Sweet - Mind Lyrics

You used to dream
You'd float in flowers
And talk for hours and hours
You told me so
Yeah you told me so
And then a ship would come
And take your soul and fly away
You told me so
And I can hide in your mind

I got this feeling about you
You're the sure thing I know
In my heart
I got this feeling about you
And I can't bear to be apart from you

The dancind days were fine
We used to dine on mince and quince
Without a spoon
Yeah without a spoon
And searching further on
And deep insde a spiral glide
We'd reach the moon
Oh it was all in your mind

I got this feeling about you
You're the sure thing I know
In my heart
I got this feeling about you
And I can't bear to be apart from you

The days grew shorter
The nights seemed longer
We knew that soon leaves
Would fall to the ground
But deep inside we cuddled
Under the snow
In your mind

I got this feeling about you
You're the sure thing I know
In my heart
I got this feeling about you
And I can't bear to be apart from you
Apart from you

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Sweet Mind Comments
  1. Honey Bun

    When.this band was lit!°° merry Christmas Dec 20th 2019.🌲🌲

  2. Iago Azevedo

    algm por causa do vídeo do Cocielo?

  3. Fikri Januar

    Another kids : Sweet child of mine
    Indonesian kids : Cicalemen

  4. Grazy Santos

    N curto rock, mas essa música é muito nostálgica man...

  5. Tiffany Moore

    4 year missig

  6. Nene Estares


  7. Enzo Zanetti


  8. Wellington Zuconelli Junior

    10 years

  9. Jhonny Peterson

    Quem aí lembra do bomba patch/pes de ps2?

  10. MAkro xd

    Sweet chlid o' mine no es para una simple chica, es para el amor de tu vida

  11. Nung Bear

    Who else also play the Indian version

  12. Rafael Xaviet d'Alcântara

    Guns like

  13. Longrisangba Imchen

    Its the songs my dad sing in that old days😢😢😢

  14. Alpha Gaming

    What's so famous about this song?
    I honestly don't know
    Please tell meeeeeeee

  15. The BanditManZ

    Slash is an insane guitarist! 👌🏻

  16. Fgi bnn Ffcctguh

    tio do churuminas

  17. Rohanachesoh Rohana

    Sweet child oo mine- 1B
    November rain -1B
    Some people like this songs

  18. CHeater#Mah#Bebas #

    Ternyata cuma aku org indo seorang 😭

  19. Nanameii _

    The kiss bet.

  20. YeslyC Torres

    Wena música aunque nunca eh escuchado el rock me encanto

  21. DGT Saitama

    Vim pelo Júlio Cocielo mas tb pq lembrei do Sampley de Guitarra 😂

    Bruno Lima

    Eu também cara

  22. kim lisa guille UwU

    Esto es música

  23. Cabelin Fé



    Rock and metal my life


    Mentira eu falo português ;-;

    Gabriel Costa

    @MINE CRAZY kkkkkkkkkkk

    Vitor Filgueira

    Essa música só me lembra o guitar hero

    Smith Magalhães

    Rock é coisa do demônio

  24. erah

    This is the best song ive ever heard

    Tiffany Moore

    Gigdhik grfsrsjcgy


    erah second for me, November Rain takes it

  25. Ro Reaper35

    This song is basically a story for me about true events in my life, scary to think about, but it just makes this song so SO much damn better

  26. Pedro Martins

    0% pornô
    0% apologia a drogas
    0% apologia ao tráfico
    50% é apenas música, mais nada
    50% cabelo

  27. Evil black Ssjr

    Guitar hero 🤘❤️🤘

  28. Peripero64

    Ohhhhhhhhh sweet child o'mine.

  29. SrMeteOloko


    Isaac Santtos

    Eu kkkkkkkkkk




    Eu lkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Guilherme fifa7

    Euuuuu essa musica é foda d+++++

  30. BOSS Sypherrr

    Who’s here because there dad likes guns and roses

  31. Leonardo

    I played this song to a pig

    Now it’s a zombie pigman


    Lol I love this comment 😆💖

  32. Taylor Harless

    1 billion! 😲 Rock is still alive!


