System Of A Down - Lost In Hollywood Lyrics

[Daron moans a little bit]

I'll wait here,
You're crazy,
Those vicious streets are filled with strays,
You should have never gone to Hollywood.

They find you,
Two-time you,
Say you're the best they've ever seen,
You should have never trusted Hollywood.

I wrote you,
And told you,
You were the biggest fish out here,
You should have never gone to Hollywood.

They take you,
And make you,
They look at you in disgusting ways,
You should have never trusted Hollywood.

[Serj moans now]

I was standing on the wall,
Feeling ten feet tall,
All you maggots smoking fags on Santa Monica Boulevard,
This is my front page,
This is my new age,
All you bitches put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care.

All you maggots smoking fags out there on Sunset Boulevard.

All you bitches put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care.

Phony people come to pray,
Look at all of them beg to stay,
Phony people come to pray.

[Serj and Daron Harmonize]

(The lines in the letter said, "We have gone to Hackensack")
Look at all of them beg to stay

Phony people come to pray.

All you maggots smoking fags on Santa Monica Boulevard,
All you maggots smoking fags out there on Sunset Boulevard.
All you maggots smoking fags out there on Hollywood Boulevard.

You should have never trusted Hollywood.
You should have never gone to Hollywood.

All you bitches put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care.

You should have never trusted Hollywood.

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System Of A Down Lost In Hollywood Comments
  1. Douglas Ferreira

    Coming here from pewdiepie’s old outro song, it bring me some nice memories

  2. Fn4cK

    Anyone who deletes comments is a dumbass.

  3. Nightangel1177

    I got an ad for BYOB before this

  4. Saif Ahmed Shejan

    -So how many melodies do your band have?

    How can a heavy metal band so many melodies?
    SOAD is ultra-legendary band of all time.❤

  5. Nike870

    This and Holy Mountains are the most perfect creations that SoaD made


    If I seen them in concert and watched them play this song, my life would be complete...

  7. Ryan Muhs

    When I learned what life was trying to tell me , I prayed for hell, when I tried to sleep my anger away, I was so pissed when I woke up,I never should have trusted you, I couldn't deal with the anger, your deraagened, arrenged madness, cloudy velvet black and blue, it was always amazing tried and rejected, I never had a flat line away,

  8. Axzelvonze Herzaroychelx

    Tame you not time you. Lmao. Tf the lyrics is wrong.

  9. Zoomer Waffen

    You should've never trusted [ [ [ Hollywood ] ] ]

  10. Elio Fernandes

    The correct Lyrics is "You Shouldn't never trust in Hollywood " o like show this video "You should have never trust in Hollywood?. I guess this video is wrong

  11. Michel Da Silva

    I always heard: "they look at you and discuss the wind" 😅

  12. Andres avendaño

    H o l l y w o o d Try attack me

  13. ATG IMM

    This song was so ahead of its time.

  14. LittleDangerNoodle

    My mum use to play this song(and a lot of other SOAD songs) when I was in her belly and when I was growing up so this song and SOAD means a lot to me and I'm gonna play this band for my kids and hopefully they'll pass it on.


    PizzaGate Is Real

  16. SS Big Ricky

    To all the people who are trying to become models or famous people don’t come to Hollywood you’ll see the real shit that happens here in L.A Homeless People, Drug Addicts, Gangs, Crazy Laws made by the corrupt government, and well all the pedo shit that goes behind doors in Hollywood/Weird parties that are hosted by all the “Famous” celebrities overall Hollywood is Weird/Creepy/Fucked up

    Screpitum Ralk

    I just read some stuff about Weinstein...
    Jesus, this song's so ahead of its time

    SS Big Ricky

    Screpitum Ralk check out Jeffrey Epstein he had ties to a lot of celebrities/Elite

    SS Big Ricky

    Screpitum Ralk or look for the documentary called An Open Secret it’s pretty sad/scary

  17. Ooglego TM

    Esta cancion da Mucho de que hablar este 2020, Hollywood Films, !!Se veran obligado a hablar!!

  18. Volta6 6 6

    Idk but after all the 🍕 rumours and conspiracies that I've seen this song now makes sense... Kinda.

  19. Jeff DIxon

    Harvey Weinstein brought me here

  20. Chad S

    This song isn't lieing when it says you should've never trusted Hollywood...
    The Same music labels that pay the rappers and rockers to teach you to act like "them" to party use and sell drugs be violent are the same ones that are going to profit from you getting locked up. Because they own the largest stake in for profit prisons...It's all rigged boys and girls..

  21. Rob P

    You should've never trusted Harvey Weinstein

  22. The Florida Man Of YT Comments

    SOAD got #metoo’d? 😂

  23. Fjæsing664

    So, this song could basically have been about Jack Woltz (and the little girl) from "The Godfather"?

  24. Kat Cruz

    10 years later still my favorite band. ♥️ Like this if you'll always love soad.

