Sway - This Is My Demo Lyrics

[Intro: child]
Ladies and gentleman,
Welcome to the end of the beginning,
My name is Sway,
A.k.a Little Derek.
And right now,
I'm about to take you,
To the very beginning,
Before the after,
Prior to the present,
Before the hype,
Before the magazines,
Before the buzz,
And before the mix tape,
Back to the blood, sweat and tears.

Growing up I had too much on my mind,
So I needed a way to get,
All of this crap out of my head,
So I chose music.

This is my beginning,
This is my introduction,
This is my dream.

Listen very carefully,
This is my demo.

It's da arrival of Decihper,
Live from this london dungeon,
Dats where I've been puttin' it,
Down for my people on the,
North side,
(Get up)
East side,
(Get up)
West side,
(Get up)
South side,
(Get up)
Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up.
Dats wot I'm sayin yeah?
And for years,
Dats how long I waited here,
And I'm prepared,
Back then people never wanted to hear me though,
Dats wen I had to shoot a lil video,
Now I'm giving you the album,
Here we go!
Ever since I was a 'lil kid about 6 7 8 9 or 10,
I always wanted to be bigga than Big Ben,
But dreams can easily come to an end when your livin' in the big l.o.n.d.o.n.,
The city dat never sleeps so how do we dream?
'Lil kids forced to think like men and the big smoke just gets you lean,
To get a good start in life I took a run up instead of pickin' a gun up,
I picked up a pen and I shoot for the sky,
Run up on the clouds,
Dats why I got one up on you clowns,
Now I'm becomin da talk of da town,
Just yesterday I was walkin around,
Tryin to figure out how I'm gonna come up on the crown,
Now I'm in the middle when the gathering crowds are sayin:

The beginning is still in my memory,
I was sittin' in my school assembely,
Never listen to what da teachers tellin' me,
I was thinkin' "will I live to seventy?",
And if I die will the world remember me?
Whos my frends and whos my enemys?
Who will love and who will envy me?
Now I'm ready for whatever is ment to be.
(Sway [x20])
I put my blood sweat and tears in this music,
I will not fail,
Your listening to,
This is my demo.

Once upon a time in a place called Harrogate,
Lived this average african black kid tryin' to get up in this,
Flat 23 brook road he would practice rapping rapidly,
This rap MC had a lot to say with a little time so he rapped quick,
Not to say he never had any frends but he never had many never had a penny to acces the industry,
05/09/82: Flew back to the mother land where he grew flew back to the other land he was too english boy with an african accent,
05/09/92: Using the music rooms at his school recording rythems then he rid 'em with riddles now hes an african boy with an english accent,
Now hes twenty two,
And your listening too,
His first official lp debut,
And I got the energy (Uh),
I'm not jus' an n.I.g.(Uh),
I'm still hungry and I'm eag (Uh),
And I'm more ready than I've ever been (Uh),
Because I've been persuading this thing from school,
Since commodore,
Atari and Amiga,
Remember me sir?
I ain't in it to be number two,
Five albums that's what I'm gunna do,
Five albums then I'm done,
Then I'm through,
The enemies (Uhhh),
Can bite the dust,
This is all before the hype,
The buzz,
This is all before the wife,
The lust,
The lies the thugs with knives and guns,
It's entertainment for you but it's life for us,
It's time to buzz my niggas.

The beginning is still in my memory,
I was sittin' in my school assembely,
Never listen to what da teachers tellin' me,
I was thinkin' "will I live to seventy?",
And if I die will the world remember me?
Whos my frends and whos my enemys?
Who will love and who will envy me?
Now I'm ready for whatever is ment to be.
(Sway [x20])
I put my blood sweat and tears in this music,
I will not fail,
Your listening to,
This is my demo.

{Left side islamic prayer}
{Right side christian prayer}

I've got angels on my nokia,
I'm out here and I got no fear,
No foes or no phobias,
So all those plottin' with the obeahs,
And voodoo deres no hope for yah,
Hang yourself I got rope for yah,
I said deres no hope for yah,
Hang yourself I got rope for yah,
'Cause God would never let the devil harm any G's,
And when I'm in the dark read psalms twenty three,
I'm trying to do good on the path for the beasts,
A place where the bad boys are the police,
Trapped in between the imman and the priest,
And I can't see,
If I'm gonna be in the Church with a cross around my neck,
Or in a Mosque with a Quran and a palm full of beads.

