Swans - Blackmail Lyrics

Close your eyes
Close your eyes
Say the word
I want to hear
Come up behind me and hold on
Close your eyes
Close your eyes
And close in around me
Say you'll do anything for me
Say you'll do what you don't understand
Close your eyes
Close your eyes
Come all around me and hold on
I'll be your body when your body is broken

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Swans Blackmail Comments
  1. Juan Peras

    beautiful b9

  2. Store Things

    my blackmail video is better, sorry <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oe8Un7UGg9c

  3. Fritz Bakshi

    this band is from another dimension

  4. coldsixthousand1

    Brings tears to my eyes every time. It makes me think about people I used to know, far away now.

    Shane B.

    Yes, me too.

  5. K Elizabeth E

    thanks for posting this.

  6. llamasarus1

    jarboe joining the band is when beauty met filth

  7. Xela Weeks

    So god damn beautiful. Swans is so incredible.

    Ton C

    Xela Weeks Preach.

  8. falloutMAN84

    Who the fuck disliked this?

  9. SteadyRedHead

    The single's title song shows the band diving their farthest into the realm of industrial dance music, complete with dubby, distorted vocals, and complex programmed rhythms, an interesting contrast to the naturalistic album version. The piano-driven ode to obsessive love "Blackmail", meanwhile, introduces Jarboe in her first turn as lead vocalist. A heavily reworked version of the track appeared on the 1987 album Children of God.