Super Furry Animals - Zoom! Lyrics

Took you to a movie
But you moved away
Froze into a standstill
My feet turned to clay
Looked into the sky for
Some good advice
A curious shadow
Angle poised
Circled twice then tossed
Me a Carcass

Sold you a Dalmatian
But the spots fell off
Pooled them all together
As a hairy moth
Bred it with a lion
But it flew away
Now it chases drones
Around the sky
Growls and grunts till you
Feed it a blemish

I can't get enough of it
Kiss me with Apocalypse
An instant hit
I can't get enough of it
Kiss me with Apocalypse
An instant hit

Saw the Virgin Mary
She was crying blood
Tears congregate
Into a mighty flood
Gave her some directions
To a specialist
An eye doctor to help her cyst
She took the wrong turn
To the family planning

Saw Lord Lucan riding Shergar
To the shops last night
Couldn't be positive in
Candle light
Chased them in a Mustang
To a Quick Save till
Searched for words to fit the bill
Dug myself a hole
Then I fell into a vacuum

I can't get enough of it
Kiss me with Apocalypse
An instant hit

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Super Furry Animals Zoom! Comments
  1. Анастасия Джулай

    Genesis mama

  2. pman0856


  3. FA NO

    My favourite's song. THX Guillaume 💖

  4. Disorder 1889

    Love this album ,it ranks wi best they have done in my opinion

  5. Something Something

    I can't get enough of it

  6. Meegs B

    Please research the flat Earth!

  7. Michael Winningham

    Every time I listen to this my life gets a little bit better.

  8. Jean Kavanagh

    Ah that splash. you know your treats about to arrive... 💖💖💖

  9. stenwald

    That is some really fucking tight drumming. Love SFA.

  10. samuidesune

    very underrated album and band - this is amazing


    Rock City may not have been sold out but you can't deny it wasn't very, very busy. Amazing gig.


    Well actually, if you search for the word underrated in a dictionary, sfa will come up first. But then again quality and genius fail sometimes to appeal to the masses.


    +GHOST GUARD not underated in glasgow!!

    Mullan Media

    They are definitely underrated. You can be both fantastic and under appreciated at the same time, sadly. SFA are both. They sell packed out shows to their loyal fans because the fans have great taste and know what they're getting. Compared to many other big bands in the world though, SFA barely get a look in, which is basically a crime because they have some of the best songs I've ever heard.

    Disorder 1889

    I agree defiantly not appreciated enough by the masses ....

  11. Jim H

    fkin reyt song

  12. Emilka85

    This song is awesome live! One of the good ones from Love Kraft

  13. pirate360

    this is what the dark side of the moon looks like