Suzi Quatro - Your Mama Won't Like Me Lyrics

I wear my jeans too short, and my neckline's too low
I'm getting stared at wherever I go
I wear my jeans too tight, and I stay out all night
And when you turn me on you'll see how I can bite
And now my preoccupation is making love
Hon hon hon
I got a bad reputation through playing around
I like your stimulation, but that aint enough
So don't take me home baby Na Na Na Na Na
Your mamma won't like me Oh
So don't take me home honey now Na Na Na Na
'Cos your manma won't like me
I like my music loud, and I stand out in a crowd
By doing everything I know I shouldn't do
So when you hold me tight, I won't put up a fight
I'll just knock you out and watch you coming to
Just put me in a situation where I'm turning you on
Hon hon hon
I'll be the devil's recreation and before too long
You could feel the sensation that's oh so strong
So Don't take me home baby Na Na Na Na Na
'Cos your mamma won't like me
Hey your manma won't like me
Don't take me home honey now
Na Na Na Na
Your mamma won't like me
Your mamma won't like me

Hey Oh Ooh
Yeah my preoccupation is making love
Hon hon hon
I got a bad reputation through playing around
I like your stimulation, but that ain't enough
So Don't take me home baby Na Na Na Na Na Oh
'Cos your mamma won't like me
So don't take me home honey now Whoa Na Na Na Na
Your manma don't like me
Your mamma won't like me Your mamma won't like me
Your mamma won't like me Your mamma won't like me
Your mamma won't like me Your mamma won't like me
Your mamma won't like me Your mamma won't like me
Your mamma won't like me Your mamma won't like me
Your mamma won't like me Your mamma won't like me
Your mamma won't like me Your mamma won't like me
Your mamma won't like me Your mamma won't like me
Your mamma won't like me Your mamma won't like me
Your mamma won't like me Your mamma won't like me
Your mamma won't like me Your mamma won't like me

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Suzi Quatro Your Mama Won't Like Me Comments
  1. af24us af24us

    Damn great bass player and badass musician. She desrves to be in the rock n rooll hall of fame if those money grubbing primadonna would just do the right thing and nominate her. Thanks for posting Sergio - rare indeeed

  2. John Smith

    Grazie Sergio.
    Mi piace molto Suzi.

  3. blw78

    one of my fave Suzi Q's songs and I adore the majority of them.

  4. francisanosissi1

    yeah,not bad for a change of style and funky and pre disco too..good thing

  5. Ole Larsen

    We used to call her: The Screeming Ballon when I was young. I was hippie and Suzi Ouatro was for bikers, or rockers. But it was not just black or white. I did see Abba was a sucess. Damn discoes.

  6. DJessie

    Pour ma belle doche

  7. Chris Simpson

    Damn! She off the chain!

  8. darthnod

    I think Lzzy Hale could make this song into a masterpiece if she covered it!


    Let us all dream of a duet! :=)))

  9. Peter Wesley Bastone

    awesome track....shared to the Netshows Radio "Program 166" Playlist on youtube

  10. Robert Wright

    Alice Cooper just did this song justice!

  11. Soundmanfh

    Nothing hotter than Suzi Quatro shredding the bass with her whiskey voice singing "I like my music loud".

  12. Victor Petrenko

    The album of the same name is my favourite from SQ and there another great song there - I Bit More Than I could chew. Unfortunately these songs are not very well known in North America.

    grumpy sod

    Yeah, and I feel sorry for north america........ Not.

  13. Tasker Streete

    The first official Suzi Q Doco will be released globally next month, it's jam-packed full of this stuff!

  14. Walter Mameli

    The girl was a pioneer in a man's world.....and she kicked ass.....

  15. Rat Ghost

    Joan Jett was taking careful notes.

  16. Linda Warwick

    Suzy at her best . The best female rock singer of the 70s without a doubt. Love this track. Was my theme song in my teenage years

  17. blite13

    a boy named suzi.

  18. The Wise Owl

    She is infuckingcredible!!! Infuckingcredibly excellent that is.

  19. GO BIDEN

    Yes ! Even better but that’s not and should be a category .. THE ORIGINAL QUEEN OF ROCK ! Joan the Suzi clone ! Bla !

  20. The Wise Owl

    Devil in disguise.

  21. Игорь Ушаков

    Слушаю. Балдею. ОНА ЛУЧШАЯ ИЗ всех вумен исполнительниц рок музыки.

  22. oncar1

    Fell in love with Suzi as a 13 year old, still got her LP

  23. Lydie Fedorová

    Suzi je nejlepší rocková zpěvačka všech dob....

  24. tony p

    That version of "Your mama wont like me" should be re released as a single. It would do well. The all new... Funk Rock!


    tony p Alice Cooper covered this song recently

  25. Владимир Смирнов

    Little great SUZI .

