Sweat, Keith - Boomerang Lyrics

I can't stop thinking about you
Last night was crazy, can we do it again?

Six in the morning, boy, I'm so hungry
Appetite's calling, starvin' for you
Love me so long, you put it on me (Come here)
Now I can't wait, I need a taste of you

Temperature's risin', your body is fire
So don't make me wait, I need you right here (Here)
So I'm doing 90 on the highway, I hope you ready

Got me coming back for some more of that
Like a boomerang, boomerang, boomerang
Boomerang, boomerang (Yeah)
I don't know how to act (I don't know how to act)
When it bounce like that
You got that boomerang, boomerang, boomerang
Boomerang, boomerang

(Come here)
Lay your body right here with me
'Cause you know just what I'm gonna do
I'ma whisper in your ear and say those freaky things to you

Temperature's risin', your body is fire
And I'ma give you all of this love
So come here, baby
Let me drive you crazy
I hope you're ready

Got me coming back for some more of that (For some more of that, girl)
Like a boomerang, boomerang, boomerang
Boomerang, boomerang
I don't know how to act (Don't know how to act, baby)
When it bounce like that (When it bounce like that, girl)
You got that boomerang, boomerang, boomerang
Boomerang, boomerang

Won't you hold me like your pillow, babe?
So I can rock up on your body sexy lady
It's going down like that
Gonna work it front to back
'Cause I aim to please

Got me coming back for some more of that
(I know you want some more)
Like a boomerang, boomerang, boomerang
(I know you want some more, you're my boomerang)
Boomerang, boomerang
I don't know how to act (I don't know how to act, baby)
When it bounce like that (When it bounce like that, girl)
You got that boomerang, boomerang, boomerang
Boomerang, boomerang, yeah

Six in the mornin', boy I'm so hungry
Appetite's callin', starvin' for you
Love me so long, you put it on me
Now I can't wait, I need a taste of you

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Sweat, Keith Boomerang Comments
  1. Christina Cobb


  2. Charles Johnson


  3. Cynthia Cynthia

    I heard this song on the radio and had to look it up 🙌

  4. Darius Daniel

    Keith Sweat is definitely THE GOAT of R&B in my opinion. Who agree???

  5. Ms. Gowdy Ms. Gowdy


  6. Patreese Adams

    most people associate this song with sex. Everytime I hear this song I don't even think about sex I just think about my relationship with food and dessert.
    And when she says "I don't know how to act when it bounce like that." I just think of tapping jello with a fork and watching it jiggle. 🙃🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Christina Cobb


  8. Christina Cobb


  9. Diva Cookn

    Wow .. sexy cut

  10. Angelique Moore

    Boomerang 2020

  11. Sacresha Bennett

    This is my song

    Charles Johnson

    Sacresha Bennett 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Latoya Jones

    Found it, omg I heard this on the radio I was like ahhhhhhhhhhh Keeiitthhhhh

  13. Tisina Barker

    Shit fye 🔥 🔥

  14. Yahshua Yahudah Ben Yisreal

    Dope!!! I bet candis help write this or the hold song

  15. edgar lopez

    Se oye chida esa rola

  16. Regina Hudson

    Dayum I'm just now hearing this. This is the bomb. R&B at it's finest.

  17. Alissia Mccoy

    Love this song

  18. Alissia Mccoy

    Keith sweat😍😍😘

  19. John Morten

    Fat white girl in a while is not the same way as a girl like you u are crazy as Florida and your mother and the joker got

  20. John Morten

    Iloilo has been a leading member for the holidays and

  21. L BJr

    This is best duet since Jaccie McGee Make it last forever.

  22. delery blackmond

    Still putting ole skool on repeat and its almost 2020❤️💯👌

  23. Sabrina Richards


  24. Thaisha Gede


  25. blackcherry1830

    Hooked on the first listen

  26. Christina Cobb


  27. Regina Fontenot

    I love this shit likka boomerrang

  28. Savannah Watson

    LMAO didn't Keith's part sound like Cornell😂😂

  29. Cornelia Ferrel


  30. Glenn Townsend

    A sex banger for the honeys

  31. Derail Johnson

    Mr.Sweat no how to bring the music

  32. Angal Glover

    Now this is the definition of age gracefully.

  33. Larry J Gary

    Wow! This is nice very nice!

  34. LeAnna Reed


  35. Tai'Asiaa. Denisee.

    This baby needs more viewssss💯 this is my shit

  36. winston wedderburn

    Very soulful sound. Brings out the deepest emotions.

  37. Karen B

    Yasssss, Keith keeps it hott!! Love this song....Come here lol...

  38. Larry Bennett


  39. Mr. Alex

    Heard this song on the soundbar demo at Walmart 😂. Keith voice flat...shoulda just let her have this one...her voice 🤩

  40. Vernon M.

    Candace Price makes this song so Lovely , i just love it . ....

