Suzi Quatro - Too Big Lyrics

Say, sugar-honey you've gotta act like me
Well, you can take a passion-lovin' panther
Make him week at the knees
You can shake him like a rattle, and roll him like a dice
But, honey, you know I'm too big to be nice
I gave away my independence to all them evil guys
And when I got too hot they put my lips on ice
Now I don't hold out with those wise-guys.
I see through their disguise
'Cause, honey, you know I'm too big to be fooled twice
Well, I don't know all the answers, but I guess I know my share
And I've taken all the chances, but I never really care
Because I'm too big to be used
You know I'm too big for my boots
You know I'm too big to be abused
And honey...I never lose!

Now listen baby, watch the way you walk
And when it comes to talkin', watch the way you talk
He'll tear ya down and break ya and he'll make you if he can
But, honey, you're too big, too big for that man
You know he can't understand ya. You're breakin' all the rules
He's tried so hard to land ya.
Just send him back to school
Because you're too big to be used
You know you're too big for your boots
You know you're too big to be abused
And'll never lose!

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Suzi Quatro Too Big Comments
  1. Jorge Ferreira

    Suzi Quatro - Too Big , it was my first vinyl single (a birthday gift from my dad when I was 9), I still have
    this disk today

  2. The Wise Owl

    Her music and voice are absolutely awesome. Kick ass excellent music. It sure beats the shit that is passed off for music today.

  3. Norbert Armbruster

    For me one of the biggest songs of Suzi, Boogie Rock at its best. The piano part drives me crazy, sounds totally groovy. When this song was released, I was 14 years old. This video is a cut-out from a well known German TV show in the 70ies, named "Disco" with Ilja Richter.

  4. Valmir Gonzales Silveira

    Curti muito quando era adolescente 1978. E hoje ouvindo é ainda melhor, um show eterna Suzi Quatro (Susan Kay Quatrocchio). Ouço quase todos os dias. Curitiba, 2019.

  5. korikong tokong

    suzi quatro the best!!!!you rock!

  6. TheNosferatu666

    Her "dirty" voice was made vor singing Rock Songs!

  7. dumitru capitanescu


  8. Scott Hornby

    The third single from her 1974 album titled Quatro.

  9. Chris Kellerson

    Cute...wrapped in gold leather...hard rockin' Suzi Quatro. Her first album is totally cool and classic ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  10. Amara Michaels

    Sounds like she IS the winning team, lol, ( if you view the world as having winners and losers that is) the winning team already ARE, always have been, and always will be, you just have to choose to join it.

  11. Larz Gustafsson

    Suzi. Always a pleasure.

  12. Clen Butterball


  13. IrishYobbo 1990

    Suzi Quatro bless her!

  14. Gábor Viktor v.Márk

    Még mindig First Class!  Boldog fiatal koromat idézi, köszönöm!   Gabipapa.

  15. Hobo5280

    40 yrs. ago this week this song was released.  Song still stands and Suzi still rocks! 

  16. anityy

    No I meant it as in being attracted to her. Lol.

  17. anityy

    I won't be surprised if straight girls had a crush on her

  18. stevieLUVSAlex

    This woman is gold. I just love everything about her. She is so... Charismatic.

  19. Eva Russell

    Lol! Yeah, same here, but I love all her music! :)

  20. Marit Irene Dahlby

    Great song!!!!

  21. Mirjana Milutinović

    i had 10 years and m neighbor 14

  22. Percot Bruno

    hello i am french, it'is my first record in 1974, coooollllll

  23. Festfolket

    Great upload !! Great song too !

  24. bill patterson

    @MrHaggis64 You are very welcome and she sure did!

    Marty Rezac

    bill patterson well I happen to think that it would be fun to go fishing with her I think she would bait her own hook
    She has me hooked

  25. bill patterson

    Great job from a lady who for many years seemed to be a female Peter Pan!