  26. Robert Hooper

    Flying emus

  27. Олег Горбунов

    great song!

  28. Michael Marshall

    This album was brilliant and was ahead of its time and only the real fan gets it and can hear the great songwriting and musicianship on it. Suzi was the benchmark for women in Rock. The others were following.

  29. Robert Cubinelli

    ....I'm the devil's recreation.....:):)

  30. David R

    That a fucking TOP song Mams

  31. sm1ofakind

    Suzi rocks!

  32. John Zyp

    The original and the best. No one compares.

  33. Robert Cubinelli

    Lil Suzie always rocked up with the tuffest acts....born rocker !!!!

  34. Wayne- Jitsu

    I got my first "taste" of Suzi around '75, '76 in Philly when she opened for Alice Cooper.

    Sergio Machado

    Did she put a great gig together? Unfortunately she never came to Brazil. I tried to bring her over 20 years ago, but I could not find sponsors ....

  35. Joe Bruckschlegel

    I took her home and YEP Mama didn't like her.

  36. Cajunman Dick

    Badass girl before girls were badass!.

  37. วันชัย ดาวเรือง

    The Angel
    Super Bass Solo
    Suzi, I love you.
    From Thailand.

  38. Vince Ballam

    Love Suzi`s music, however not very rare if its on YouTube

  39. Lori Murray

    love love love
    thank you for positng

  40. jose mota

    uma das músicas mais marcantes da carreira de Susi Quatro, linda.

  41. Burat1no

    Suzi - forever!

  42. Morgan Rieder

    She really scares me, not just my mama. But I'm hooked on her; she's so hot, I can't get enough.

  43. Dog Face

    This is the shit!

  44. dji zzah

    great artist and performer, such a shame she only had the three hits, can the can, devil gate drive and 48 crash..

    Scott Hornby

    She had many more hits than three.

    Geoff Burkman

  45. Estaban Tucker


  46. perkalov

    That's one funky bassline.

    Jacobus deRottmann

    Yep. As it should be. Her Dad (who had a part-time jazz band) gave her a 50s Fender Precision bass in 1964. She learned to play and started The Pleasure Seekers doing absolutely stompin' screamin' rock and roll the same year. So she had more than a decade playing rock bass here.

  47. Conrad B

    Suzi Q goes funkee! Rare

  48. Emmett McAuliffe

    "your mam wont like me" 1:00
    almost a funk song

  49. евгений смирнов

    слушаю каждый день талант она мне нравится с 1973 года

  50. lpmusonut

    The BEST Suzie Q song!!

  51. maria santos

    great beat like bikers music love it

  52. Mae Macgregor

    this is never played anywhere or remembered it's always can the can or devil gaye drive.
    love this

    cathy green

    this has been my fav since I first heard it

  53. SWa tX

    I never heard this when I was a kid. Tbf my mother would probably have danced along and said don't tell your father

  54. Nick Attwell

    Totally brilliant :) Suzi was at Gloucester leisure centre early '78. I was resident at Cleeve House adolescent unit for naughty boys & girls of which I was one. The night she appeared I was grounded for a week for running off the week before. As if that was going to stop such a resourceful kid as I. I borrowed jeans & T-shirt off a fellow resident (I was in pyjama's for that week my clothes having been confiscated by the 'Nurse Ratchett' head nurse Sherry Faulkner (You know who you are Sherry lol). Anyway Michelle & I left via the fire exit leaving a lolly stick between the door ans doorway to keep it open. Alas when we returned after midnight some bastard had closed the door. So we had to ring the door bell to be let in by the night coggy, Next day we were told off in our daily morning therapy group. DILLIGAF?  That I did not lol

  55. Sheridan Miles nee Smith

    The Mama's never like me..And I'm ok with that. 😂

  56. Emmett McAuliffe

    A theme song for an artist if ever there was one. Written by Chinn-Chapman tho' ....

    Very funky for a rocker....

    Christian BAVAN

    rock psy the same troogs play

  57. connir muehl

    she was on "happy Days" as Leather tuskdaro~I think?

    Grumpy Pandy

    connir muehl yep

    Fento#89 Fento

    Correct was fonzy's partner

  58. Yevrah Hipstar

    Ooooo Sergio! Your collection is making me feel all funny inside ;D

  59. Scott Hornby

    The album of the same name is just as brilliant.


    Scott Hornby oh I love this Album j just got a new bass an I’ve Been blasting this’swbole album ! In the car and her new one rock Suzi Rick

  60. jack bell

    Amazing voice ...