The beginning is still in my memory,
I was sittin' in my school assembely,
Never listen to what da teachers tellin' me,
I was thinkin' "will I live to seventy?",
And if I die will the world remember me?
Whos my frends and whos my enemys?
Who will love and who will envy me?
Now I'm ready for whatever is ment to be.
(Sway [x20])
I put my blood sweat and tears in this music,
I will not fail,
Your listening to,
This is my demo.

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Sway This Is My Demo Comments
  1. The High

    miss this shit , can someone help me find a specific sway track ? ive been looking for around 10 years on and off (no joke)

    all i remember is that is was out before 2008 , it had bruzer in and the beginning started with sway saying "in a dark dark house there was a dark dark **something** " or something like that , im not getting confusing with that show ether that had the same lines, hit me up if you have any idea!!!

  2. its Zephyr

    i found out about him in nfs carbon, i liked "hype boys" so i decided to google him but with the "this is my demo" album and is till one of my favorite rappers to this very day

  3. Jordan James

    Wish he would come back and fuck up the scene fuckk the ne style rap thus is ture rap

  4. Youtube Worm Hole

    For me, dizzy rascal is the OG of uk grime

  5. Matt Colley


  6. Eli G

    All time good spitter , 1 of best writers and probably is making your well known famous rapper famous by secretly writing his music for him

    He is a ghostwriter to the T , started off hiding his identity in his own rap game and always rode independent, did not like all the fame and attention so deff the definition of a great ghost writer , great at writing and does not care about recognition

  7. James Midgley

    This tune is still fire

  8. Ernest Adjekum

    I went to school with sway in highgate wood school,finsbury north london. He was spitting rhymes. Last time I saw him was twenty odd years ago.

    The High

    thats awsome , bet he was fire back then too.

  9. Ian Musa

    2019 still hittin hard!

  10. Wnda1 Tv Tidy

    Absolute 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
    So Relevant in today's society 🙏🙏🙏🥇🥇🥇🥇💥💥
    Re-release 🙌🙌🙏🙏🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶👑👑💪💯💯💯

  11. shana klazema

    Still in 2018 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  12. L Anderson

    "5 albums, then I'm done, then I'm through."

    He weren't lying. Although technically, they weren't all "albums". Since Deliverance (his final album), he has left all forms of social media. He was supposed to have bought out a new album in 2017 titled "Preface", but it appears that he abandoned the project.

    The guy is gone. And it's a shame. I don't know what made the guy leave the scene, but I personally think it's a loss to UK rap/Grime/Hip Hop. Sway was very underrated. It's like he had a huge explosion of success and couldn't top it. I don't know what happened to the guy, but I hope he is happy doing whatever it is that he's doing.


    He is easily the best rap artist the UK has produced

    adam hale

    Fuckin hell man really?!


    i think he rather be a mentor bit like Akala...


    The Big C took him away from the scene....He back and hungry.

    Top Bins Mate

    He writes all of KSI's shit music.

  13. kingb1181

    Bad tune takes me bk to the days

  14. Nathan dalby

    Ohhhhh shit I used to love this tune when it came out! It heard it in last 10 years

  15. Jesualdo Silva

    Who knows the name of the song at the ending?

  16. arun rathaur

    yo whats that track at the end ?

  17. Kilo Kuehne

    definitely the best rapper

  18. Uboy 66 yeah

    Sway sway sway I put my all in 😂

  19. beny boy

    The last bit is the best

  20. Woody Woodpecker

    Anyone heard the album he put out in 2017?!

    Kilo Kuehne

    he put out a album?????

    Kilo Kuehne

    2018 now

  21. Vinnie Durrant

    Glimpses of a rap God

  22. pdmore123

    He should of blown up the way giggs and them have

  23. Claire Marie Davies

    Never gets old I love this

  24. EaZiE Old

    Best demo ever.

