Swans - Hypogirl Lyrics

Can I steal your mind?
And can I crawl down inside?
And when I am your child
Can I feed in your eye?
And can I drink the air
Down in your cold black lung?
And can I breath the sweet
Sick and lonesome blood?
Love is everywhere
No we will never escape
I love you more than my life
No, we will never escape

Can I cut out the core
And steal the food in your head
And curl my body inside
Down where it's dark and it's wet?
I love you more than your life
I love your body and mind
I love you more than your life
No, we will never escape

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Swans Hypogirl Comments
  1. karisumataichou

    Jarboe transformed into a female Forsaken.

  2. Supple Chap

    I love the blood curdling scream at the beginning. Jarboe seems to play a character with her voice in this song.

  3. turn off

    jarboe sounds like an evil witch from a fairy tale in this one


    Showed a lot of passion in this one, true.

    pongo d

    I always thought that was a pitch shifted Michael. The voice sounds unnatural...like Michael singing slow & then it was sped up

  4. Piggons

    This is so 90s

    Tim Hernandez

    If one soung could represnt the 90s it should be Hypo Girl

  5. ChickpeaMcBuggins

    i'm sorry but that intro will never cease to crack me up.

  6. Roger S

    Kyle reply to this when you see it

    ciao wutang

    ok roger

  7. MrCornholio93

    fuck this song it wakes me up every time

  8. Skullkan6

    Pretty sure this was where Devendra Banhart got his early style from.

  9. Riley Bushard

    well ggez morty thats one rare pepe i dont know what to tell u morty ;)


    Wow what am I reading

    Riley Bushard

    +Stan Lee (dangeroftime) dude I don't even know what was going on omg

    Luke Ross

    oooh gee rick idunno seems pretty dank to me

    golden gutz

    Shut the fuck up

  10. Acidific

    Love it! ♥