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T. Rex I'm Weird Comments
  1. Cook moore

    Nice title, Marky Marc ;)


    Who is Marky Mark you are referring to. This video is by me and me alone , just did not understand your comment. Peace.

    Cook moore

    It's a nice title Marc wrote 'I'm Weird' @1stMistyMist1

  2. kinkycoast87

    glad his weirdness had a place on earth. he is a life saver weirdo

  3. Mercedes Sullivan

    Don't know why people said he's weird, in my eyes he was beauty personified :-) Thanks for posting, I love your Marc posts :-) xx


    @Mercedes Sullivan Thank you Mercedes. I so adore him - well suppose the pink heart shows it enough  !! Merry Rexmas !!!

  4. Jackie Middleton

    Not much time?? Oh why is this?? I feel you have been very close to Marc to have so much info..I'm just so grateful to be able to see it all, my daughter also loves Marc, she is so envious of my time with His music and influence!

  5. 1stMistyMist1

    Thank you
    I have just too many
    but not much time
    Thank you for likeing the ones I put up !

  6. 1stMistyMist1

    Thank you but my posts are very simple, just a few pics and the music.

  7. Jackie Middleton

    1stMistyMist1..I don't know how you do it, I don't know how you find these...truly you keep a little Marc in your heart.to share with us all...Thank you .

  8. trexmarcbolan

    what a great post love this music - nice work on your video
    take care my friend

  9. 1stMistyMist1

    My first comment - thank you !!!
    I also saw them like that at the Middle Earth London !