  25. jason patterson

    I had this CD somebody got me for it in the CPT

  26. Kris Butcher

    Brings back memories from music college 10yrs ago, used to love this 😂 still sounds good Sway's the man 👊🏻

  27. Joe Kerr

    "He don't rap like this no more"-Action Bronson

  28. _ Booth

    "I put my blood sweat and tears in this muuusic!
    I will not fail!"

    Best bit

    Joe Kerr

    "from Commodore, Atari and Amigahh!"

  29. Justin Sane

    Oh my days just brought back so many memories.

  30. 101sshhh

    min 2:35 - 2:55 killed it..

  31. V:rrr32 BzZZ

    This is the real rap god

  32. Nathan South

    Ok , i'm going to go now, bye bye, charlie bring me fish n chips, haha loves it.

  33. Floydfan75

    Fuckin love this tune & the album is of the hook!! His new album The Deliverance is......ok. Nothing like this or The Signature LP but still sick :)

    Joe Kerr

    His albums were a disappointment, good but not up to the level of his mixtapes.


    Gotta agree

  34. faz1991

    god i remember this from 10 years ago or so - memories haha, this track was so unique

  35. mark hynes

    still banging what a demo lil derek

    Joe Kerr

    Meh was decent but not up to the standards The This is my promos set.

    Razwan Akram

    Little derick doing fine

  36. Ashley J

    flashbacks haha

  37. Viral Killer

    I did some graphic work for Sway lol, cool guy

    its Zephyr

    oh cool

  38. Daniel Heffernan

    remember buying this on CD....the most underrated uk artist.....don't know how he didn't blow like wretch

    Joe Kerr

    Lol I remember going out of my way to buy this album even though by that time I just downloaded shit.

    dimz77 dimz77

    Daniel Heffernan he was a head of his time.


    he did a few tracks with some US artists camillionaire akon

    Igor Briese

    Same here. I remember that I bought album years ago today somehow I remembered about Sway and that was first track that pop out on YouTube and shit it’s as good as years ago. What happened with him..

    Louis B

    @Joe Kerr banger of an album - and ironic that you brought it with the track on it Download lol!

  39. Morey C

    wow i remember this song back in the day..........wow how time flew, still remember all the words

  40. Peter Moore

    been long time ay, from dem old Atari dayz, making looped delays with loops and adsr swicked!!! never did get boring still using cubase

    Morey C

    +Peter Moore atari? mate its not that old,playstation was out by then looool

  41. storm jelly rocks storm

    fu##ing sick

  42. PriestOfTheUnholy

    i used to have this on CD

  43. S.r.w 25 W

    Still a quality tune

  44. Steve L

    Wtf happen to sway . Him and kano were pretty much the 1st uk spitters to get huge . Kano still about but sway . You can barely find his stuff on utube and its all got no views hardly . Was it akons fault ? I remember he signed some deal with him . Dont kno why akon sucked so hard !!



  45. Gameclips808

    Yup Da bomb Baby

  46. Cody Childress

    still dope

  47. smoothmoneybags

    Sway Sway Sway! 

  48. Tokyoheidi

    Used to listen to this guy in year 7

    UNSC Spartan-II

    He deserves more attention, I only started listening to him at the end of year 9. Great rapper from here in the UK, it's a shame not many people know about him.


    @UNSC Spartan-II back in year 7 thats like erm.. 9 years ago? dayum.. 

    Joe Kerr

    I swear he had a number one

    Jonathan Baron

    Joe Kerr think his version of Lilly Allen's LDN made it into the charts

    Kyro Music

    Joe Kerr Still Speeding

  49. Illumin Ahmed

    your all idiots debating your opinions

  50. ermal rexhepi

    the song after the skit is called Products by Sway

  51. Prince Vegeta


  52. FunkyWhitePimp

    Liked this track but not this album so much.

  53. saulsfilms

    Only things that matter?
    Man is on a wack ting.

