Super Furry Animals - The Very Best Of Neil Diamond Lyrics

Just the very thought, trust but verify...

The very best of Neil Diamond
Sings as the bombs rain down from the crystal sky
The very best of Neil Diamond
Radio cassette plays on as the kitchen crushed

Just the very thought, trust but verify...

The very best of Neil Diamond
Hear its cry come through concrete rubble mound
But even craters should honour life [?]
Still the cassette plays on, oh sweet Caroline

Comedy killer, follow the leader
Tragedy bringer, violent thriller

Just the very thought, trust but verify, just to terrify
What's an empty thought but a lullaby?

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Super Furry Animals The Very Best Of Neil Diamond Comments
  1. Michael Seymour

    Refreshing interpretation - musically rich while getting its point across

  2. krnewman

    Just the very facts: this tune sounds amazeballs on vinyl, yo. Troof.

  3. slowandcrystal


  4. Allan Ostermann

    Sometimes it takes about 10 listens of an SFA song before I'm, like, "Oh yeah. I get it." This is one of those songs. Starting to really like it...

  5. ged C

    Wonder how this band settle what gets committed to an lp ala final version after mixing??? Just to verify I've bin singing wrong words to this forever.xthanx

  6. Kaniela Miel


  7. Adrian Signorelli


  8. Jean Kavanagh

    Perfectly, perfect cromulent beauty. 💞💞🌷💞🌷💞🌷

  9. νωαiνα τσ.

    what's an empty thought but a lullaby?

  10. Valerie Ghent

    Lovely video, thank you for sharing. If you get a minute, please stop by my channel and take a listen my original songs. I hope you enjoy.

  11. T.C. Bramblett

    this may actually be MY FAVORITE SONG OF ALL TIME.


    I want you to know, i travelled Vancouver Island, melting my mind that year. And this was the greatest thing I ever heard and still stands the test. You are correct sir!!! Best ting.

  12. Franklin Telafonte

    It's an electric saz.

  13. Lauren D

    That kind of afternoon.  Trust, but verify. 

  14. Jack Harman

    Saw them at Plymouth Uni in '96.  Closed with The Man dont give a Fuck - they are still and will always be, the most original, fun and creative band of the 90's

  15. smallinson

    Trust, but verify.

  16. Anthony Monaghan

    The very best song title ever...


    How not to love how random it is...

  17. tom sullivan

    the best beat you will hear in this fucked up days fells good

  18. Kev6185

    Gruff has complete and utter creative freedom, which is why he makes such great music.

    Geraint Lewis

    Kev6185 SFA do.

  19. Don Sanders

    Found SFA 6 months ago off a Nottingham Science video. At first I thought they were one of the best 100 Rock Bands of all time. Then I thought they were one of the best 25 Rock Bands of all time. NOW, after extensive enjoyment here on YouTube...they are in the top 5 Rock Bands of all time....maybe more.

  20. Bootlegger

    spend the last two hours searching SFA,what a treat they are

  21. Kye Merkett

    The most underated band in history.

  22. Stu Taylor

    I like all music, as long its by the Super Furry Animals. Without doubt The Greatest band EVER,
    I listen to them everyday and if its not SFA I listen to Gruff Rhys solo work. Thumbs up to all SFA lovers you have the finest taste in music.

    Geraint Lewis

    Stu Taylor absolutely the best band in the world.

  23. Angelo Valoppi

    Real creativity up here. Thinking that bands like U2 or RHCP are costantly praised and adored make me feel like vomit. SFA OK !!! Period.

    Surprise Me

    07sta who the hell praises RHCP lol

  24. Biani Arias


  25. roblonolean

    "We have ways of making you think, we have ways of making you think!"

  26. Stu Taylor

    @arturopm78 and Jesus!! ...SFA OK ;)

  27. Candy Craig

    this song gets more amazing every time i listen to it. i love SFA so much.

  28. danny Ferrie

    @georgeamor welsh wizards and i am sure neil digs it

  29. lens2optic

    the super furries are a superb band.

  30. UniQueLyEviL

    @charold3 I think I hear some steel drums in there somewhere as well.

  31. UniQueLyEviL

    @charold3 Sounds kinda like a Sitar to me, but I'm not certain.

  32. Childe Harold

    Great song. Anyone know what Eastern-sounding instruments the band uses here?

    Geraint Lewis

    Childe Harold electric saz

    ged C

    I thought it was a sitar (I do n't know how it
    s spelt ) electric tam or something see beatles about 1970 ala family cat steamroller b side what we talk about when we.....credits mucho respecto power of dreams for lending it to Fred n co as there recording budget was way bigger than the cats furthest from the sun.

  33. rin3guy


  34. modsheff1

    only SFA could come up with this fine tune...BLESSXXXX

  35. Cain Ala Vera

    Biggers than beatles!!!

    Geraint Lewis

    Cain Ala Vera Nope. Probably better though.

  36. pft199519

    Yes, this is one of the best SFA tune for ages. I love DD/LY!

  37. budgethemusicsponge

    Another example of this band's originality and proof that Gruff is probably the most imaginative lyricist of his generation. He's always coming up with fresh and intersting song themes like this one about sonebody's house being reduced to rubble in a bomb attack while the occupier is listening to a cassette of the Very Best Of Neil Diamond and it plays on from beneath the rubble ("Sweet Caroline"). This and Cardiff In The Sun are prob my faves though i love them all!