  25. Steve from Yellowstone

    "Look at all of them beg to stay"
    This song is so sad. I hope I never get that feeling of having all my dreams crushed

    The Arid Witch

    It's a great feeling. Means nothing else can be taken from you.

  26. slashramone

    Micsoda nòta ez! ;) Barbòczàt juttatja eszembe...

  27. Evelin Focarazzo

    Desde casi el fin del Mundo ..NEUQUEN PATAGONIA ARGENTINA..2020

  28. Montreal Stewart

    That Hollywood for you. It suck you dry and ask for second.😡

  29. Infinity film et plus encore

    this song is amazing but… comic sans? sériously?!

  30. Yeasin Arafat

    You are seeing my eyes
    That's enough

  31. Yeasin Arafat

    I respect them
    No problem

  32. EL duo del TERROR Y Diversión

    Men! 2020 and I can't stop listening this song

  33. Yeasin Arafat

    I don't lost in Hollywood
    It's only me
    And I'm God gifted❤️

  34. Mary M7

    They are one of the few bands actually exposing the system to some measure but they’re still complicit with the establishment. They’re still In Hollywood. They’re still practicing warlocks. So I don’t know. I wish they were more singers of integrity like SOAD, Lauryn Hill, even Bob Marley. They’re witches but at least they are speaking some measure of Truth and exposing the darkness. No one else is even trying. And I’d like to say in case anyone is deceived, it’s possible not to live in a way which involves breaking into other human beings which is a violent and depraved thing to do. I have no capacity to do so for those who have been in the darkness from day one. You don’t have to live in a world where you illegally carjack other human beings and vice verse. I never have. And it would be a slightly more civil and pleasant world if everyone observed that. And for the scientific minded people among you, I have tested the commandments of Jesus Christ and they work and you will find that your head is no longer inside another person if you follow Him which is very unnatural to say the least. You might have originally been a misanthrope and hated human beings but surely you can see your error now in the sense of even if you don’t care about evil as such, you can understand that this is profoundly unnatural and it’s unpleasant to even go to a restaurant amongst human beings without ego boundaries between self and other or even to walk along the street or go jogging or whatever because the evil eye is underfoot that exists in your heads? Surely even the most selfish and self centered among you can recognise this is even beginning to spoil your day and you really can’t have it your way because you’re stealing even from yourself at this point. You thought you were thieving from your neighbor or your enemies but now the only person you’re stealing from is yourself and you are more and more broke everyday. The birds will be filled with their own flesh. You will inherit the most evil conceptions and imaginations of man that you have sown. You can’t handle this. This darkness is beyond your ability to control.

  35. El Asle

    I am crying tears... of joy :')

  36. Please enter a name.

    I wanna go back.

  37. lazy

    Pewdiepie anyone?


    This song is amazing! Our band MINDSEED was inspired by SOAD, we are
    trying to achieve our dreams and go big, it would mean the world to us
    if you checked us out

  39. reza D

    This should be the Oscar ceremony theme song !

  40. A Onipresença

    System of a down😍😍😍

  41. Bobby AJ

    Best ever

  42. Cefalea Punk

    Que buena canción!! Llena de recuerdos 🎼🎵💭

  43. Leonardo Reinert

    this song is mesmerize

  44. Justin Jumpertz

    Waren die schon Mal in Saudi Arabien live Auftritte spielen?

  45. Justin Jumpertz

    Did they Play in iraq and iran their redocalic songs

  46. ste kas

    Lost in PEDOWOOD.

  47. Milagros Chacón Palacios

    Preciosa canción, después de tiempo..

  48. Алексей Истомин

    Nice song

  49. Intense Man

    Fuck man, I miss SOAD. I’ll be so happy when they make a new album.

  50. Kyle Hill

    this song is amazing. the first half sounds like street spirit(fade out) by Radiohead...and the second half is just pure genius.

  51. Lee Bruddah

    *remembers the old pewdiepie 😒


    He was mostly faking his character back then he said it himself.

    faith of jesus

    Love me

  52. Hajduci iz Splita

    Truth, hollywood is devils place, pedophilia and sacrifices, they know ot very well

    Chris Peck

    After the war there was three centers declared for social engineering: Gemany, New York and California with Hollywood being the future center of propaganda and pornography 🤔

  53. Salleh Dean

    Phony people come to pray

  54. Will

    Holden Caulfield be like

  55. Amanda Sampaio

    Gosto muito .🍁🎵🎶Me amarro na bateria e na guitarra ....

  56. Wachuwa D'IO


  57. Emma Quec Quis

    Sistem of down 🤘🤘🤘

  58. Gunneramma

    This song actually makes me wants me to go to Hollywood to hunt down a furry


    @Mourning Star Tell me how unwoke lyrics = hunting furries lol

    Mourning Star

    @RadioactiveRat Eliminating degeneracy is unwoke. Simple as


    @Mourning Star Ah okay. Still, never knew furries would be woke then if killing them is unwoke. But whatever. Thanks.