  54. john fenty

    Sway true poet

  55. XxEcHo ToXiCxX

    @porchegt2rs umm no recovery sucked and I'm not retarded I have my masters degree in automotive technology and again u fail sway whoops eminems ass pretty badly... You are plain ignorant,stupid, and I'm guessing Ur a maggit

  56. porchegt2rs

    @giveittomeish2 your fucking retarded recovery was ems best an most real album

  57. aaron wilson

    fuck him and akon

  58. aaron wilson

    fuck sway after he went amercia fuck him and his music he dident care about our support or he would stay and make english music blow

  59. XxEcHo ToXiCxX

    I'm American and this shit is better than what eminem is putting out now he went to shit after recovery my 3 favorite rappers sway,dmx,tech n9ne

  60. Obi Joe

    Best track on the album!

  61. Warren Ratcliffe

    Sway - Products

  62. 1990Cornetto

    remember when i bought this album when they had disc-mans back in the days

  63. Zahirul Islam

    haahhaaa when they speack

  64. GinJ

    What the hell happened at 4:32

  65. Trevor TAZ Scott

    I love the 4:30 part lol!

  66. Bloodstepp

    Mate Im Aussie and love hip hop and Im the first to admit Aussie hip hop sux balls!

  67. kingrapid

    can sumone please tell me the name of the song at the end which plays after the "african skit"????? please help (from 5.42 onwards)

  68. kbooax


  69. Southcote1

    funny how he put 'aussie hiphop OR life' lol

  70. Rem

    Lol "Charlie" isn't his real name. It's just a name that guys call each other, usually in Ghana. It's kinda like guys calling other guys "homie."

  71. beLIEve

    i love sway but the comment about aussie hip hop was dumb check out bliss n eso real aussie hip hop but who am i to say im just some american who loves all music no matter where it came from

  72. BarneyStinson06000

    My dick is on fire *____*

  73. clubmandan

    Someone needs to calm themselves down! This is the internet, lots of people read comments, why not just let it ride & think that maybe someone who DIDN'T know may leave this page with a little more knowledge as a result of reading both of our comments?

  74. clubmandan

    and not to pick faults, but........ it's Kofi (as in Kofi Annan {Ghanaian diplomat & ex UN Secretary-General}) not Koffee :)

  75. Simon Horler

    Not gonna say nothing, but we sent all our criminals to Australia. so the chances are high that you are related to a criminal. Sway is awesome, so your argument is invalid. <3 SWAY

  76. Matt Hope

    australia has a country thats not hell bent on being a lap dog for america or stealing oil from countries with no voice, more valuble than any singers.

  77. PortlandPimperoni

    American Rugby>>>Australian Hip-Hop

  78. smokee15

    Sway - Products
    but I think it sounds betta at the end of this tune, it has that radio effect still a VERY GOOD tune tho

  79. The Frosty Jake

    1979 FTW

  80. Alex Lander

    from 4:33 on words is just funny

  81. it546


  82. LU06TON

    What is the song right at the end?

  83. Josh Ashcroft

    Bliss n Eso ? Hilltop Hoods ? PEZ ?

    Just because you don't hear of the Aussies much does not mean they
    aren't doing it just as good as everyone else.

  84. Alexander Fitzgerald


  85. WannaBe A panda

    fastest rapper ever after busta

  86. creds123

    Australian hip hop=lol

  87. 0 F

    @17rich17 Hilltop Hoods and Drapht?


  88. stopkillinghiphop

    @17rich17 Wow stfu and respect every countries hip hop , christ im from the UK and don't mind a little Hilltop Hoods from Aus !! WASTEMAN

  89. 888state

    off the hizzook! mr desaffo!

  90. thewintersgrowl

    Sway is so underrated

  91. ElleBryBacon

    listen very carefully

  92. Elijah Telling

    @17rich17 totally agree I am english and live in sydney but there is 1 good aussie hip hop group called hilltop hoods check em out

  93. Alexander Fitzgerald

    @17rich17 hill top hoods is an aus rap thing i think

  94. DS3


  95. skemer2010

    @TheBigBrownCheese wow you really messed the 1st line up and nobody clocked it neither.....
    "i'm gunna naked myself, jump in the river and swim, and im not going to stop till i see WHIIIITE PEOPLE...

  96. andyroll91

    @17rich17 PAR!