SXYE - Infinity Lyrics

The sky above our heads was gray
I held my breath as you found the perfect words to say
If you had loved me, then why'd you leave me?
I had a dream we were okay
Your breath came out like poison clouds
The words injected into bodies falling down
I can still taste you, I can't erase you
I had a dream I was alone

Are you awake?
Are you okay?
Do you wonder
What if space wasn't infinite?

New corpses keep me company
Distraction from all of your painful memories
Though I was close to overdose
I thought maybe you might forgive me

Are you awake?
Are you okay?
Do you wonder
What if space wasn't infinite?
Do you see
Your hold on me?
I'm in your hands
And I want you to save me

Let me go
Let me go

I express my mind with
Lines across my skin
And all I know is that
Tomorrow will be nothing like it is
You make me suicidal
You make me fall down the drain
And you will claim that you do love me
But refuse to say my name
And remember every sleepless night
With me right in your bed?
Where you were calm and rested peacefully
With no thoughts in my head
As I attempted to go near you
Just so I could touch your hand
Because I loved you so much more
Than you could ever understand
But you weren't meant to be here
And I wasn't meant to try
You abandoned me and all I see
Is darkness in your eyes
You haunt my dreams, you haunt my thoughts
You haunt my every waking time
And now that you are gone
I goddamn wish that you were mine

Let me go

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