    Taylor Harless rock will always be alive. just needs to be reborn

  33. Angelica Veronica Tenorio Mendez

    4 year missig

  34. MarGielaa Venom

    I swear,the sun just hit everything on earth in a different way back then. The air smelled different. it was easier to enjoy small things. People loved each other way more than now.

  35. Pieseł Imieniem LukO

    Kto jeszcze sucha?

  36. Leon Leon

    Who is here from step brothers

  37. Felipe

    Finally I found this song.

  38. vanuza da silva oliveira sousa

    Bela música

  39. Mahsum Karakurt


  40. Lidia Syafitri

    I love this fuckin song since i was 15 yesrs old now im 39..and i still want to f*ck the vocalis this band😂😂

  41. Dick Buttkiss

    Step brothers car scene

  42. Yukemelografixz

    Does anyone know what kind of camera she has at 1:03?

  43. ThatGuyTobyPlayz

    WHAT THE HELL this has 1B views.... I did not know that

  44. error name

    Now his sound is like Micky Mouse

  45. Łukasz Jasiński

    I love to listen to this song before the match at Camp Nou :>

  46. Inácio lirass07

    This is my best ,,,

  47. Michael Corleone

    Dislikes? I just can't believe my eyes!!

  48. Martha Yauri

    2019? Xddd

  49. Kevin Crack'


  50. Kevin Crack'

    Los mejores💖💗💞♥️

  51. Kevin Crack'


  52. Thaddeus Isaguirre

    Im here because of memes

    Peroso Kun

    What memes¿?

  53. Anna Tetro

    The Children of Donbass sit and listen. Laying back and relaxing after a long trail of austerity, like Leo Lenin taught us, with a smoke of mind fog, into the air in breath. It's cold. This is our song, when Ukraine ended USSR. We cried, who will save us, so many died along the trail, Freddie rose up, come with me, children, I am Rasputin, I have your life in me, through my death, this time, and last time with Alexei. He swipes our mind clean, we are his unruly children at war, we saw so many die, so many fell, and we are losing our most courageous Tom Cruise and Sting but Evan said because the sun and moon are inside us, find the light within and Axl rose up. Here he is singing about our childhood, like MJ, who will heal our pain. We thought it was Anna's pain or Romanovs in Ipatiev but it is Axl's light in us, his pain. The one who loves Baby Jesus. We were, where do we go now, all low, sweet child, wait, he is asking us as if candle eyes skulls of Romanovs, we are not bones, we are alive. That was 91, we are now 2019. We are going home to RU. Ok. Not Nazi, not Soviets only but Tsar RU United. Wayne and Walter. That was easy. Christmas Eve of the year MJ dies so we know they are plotting a war against us, with HIV macro lab last things science Jason microbiology and Fatima. Did you know your tsar is a germ? Germdom. Now and then when I see her face, she takes us away to that Ipatiev house of special purposes, and we break down and cry, for the light of dopamine into our eyes to make them candle eyes. We see the love and are driven to save Nastya and cry for our fallen and our saints, and then we have cried so much we have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is science. How to weep into Christ's supernatural eyes and ears. Thank you, Axl Rose and Slash. Duff says is this because I am Seattle, Wayne is rising to steal it all? Could be Mario. They are playing. Axl is the ref and the light, who can live through his trail to the king of kings? Not even Axl sometimes, he fell off the table. He was on it but Wayne Alexei saved him. He keeps being hit, hurt, and now it is his time to put us on the table. Anna promised him. Just took time to get here but we are here. At last. Jesus, sweet child of mine, donbass babies. And the Jews of RU babies. Where do we go now? Gate 50 into Lamb Isaac Russians. Ok. Wonderful. I told Axl it is impossible to show the meaning of your work. Children rise up, we can show it. Deeper meaning than Anna. God saved it for us together, knowing RU loves you most, Axl, as Rasputin, with Freddie and May. xo

