Sweet - Jeanie Lyrics

The nights in this lonely world
Makes this life for me seem like an empty shell
But I'll wait till time arrives
Then we'll be together and I'll realize

The time I spend
Just feeling blue
Is all worth while
Now I'm with you, Jeanie
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

The sails on the open sea
Try to take the thought of you away from me
The blue visions in my eyes
Constantly remain and make me realize

The dreams I spend
Just looking through
Seem all worth while
Now I'm with you, Jeanie
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

And now through the morning light
Traces of your voice that echo warm me night
You appear and the sun will rise
Reaching out to me and then I'll realize

The time I spend
Just feeling blue
Is all worth while
Now I'm with you, Jeanie

The time I spend
Just feeling blue
Is all worth while
Now I'm with you, Jeanie

Yeah, the time I spend
Just feeling blue
Is all worth while
Now I'm with you, Jeanie
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

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Sweet Jeanie Comments
  1. ARLimon74

    I love this song!

  2. maidonian 68

    Just reminds me of Father Ted my lovely horse,song for Ireland though I know it was another song.

  3. Christian Franke

    an very early one.... quality grows with years

  4. Sweet Fanny Adams

    1:41 Brian and Steve playing around
    So cute ❤

  5. Alex Tiganus

    I love Brian

  6. Ann Drama-da


  7. Laksmi Radharani Aguilar Martínez

    Como me relaja está hermosa canción 😄

  8. Laksmi Radharani Aguilar Martínez

    I love sweet
    Eran perfectos ❤️

  9. weiter Himmel

    Macht gute Laune das Stück!

    Karin Fandrey

    ... darum höre ich regelmäßig rein 💃

  10. Lucy Chequer

    Melhor banda do universo ❤

  11. Gemellina 70

    Meravigliosi, fantastici. I migliori!!!! Wow!!

  12. Gurgis Jones

    Sounds more like The Monkees than Sweet. Makes me smile nonetheless. Really nice sound quality here. Super clear and clean.

    Karin Fandrey

    ... very soft and commercial ... but i love the early tunes ... you can hear Brians voice .... clearer ... 😍

  13. Roland Kobelbauer

    ....bubblegum pop....

  14. Luca Lucas

    Lovely and eternal band😜☀💘

  15. ralphyetmore

    Awesome that this is the same band that plays Set Me Free and Sweet F.A.

    Ray Laux

    Yesterdays Rain! Too

  16. stobbi38

    Woah and they wrote it themselves? I could've sworn this was Chinnichap... It sounds wonderful, just a little unlike them. The Video though haha, it's never a good idea to take a Band's instruments away and just have them walking around

  17. Brenda Peters

    The model looks like Marie Osmond ew

  18. Ngaire Mohi

    Great harmonies, also very comical, poor buggers.

  19. Samsonite

    Featuring Alanis Morissette!

  20. Mike Davies

    Remember this as a B side to Poppa Joe. Quite surprised to see this video - I never knew until today that a video had been made as this track was never promoted in the UK as far as I'm aware. Maybe issued overseas as an A side - does anyone know? Always thought of this as a nice catchy tune. Written by the group themselves as well. Thanks for posting.


    I can't understand it either chinn/chapman were in total control & if an A side what was the B side.

  21. Михаил Сергопольцев


    Ночи в этом мире одиночества
    Вызывают у меня ощущение того,
    Что моя жизнь - пустая раковина.
    Но я дождусь когда придёт время
    Нам быть вместе и тогда пойму, что:

    Время, которое я провел просто грустя,
    Всё стоит мига, теперь когда я с тобой, Джини.

    Паруса в открытом море
    Пытаются унести мысли о тебе
    Прочь от меня.
    Синие видения в моих глазах
    Постоянно напоминают
    И заставляют меня понять, что:

    Время, которое я провел просто грустя,
    Всё стоит мига, теперь когда я с тобой, Джини.

    И теперь сквозь утренний свет
    Следы твоего голоса,
    Отзвук которого греет меня ночью.
    Ты появишься и солнце взойдёт,
    Достигнет меня
    И тогда я пойму, что:

    Время, которое я провел просто грустя,
    всё стоит мига, теперь когда я с тобой, Джини.

  22. Stephan Hacker

    Ich fand die frühen B-Seiten der Band besser als die Hits. Dieser Song erinnert an "Tonight" von The Move (1971). I liked the early B-sides of the band better than the hits. This song is reminiscent of "Tonight" by The Move (1971).

  23. Joan Erola

    I really lived the sweet back in the day.

  24. Sally anne kolarMoa

    I wounder who's on horse

  25. Sally anne kolarMoa

    I wonder what beach brain Connolly and Andy Scott and Mick Tucker and Steve priest are on

  26. Dennis Logstrom

    This is fabulous!!

  27. Susy D

    Love the sideburns boys!

  28. darthglowball

    The cost of this video must've been low as hell: rent a horse for a day & go to a random beach (the scenery), cue the Sweet to tap their hands on their legs in sync and to walk on the beach and have them and the woman smile (the script), and have three transparency effects (the editing). xD Something about watching the Sweet walking on a beach in flip-flops on cheap grainy footage gives me chills... That feel of that time, the feel of their legendhood.. <3

  29. Charlie Preciado

    Love this song and everything about it! Does anyone have any information on the music video? Like who is the actress or where it was filmed?

  30. mlm jl

    4 lovely lovely chaps.xx

  31. mlm jl

    Love this song...and Steve x

  32. Ellen R.

    I'm crazy about these men's feet in flip-flops 😆😉 Sweet 4ever!

    Helen B

    I think it was filmed at the same time as Poppa Joe, so it would be chilly! Funny how I'm not so crazy about the feet as the rest of them! 😜

    Ellen R.

    The Flipflop feet are part of the sweetest man, he has grown firmly.😆😉

  33. Meike Mackrodt

    OMG🙈...🙉....sie waren jung und brauchten das Geld?

  34. Sally anne kolarMoa

    I wonder who that girl is in this video

    Love for the whole creation

    it is Jeanie

  35. Sally anne kolarMoa

    I wonder who the young women with long brown hair is in this sweet genie video

    Adam Bendelow

    Your mum

  36. Maurice Carrig

    lovely b side of action

    Mats Jonason

    Maurice Carrig B-side of Poppa Joe single actually.


    @Mats Jonason Yep, the B-side of Action was Sweet F. A.

  37. White Ninja

    What THE ???

    Chris M.


    Sally anne kolarMoa

    White Ninja why do u say what the white ninja

    Silver Dragon

    My sentiments too. What’s up with this band xD im so scared at this point as you truly never know what to expect of them rofl

    J. C.

    Haha! This is just one of the corny songs that got them started and NOTICED by the teenyboppers. As they say, the rest is history!

    Tony Powell

    Yeah I know shit song...like wtf?

  38. Conny Eriksson

    1971 i was only 9,this chick is really my kind of girl.


    I was 4 lol

    Adam Bendelow

    It's actually your mum, so that's a bit weird.

  39. Fio Samus

    So funny , Steve

  40. Emanuel Boresch

    wow, schöner song

  41. Mercedes Santillan Sosa

    I love Sweet

  42. Gabi Sehmisch

    Die süßen sweet , so jung !!💕💕

  43. Peter Gudmundsen

    Mick Tucker - Drums

    Gabi Sehmisch

    Die jungen Süßen , wunderbar !!!!💕💕

    Anja Schmied

    My absolutely favorite drummer ever !!!

  44. MarkVL

    Love it.

  45. The Black Queen

    Now I'm with Eugenie