  41. Brenda Rivers

    I love this song Keith Sweat is a true legend I don't know why the radio stopped playing this song.its definitely a hit I have it on CD will never stop playing Keith's music

  42. Pimp Dotcom

    Keith got her gerald on wit this one lol good song

  43. Jacqueline Gibson

    I can't get enough of this sensual REAL R & B song! It's on repeat daily ♥️

  44. Christina Cobb


  45. Natina Mack

    Is the the young lady who won the next big thing competition on TV? I forgot her name already...dang!

  46. Angela Osborne

    Keith Sweat was in Knoxville, TN last night and it was HOT!!!!!

  47. Dion Wilburn

    Nice slw jam😘😘🤣

  48. Cali Surfer Dude

    I used to hate him with all that beggin stuff years ago. And as more albums came about, it was more of a sound.
    The KEITH SWEAT SOUND. You know when you hear the music from him, it's him. The music matches his voice. Many thanks to his producers who he works with to match the music with his voice. Not too many artists have that connection. Luther had those musicians who he worked with on every album and the stuff was phenomenal. So goes for Keith Sweat. Keep it up brotha.👍👍👍

  49. Fiya Lyfe Ministries

    Totally Fire Yall Betta Believe That Work.....

  50. Byron Jones

    It never fails. There always comes a song , that ends a year, only to bring in a new one.

  51. Ang Ang24


  52. drops drops

    The song dope

  53. Larissa White

    That’s the shit baby

  54. Mrs S

    Keith Sweat sounds like J. Anthony Brown...lol but I love this song tho!!

    Kawi Mason

    If J. Anthony Brown remixed this song, it wouldn't be called boomerang. It would be called "Frisbee"

  55. protected BLESSINGSTOALL


  56. Ellery Busby

    Sweat hotel in Vegas!! 105.7

  57. Christina Cobb


  58. Mark McCoy

    I absolutely LOVE THIS SONG

  59. Lillian heath

    Keith Sweat is so sexy 😥😥

  60. Antonio Claudio Ferreira


  61. Nori Bennett

    My favorite song of all time 😍😍😍

  62. wonder1woman


  63. Ericka Madison

    Keith Sweat just fine wine he gets better with time love it

  64. Jacqueline Gibson

    This song is so exotic! It's seductive, addictive and real R & B! Thank God Keith is back! This is a awesome collaboration!♥️ This definitely needs more air play! I keep it on rotation!

  65. renewed 430

    Yaaasss👏classic Keith sweat alll day!! I love it!!!😘😘😘😍

  66. Pam King

    love this song this sexy and jammin song keep doing your thangs you got this!!!

  67. Lynda Durham

    I really dig thus song.

  68. Destiny Breona

    Walmart in the electronics section put me on😂

    Charles Johnson

    Destiny Breona THIS IS MY SONG

  69. Dalila Santiago

    Amo amo amo amo muito essa música linda ainda mais na voiz do Keith sweat. Amo as musicas dele e ele também. 😍😍😍😍😍💗❤💓🤩🤩🤩🤩

  70. Toya

    6 in the morning boy I'm so hungry

  71. Shamine Francis

    I am pleased with this song! I keep coming back to listen to it... like a Boomerang! When that beat knocks I lose it.

  72. Christina Cobb

    I need him

  73. Christina Cobb


  74. Ericka Madison

    This song needs a video #bomb.com

  75. Tamekia Williams

    Make me wanna put the 👠 on
    Come here bby

  76. Manie Isaacs

    Welcomeback keith sweat

  77. mssmtaylor1

    I saw Keith in concert for the first time last year. He definitely still has it!!

  78. Ronald Hardin

    So I can Rockabye yo body baby that's the shiznic!!!

  79. Tequila Watts

    My sh!t!!!

  80. Larry Green Jr.

    💯💯 🔥🔥... 2019

  81. Jabette Thomas

    I play it over and over😂😂

  82. Jimmy Harris

    Well I just be damned Keith & Candace, I'm 48 years young and I first heard this jam 2 weeks ago. Now see music like this makes me wanna knock somebody's ass right on up. Lol u dig. This song is #BADASS!!!!

  83. Roneesha Mitchell-Mathews

    I’m just now hearing this??!??why🤔

  84. Ronisha Miller

    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 came here cause of my new new aye!!!!!!!

  85. Robyn L. Wilson


  86. Unknown User

    Good song

  87. Anthony Hilton

    Definitely a romantic tune a song for some strong passionate love making. Black women l need you.

  88. Easter Davis

    Omg this song does something to me Everytime I hear it ...o god

  89. Beauty Carter

    I Love This Song And Keith💍❤️

  90. monsterangel13

    Baby making music. Return of the real.

  91. trina smith

    Those voices together r really doing something special to me..especially keith sweat

  92. Cali Cal

    Temperature rising ya body 🔥

  93. India Johnson

    This my mf song

  94. Olayinka A.

    This is classic Keith at his best, love this song.

  95. DiamondGlittzz Beauty


  96. brian coleman

    now thats r&b