    Mourning Star

    @RadioactiveRat I never said anything about killing, OP did


    @Mourning Star I know, thats who I was referring too. Dunno why you thought I ment you but okay 👍

  59. Atomic Wings

    I'm Turk and i dont like soad because political sides

    But this song, show the dirty fucking face of America.
    Eyes Wide Shut
    Disney Stars just 2 e.g

    We political sides become changing but, we souls and human emotions same.
    This song means basic. Daron says kroq 2005;" Home, this songs about home"
    Thank you everyone

  60. Ruth Jimenez

    Safe and sound !

  61. Cassio Oliveira

    Get duff's shirt from Homer Simpson and be cool in every place that you go.

  62. xPumpinLeadx PSN

    10 years later but who gives a shit, it's SOAD, it's timeless.

    The Dancing Guy

    @Tristan i am only 1 year older than this song i am of 2004


    @The Dancing Guy well i was born on may 2005 so i'm actually probably same or younger than the song 😅

    The Dancing Guy

    So, i born may 2004 :)

    Kat Cruz

    Still my favorite band ♥️

  63. Murphy

    All System of A Down songs are masterpieces. Pity that they have abandoned the band.

  64. Infiltrated Soul

    Daron sounds like hes from a tim burton film

  65. Jt Da boss

    One of my go to songs 🔥💯🤘

  66. chris kelco

    "Phony people come to pray. Look at all of them beg to stay. Phony people come to pray. Look at all of them beg to stay. Phony people come to pray."

    Not necessarily phony. Could be Soul rookies. Regardless this run is beautiful.

  67. John Ribeiro

    the classic!!! ForEver

  68. Yoman Yonjan

    12/2/2019 still.

  69. William Awesome

    2019 nov 30

  70. Skull Pumpkin

    lost in hollywood, BASEBALL!... no, wait... that's not right

  71. castllomace23

    I think in not only the lost souls of there, trying to be actors, also the pornstars, the ones, not only in hollywood, also in others part of the US and how the money made them lost their souls and be only bodies without love, soul and dignity.
    The most disgusting way to destroy a human right now, is destroy his dignity in many ways

  72. Utsav Majumdar

    This should be in Black Mirror.

  73. Sara Lynn

    Listen to Babylon by scars on broadway

  74. Kimya S.

    This part 😍😍😍😍 0:00-5:21

  75. oyvi00i


  76. Saikat Mahfuj

    4:20 - 4:50 ahhhh! Heavenly!

  77. Felix Ayala

    This band was Soo ahead of it's time !! Why can we have music like this again !! Dammmmm

  78. Lovan Berényi


  79. Tugay Çelik

    En iyi sarkilarindan biri . Slow denemeleri yaraticiliklarini da ön plana çıkarmış. Slipknot - Spiders denemesi de çok başarılı.

  80. Pretty Anon

    All you maggot-smoking fags on Sunset Boulevard 🎶

  81. johnny marlin

    So sad this song. For Hollywood is trully are sad place !!

  82. GI Jack

    Everytime I hear this song, I think of Harvey Weinstein, the casting couch, and child actors who became drug addicts and junkies.


    It will never change, it makes money!


    That's exactly what they want, a focal point. Fuck the whole industry. Kill your TV.

    dogo dogo

    And epstein

    faith of jesus

    Druggy here !!!

  83. Ruth Vrykolaka

    Retardo do karalho aff

  84. SKAAAFRO _

    Eu vim aqui só pra chorar mesmo....KSJSK Flwz

  85. Grace Rodriguez

    Love this song!!!

  86. Mieddza Miekael

    Guys This song Very So Scary yes I'll understand recalled who standing worked life I'll look all us government line heemi crazy why they know leadership prayer worked life .Hollywood got my hamd back us government london British Washington Qur'an got amazing😆⏰🔙🎓😇😈

  87. Ozy Mandias

    I thought it was "come to prey".

  88. Joseph Winterroth

    Damn sounds kinda like Maynard in the beginning

  89. PABLO El Batero

    you should have never used comic sans

  90. J Law

    You should have never trusted the US government

  91. Ω Rodrigo Samuel Ω

    This part...... <3

  92. Ω Rodrigo Samuel Ω

    What does Serj says there?

    Kaede plays

    I have no clue


    ”The lives they were banished and we all can say”

    Oran Myles

    The lines in the letter said we have gone to Hackensack

  93. Harry Ball

    Don't ever trust Hollywood get you all the time Love tickets

  94. kostas konstantakis

    I thought for years that this was written for gangs, but it seems it's for the Hollywood business actually...

  95. Daniel Maia

    2019 alguém??


    Brazil 2019❤⛄

    Michael Creations

    Brasileiro está em todo lugar. :D