in Wichita, Kansas and that is still one of the best concerts I've been to

  93. Albin Edin

    really really REALLY GOOD ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  94. Charlie Billvik

    Kul att höra dig med ukulele! Detta projektet är lysande, keep it up Kristian!

  95. PlainSailingWeather

    Your music has kept me alive, thank you.

    Kyle Byrnes

    PlainSailingWeather frank turner reference?

    Caio Ishikawa

    Kyle Byrnes frank turner is so fucking good

    Kyle Byrnes

    I certainly second that. Puts on one of the next shows I've ever been to

    Michael Ciccia

    I relate to this so heavily


    Kyle Byrnes yep!

  96. Ricardo deCarvalho

    Don't forget the birds

  97. Clacking Computer

    Do you plan on released the demos without the commentary? I'd really love to have this in like a demo album form <3