Sweet - Restless Lyrics

You know I've tried to cool it
I've been trying to settle down
But when I think I'm made it
It drives me crazy
Well I'm staying on the wild side
Always hit the higher ground
Nothing I do could amaze me

I'm (I'm)
So (So)
Restless (Restless)
So restless (Restless)
You know it's a too late now (Too late, too late)
Too late now (Too late now)
Too late now (Too late, too late)
Too late now (Too late now)

Well I've always been outrageous
But a change has gotta come
Making up my mind was never easy
I was born to late to love you
The day will never come
It's love that I need so don't tease me

I'm (I'm)
So (So)
Restless (Restless)
So restless (Restless)
You know it's a too late now (Too late, too late)
Too late now (Too late now)
Too late now (Too late, too late, too late)
Too late now

I'm (I'm)
So (So)
Restless (Restless)
So restless (Restless)
I gotta tell ya that it's a
Too late now (Too late, too late now)
Too late now (Oh yeah, it's too late, too late)
Too late now (Oh)
Too late now (I gotta tell ya)
Too late now (Too late, too late now)
Too late now (Too late now)
Too late now (Oh, hmmm)
Too late now (Too late, too late)

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Sweet Restless Comments
  1. Barbara Santos

    Brian my sweet love ❤🍬

  2. Lana S

    STEVE PRIEST !!!! 💓💛💜🖤

  3. Poul Erik Dalsgaard

    Fanny Adams is a great album <3

  4. Laurence Levene

    Classic sweet. Years ahead of every other band of the early seventies

  5. Константин Чубич


  6. Lepotadneva

    From where is photo at 0:36 it is from album, compilation ?

  7. THX-1138

    Yeah - wore the grooves out of 'Desolation Boulevard' back in the day!

  8. Yilmas VEVO

    Incredible song. The way Steve hits those high notes gives me shivers.

  9. Dan Bartko

    First album out from under the control of Chinn/Chapman,and
    it was exactly the right move to
    The record opens with a ripper
    and from there it doesn't let up.
    This is my favritter headbanger
    from it,and everything about it
    from the vocals to the drumming
    is ace.Great album cover,too.

  10. ton amaral

    Like this music...

  11. Fred Arbanscub

    In my quest to find new music I actually like, stumbled on the band GLITTER DOGS.
    Definite 70’s rock sound! Subscribe and enjoy!!

  12. animal rights

    Absolutely phantastic Sound!!! I Love this Song, it is my favorite from Sweet - F.A. - GREAT!!! Immortal!

  13. Maestropheus Astronauticus

    There best albums were stranger and darker than Sabbath and Judas Priest to me. In a good way..

  14. men-photos

    Sweet F A is one of teh best hardrock albums of all time. And I say this as a Alice Cooper Fan since 1973. Still exciting to hear Sweet Fanny Adams. In this song the bassplaying of Steve is so cool... But all four where great! Superior sound, brilliant album :-)

  15. Marco Evans

    7 people like Justin Timberlake

  16. svogender

    That Rickenbacker bass sound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Sally anne kolarMoa

    God all of sweet was so very sexy and handsome and gorgeous brain connelly and andy scott and Steve prest and mick tucker God I realy fancey all band members of sweet is wish was a round in 70s then I'd I'd have a chanc to go out with them and be with them God I was all the members of sweet so bad

  18. Sally anne kolarMoa

    I love this song restless

  19. Ellen R.

    1:35 For a tiny moment I can see a screen window of the clip Poppa Joe.

  20. Ben Pettit

    What a killer album cut! Steve nails his lead vocal as only he can, and the harmony vocals sound terrific as always. The band swings like no tomorrow on the track, as well... and I love the bridge... there's some dramatic intensity there, for sure!

  21. john agius

    kick ass track never 👂 heard this one Goes 2 show how talented this band was B side of Ballroom Blitz


    Flip side of the Ballroom Blitz 45!

  22. Georges FOTIC

    I listened to this song many times when I was in m'y little apartment near Paris. great song And great glam étal band. Perhaps m'y favorite ever.. greetings to.all of.tou from France

  23. Jürgen Wagner

    Darf auf keinem Konzert fehlen oh ja

  24. hish55

    absolutely one of their best songs. A great band

  25. RBK2

    Yep, I actually knew that. I think this is a better song for Priest though.

