Swans - Her Mouth Is Filled With Honey Lyrics

Thing is er
We're at a stage now
Last night just before bedtime I wanted to wake you up.
I thought I heard the hi-fi going, the stereo.
And I opened the, living room door and she was pressed down on the, Davenport, with er,
some kind of her, favorite music going, and had, er, incense burning, and er the lights out, lying in the dark.
I guess she was mooning over that boyfriend.

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Swans Her Mouth Is Filled With Honey Comments
  1. Moving Static

    I have the first part of this song stuck in my head

  2. blomerinho

    this is the most haunting song i've ever heard

  3. GenuineSongBird

    Intro reminds me of the sound the consumed king makes in ds3.