  61. Алексей Андреевич

    Люди старшего поколения должны помнить альтернативу сов деповским песням нам всё это запрещали , но мы находили как и где слушать

  62. Nadia Barnett

    No one can be compared to this precious Suzi !

  63. OkeRekz


  64. leroy hilliard

    well done, my fav suzi Q song

  65. TheSavageSilk

    My God she is so sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    it's a he.

  66. gabrielle aujard

    10 years old and in love ! Can you blame me mum

  67. Philip Shirk

    Love her bass ♫♪♫

    Аӡъ ѥсмь Мïръ

    борис аксенов в песне солнечный клоун проработал ритм-секцию взяв ее явно у сьюзи

  68. Craxe

    Ah na na na na na!

  69. Brian Duncan

    My favorite song by the girls who started Women rocking all over the world

  70. Markus Wiselka

    i LOVE .... SUZI !!!! 

  71. Ray Adkins


  72. prochem100

    this bird was the heart throb of 65.000 young ozzie males in 1974-80. she rocks and still rocks even now in 2015.

  73. rick busler

    saw her for this tour in Denver Colorado

  74. Dennis Snyder

    Not the Queen!   THE EMPRESS OF ROCK AND ROLL!!  Suzi Q was the pioneer who influenced every rocking Woman of the 70's and 80's.  There has never been any-one like her

    Cazangelcat *Bohemian Wytch*

    Dennis Snyder Totally agree with you. I literally wanted to be her like many young girls did back in the 70s. Best rock chick ever whom was the original and the coolest of the entire era of course!🎤🎸🎼 This rare video is just brilliant because it brings back such precious memories to me. "Your Mama Won't like Me"⭐️🎸🎼❤️


    I met her at the Transatlantic Hotel London when she was starting out.Lovely girl


    Dennis Snyder exactly ! Except Joan copies her ! Since day one ! Then in the BadReupation “doc” she says out loud ... she never heard of Suzi Quatro ! Oh my fucking god ! She’s a clone she even copies her jump suits now and lol they’re a little different cause no sleeves ! Lol @ Joan ! I wish she wouldn’t lie one time ... Suzi isn’t plastic either ! No plastic surgery like Joan ! Oh that erks me !

    cathy green

    @GO BIDEN your funny dude
    maybe go back and watch the film again

    Kryptonian Cowboy

    Let's not forget the true rock pioneer, the woman that originated the raspy voiced female singer, the Queen of Rockabilly, the one, the only, Wanda Jackson.

  75. TheoneGodfather

    I see a guy standing there strumming a guitar but I sure don't hear it.

  76. Claudia R.

    awsome rock n roll! 

  77. thomas mcewan

    Love this song ,great video too.Rock on suzi.

  78. Mark EW

    Melbourne 1975, and  a boy 10 year old buys an album. Wow, how everything changed! Rock funkadelic by a woman who could speak her own mind!  Say thank you Lady Gaga, oh and Madonna... get in line and start bowing.

  79. r.d. laing

    have i mentioned this before ? that when color television first came to australia in 1975, as an 8yr old boy this was the very first thing that i saw in color,i remember that squiggly line and suzi's change in musical direction for this song attracted some criticism


    @r.d. laing The simple things in life.

  80. Luna Fawn

    I FUCKIN' LOVE how live, young and raw this is!

  81. Richard Lee Orey

    Maybe my mama won't like you.  But I do!

  82. PuppyGumDrop

    Thank You - How Cool Were WE Loving This Ready To Launch Into The 80's

  83. Ronald McGuire

    I totally forgot this tune... very punk-y. I think I'm gonna purpose to the band we cover this... raw, hard talent ^^

  84. Veronica4u2day

    The Queen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Miss Judy

    What's with the purple electricity? Awesome song though

    Michael Marshall

    It is called seventies TV creativity .


    suzi quatro and joan jett are both YUM.


    add the fabulous Wilson sisters to that :)

  87. Mike Barnett

    OK guys, for those of you worried that you are lusting after jailbait here, Suzi was 24 or 25 when this musical awesomeness was recorded.

  88. J Frym

    Don't Funk with Suzie. Great Version. My mama would like her!!

  89. Charles Hanna

    So true

  90. Jolly Ann Bilad


  91. Veronica4u2day

    this is the bomb !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tadeusz Jędrzejec

    dynamite girl

  92. Gail Ranson

    Ive always liked this singer even back on happy days

  93. MrRockinChair65

    Unparalleled , nuff said

  94. Paul Squires

    Good Words about a boy who meets this outrageous girl (Blimy) a bit like Kat Slater when she first came onto East enders or Bianca !

  95. Scott Hornby

    Get the whole album. Your mama won't like me it's is so fucking cool.

  96. Kartissa

    My mama would, and does! If not for her record collection, I would never have heard of Suzi....