  26. TheHumbuckerboy

    It was originally intended that Brian would be singing this song but he had problems with his throat/voice as the result of having been seriously assaulted by a group of thugs .

  27. RBK2

    I honestly can't see Brian singing this.



  28. john o brien

    great vocals from steve i remember andy saying steve was the most natural vocalist he had ever heard. and brian wouldnt have sung that high its the fans favarite album but not mine. 3 tracks let the album down for me. rebel rouser was sweet trying to be chinn chapman good song .pepermint.twist was no 1 in austrailer .ac.dc was okay but these 3 songs didnt fit in. but you have to.fill an album up with something..

    Yilmas VEVO

    To be honest AC/DC is one of my favourite tracks and I think Rebel Rouser is pretty solid too. It's no Hellraiser,.but it's damn good in its own way. II think acdc is good too but mainly for the "shock factor".

    Silver Dragon

    Peppermint twist is awful. I cant wrap my mind around what the hell was going on with them and these chin chap guys. Why was it so hard for them to break free from their management and just write and play their heavier music? I just can’t understand why didn’t they do everything themselves from the get go, they re clearly talented.

  29. Nigel Wright

    This was a great album with every song good.
    The Sweet were miles ahead of any other band at that time.

    Stephen Mccarthy

    Absolutely spot on with that remark

  30. FlagmoT'Ism

    This is one of my favorite tracks together with all the other favorite tracks - I love this, but also i love the production of this whole album, I remeber i waiting for it to be released, and i was blown away by the song and the production - So amazing ..

    In my Teenage room all walls were only The sweet posters from from corner to corner and from top to bottom, with only 1 Slade poster :o)

    Yep i was a Truly sweet fan, born in 1961 .. :)

  31. Rusty Guffey

    Ive been groovin to sweet since 78 and I am so glad they recorded it so I can still feel it now

  32. pasclink

    @jasmine16751 i live in France and i've been listening to the sweet. One of the best glam rock band underestimated band i think, unfortunately. On stage sometimes in Paris..

  33. Neil Grosse

    What a great tune! It's so good to see so many people still care about and have wonderful memories of these bands that started it all.Make sure the kids watch and listen to some of these gems.

  34. Uwe Rubert

    one of the best SWEET-songs ever !!! but only on LP... !!!

  35. TheHumbuckerboy

    @Dyynamo Yeah, I have read (and heard )conflicting accounts about how Brian came to receive the beating where he suffered damage to his throat.Steve made a better job of songs like 'California Nights' and 'Sixties Man' (even though he has stated that he detested it !) Andy actually sang some excellent vocals on songs such as 'Lady Starlight' , 'Fountain' and the choruses (including the intro ) to 'Love is Like Oxygen'.Brian ,however , was THE Sweet vocalist and an unsurpassed front man .

  36. Dyynamo

    @TheHumbuckerboy Yes its a massive shame that he wasn't able to. I do think that Steve did very well though, even if they used a few effects to make him sound better. :-)

  37. TheHumbuckerboy

    This is a great rocker but it would have been so much better if Brian had sang the lead vocals.

  38. BrownBearTV


  39. Michael White

    massive sweet fan - this is in my top 5 - what a riff

  40. hellascooter

    that's cool ...i'm 48 now and i own over than 10.000 vinyls...and the first i bought when i was 11 was Sweet's teenage rampage...they re one of my fafourite bands ever...it's endless if you're a musician to analyze their songs...

  41. sedg

    The little burst of guitar right before the final chorus was probably the sound that got me to start playing guitar. At time I'd never heard anything like it. I think I played this side of the 45 more than Ballroom Blitz. (Since everyone's saying how old they are, I'm 44)

  42. Nigel Wright

    Seen BC Sweet twice.
    Seen AS Sweet once.
    Brian had amazing vocals sadly AS Sweet didnt but Andys guitar playing is top notch.

  43. Byggavdelningen

    R.I.P Brian, btw i´m 49...

  44. Russell Loyd

    DUDE!!!!! Thanks for the post! I haven't heard this song in years. I THANK YOU!!!!

  45. Dyynamo

    I think we knew that, but when you say he kills it, do you mean he murders it and its horrible, or he nails it and he's awesome?