Suzi Quatro - Shakin' All Over Lyrics

When you move in right up close to me
That's when I get the shakes all over me
Quivers in my back bone
I got the shakes in my thigh bone
I got the quivers in my knee bone
Shakin' all over
Just the way that you say goodnight to me
Brings the feeling out inside of me
Well, you make me shake, and I like to shake
You make me shake (Can the can, honey)

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Suzi Quatro Shakin' All Over Comments
  1. Onofre Fernandez


  2. kwan千色和您有个约会


  3. oldri oldri

    В молодости был влюблен как пацан!!!

  4. sylmarmusic2012

    That sounds like Gumby.

  5. popbottle


  6. BadNutz

    Äh? eh.... Haaaarghmpflhurmpfumpflnumpfbumpf

  7. waz 312

    I dig the vocals but the production a bit 80s slick and metallic for my liking


    1973. Maybe she was a trend setter.

    E Price

    I love "Someone Else's Lipstick".

  8. Reyanne Edwards

    shakin all over!

  9. Sonia Chipoloni

    I love this version of this song


    Saw them to many times to remember, back in the day, believe it or not at our local pub in Sydney's western suburbs.

    Like AC/DC and the rest of them they were regulars.

  10. Саша Филюнькин

    Сюзи...))) абажаю тебяяяяя

    Саша Филюнькин

    вот я напился....))))

    Maksivin s

    А я сегодня огурцом .Люблю Сюзи!

    Maksivin s

    С этой песней!

    Maksivin s

    Круто для 70х


    I don't known what you people are saying but it must be cool, Suzi rules!

  11. Georgia R.

    Fricken awsome!!!!!!