Swans - All Lined Up Lyrics

I see them all lined up
Like broken children at the wall
Their skin is hanging off in sheets
Each face is painted like a whore
Their blood is shining in the sun
Their wounds are powdered with white salt
Their lips are shedding silent words
I see my name as it spills out
I see them walking on their knees
Led in a chain by laughing girls
I see them sucking on the dirt
As if inhaling the whole world
And one by one their throats are cut
And each one sings his choking song
And each one sings his lullaby
And each one falls and then he's gone
And I feel good
Yeah I feel fine
Yeah I feel good
And I've been waiting far too long

I see their bodies in the pyre
Leaking black smoke into the flames
And all the people stand around
Shaping lips into my name
And soon the sun begins to sink
Behind the wall of dirty air
I see their bones there in the pile
And taste the smell of burning hair
And all the children howl for milk
The rain spits down a million knives
I see you running through the field
I see you running for your useless life
I feel you choking on your tongue
I feel your breath attack your chest
The dogs are ripping at your feet
I see you bleeding out your happiness
And I feel good
Yeah I feel fine
Yeah I feel good
I finally got back what was always, rightfully, mine.

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Swans All Lined Up Comments
  1. William Bowsher

    This is some dark AF vent art!

  2. JohnDonut

    Reminds me of Sex With Sun Ra by Coil, great piece of music

  3. CannibalWHORE22

    This song would not be out of place in a David Lynch movie

  4. SpiderPigForLife

    Holy shit

  5. UntitledKirk

    I wonder what this song is about. I get an anti-war vibe.


    I imagine this is how Gandi or someone who makes God in his image looks at all the suffering that he proudly "created" or ordered others that believe in him to do (a commander at the Namking massacre maybe with his usage of poetry/zen). Revenge on the innocent and getting an sexual kick out of it. I talked with people like that and they have no integrity whatsoever. Just believing in whatever they like and they always have to be narcissisticly right, no matter what. I heard them say more than once, that they think of themselves as a good person. Reminds me of what TS Eliott said about half the suffering in the world...

    The lyrical ego of a poet is not the egos of the poet itself...


    In a way it is cute, if one imagines them to be children themselves for who that can think for themselves would listen to the orders of a child?


    To be just: commanders are just commanded to be there... Living or killing as ordered is not living or killing at all, but just following orders.


    " 'Dim Half Light' is a comment on the atrocity and never ending poetry found in all forms of war.’ (James P Honey, BURIERS front Man)

  6. Skullkan6

    Imagine waking up and hearing that "hah hah hah" in the distance somewhere in your house.

    turn off

    It would mean that Michael has invaded my home. I would get killed by him but it would be worth it.

  7. Yung Giygas

    This album is so unsettling. It creeps me the fuck out but I love it.

  8. Furious George

    God this is eerie. Poor Gira must have been in a dark place.



    Freudian Slip

    supposedly this is a hate/revenge song. im not entirely sure to who? but yeah. its pretty dark.

  9. Brian Meeth

    Fucking love this song. Dark as fuck.

  10. 아기가지

    Makes Diamanda Galas sound like S Club 7 by comparison

  11. Eminator

    Lyrics? :S 

    Gordon Freeman

    just added in the description!


    thank you!! :D 

  12. Dunsel Dasein

    Thank you so much for this!

    Gordon Freeman

    Don't mention it! I want to do a full album upload for Love of Life but my account has 2 strikes on it. Do you like that album?

    The Chain Gang

    I love you this much