    Anna Tetro

    The children of Donbass say, oh Jesus wants in the manger, they run outside to the house of 4 wood sticks coffin, get out dead flower, make way in your heart for baby Jesus. There goes Tom and Zelensky with Sting. Goodby. I see Mario was happy to hear from Anna, Malkin, Wild vs coyote went a bit crazy after we went to bed. Hm. Signs of Jesus bringing gifts and wisdom. Gold, Medicine Myrrh, and Wisdom Frankincense. Frank with sense, Obama, ok, stop winning against the jets as communist gangs. What is our Gold, Axl? Ah yes, our angel candle eyes of light chitra with you. Our eyes of dopamine crying with Axl for Nastya. All this time, the river flows, Sting too. Rest again and you will be the light of light and avoid harm of the hasta fighting slavery. Or dance with us into the sacred heart to save. Ok so that is what they wanted us to be, eh Wayne, not what they got, right MJ, and Elon says I'm still waiting. I am the god of the child of donbass. This is not ok. I have to rise and be the light, he looks up, they keep complaining about my starlink though. Amen.

  54. Ana Gualdoni

    por dios que injusta la vida isa bel

  55. Vaneide Souza

    Armas e Rosas , esses caras são de outro tempo ! Inexplicável . #respectguns

  56. 정재훈

    how many sum up?

  57. Than The Drummer

    2:49 Imagine this part with a harmony 3 semitones higher...

  58. Andrei Osypchuck

    I would like a documentary based on Slash's book

  59. Gustavo Santana

    2020 ???

  60. Stan Jurcka

    Best song ever

  61. Jesus Christ 888



  62. ProFound Talent

    I'm here because this is amazing

  63. Hunter

    Can't stop listening to it
    whenever I see it on screen

  64. Inside Guitar

    1 billion views holy sht

  65. gustavo da vikingx

    O nerd foi na biblioteca para

    Ler mais

  66. Cigur Potas

    Guns N' Roses is my life forever

  67. Muslih Muslih

    iam happy

  68. my youtube

    1billion views holy

  69. Delcy Fernandez

    2019 nunca dejare de oir esta cancion . Axel I LOVE YOU.

  70. Clarice Maria Pereira da Silva

    quem veio depois do klaus falar a musica em the originals

  71. Alejandro Luna

    Alchiliwili ésta canción es la mejor💜

  72. Barry Smith

    I'm here because I've just booked up to see them next year at Tottenham hotspur Stadium

  73. Abandoned Channel

    2:33 hits me 😩

  74. Joao araujo

    2020 ouvindo o tempo ñ para

  75. electricmojo

    after all those failures.. where do we go now? back to obama maybe?

  76. turminha da brincadeira

    Guns N 'Roses: I like it Kiss: comments


    Kiss suck

  77. Ale04

    1 billiooooon


    In Vegetas voice

    Pedro Martins

    still little, dude

  78. Anderson Aguiar

    for someone from 80's to have 2 songs with more than 1 bi views on youtube these days, must at least to be one fucking awesome band. thank you, gracias, obrigado!

  79. antonius antonius

    Old but *GOLD*



  81. Max Beltrán

    1 billion🥳

  82. Monniky Mikelly

    Isso sim é música 🖤

  83. chucky cromers

    1 billion views

  84. Edi Alcantara

    The best music of world ❤

  85. Daniel Magro

    I was listening to this at 3 am my neighbours called the cops and the cops came with their listening to this song they arrested them because they interrupted them

  86. Chairman Meow

    Bill burr was right

  87. Ahmed Jamal Amir

    its about to 10 years :)

  88. Sarita Poikola


  89. Dadang Marwan

    Song is metalixmzer

  90. rickssw


    i'm brazilian

  91. Narendra Okram

    This song reminds me of my schooldays

  92. V - Loe

    Keyword "lagu guitar Hero"

  93. Timothy Maynard

    I'm addicted to Slash's guitar style... America's best.

  94. danicles

    slaah tho

  95. Crypto World

    to his child Anel

  96. Crypto World

    my dad send me this song from heaven