Super Furry Animals - Moped Eyes Lyrics

Hot clubs and endless nights
Hot clubs and endless nights
Hot lies and alibis
Dark days seem light years away

I can see through your lies, 'cause you've got moped eyes
I can see through your lies, 'cause you've got moped eyes

Safe house for suffering
Shitbags and shattering sighs
Sore eyes, mosquito bites
Zip up and zigzag away

I can see through your lies, 'cause you've got moped eyes
I can see through your lies, 'cause you've got moped eyes

Hot wheels at traffic lights
Hot deals, transactional rights
From middle age sophisticates
To stone aged reprobates

I can see through your lies, 'cause you've got moped eyes
I can see through your lies, 'cause you've got moped eyes

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Super Furry Animals Moped Eyes Comments
  1. ZafiroRiverSpirit

    One of my favourite songs to smoke joints too ❤️❤️

  2. David Smith

    My eyes get more and more moped as the months and years go by.

  3. Michael Seymour

    Enjoyable - well produced/recorded. Music and lyrics are hep to the jive.

  4. Kieran

    That drum beat is so clean, love it


    BECK would be PROUD ! ! !

  6. Andy Hughes

    great tune, but why have a still image as the upload, ruins it for me


    +Andy Hughes I think you'll find this to be a trait shared by the vast majority of song uploads on YouTube. If you came to see Gruff Rhys and co. dancing about in boiler suits might I suggest one of their live videos or music videos. To my knowledge this song never got a music video.

  7. Keith

    Brilliant song off a brilliant album!!

  8. Jon D

    So true. SFAOK

  9. MegaSkills9

    Cool song.

  10. monkeyboy75

    yup, thats the one!!! thanks muchly!!

  11. Solitary Sorrow

    "Wherever I Lay My Phone, That's My Home" off of 'Guerilla' maybe?

  12. Stu Taylor

    @protomanhasballs That is,my friend the most true and definitive comment I have seen on YouTube...and certain 'thumbs up' from me. SFA OK

  13. Stu Taylor

    This song gets me well happy, even at saddest.
    Dark days seem lights away.. brilliant.

  14. Echolyktuz

    The drum break at the ending... SEXXX!

  15. pirate360

    this is not their best album. But that bespeaks the quality of Rings, Phantom Power, Radiator, etc. more than reflecting on this album. This is a very solid album with some standout tracks. I quite like this song. SFA OK

  16. monkeyboy75

    @protomanhasballs whats the track thats says some ting like ' i like drum and bass, i like drum and bass, SUPER FURRY ANIMALS! with some 303, i cant find it anywhere, had it on Fuzzy logic rip off in thailand about 8 years ago

    Riki Namua

    wherever I lay my phone that's my home

  17. Megan Kelly

    I feel so super and furry, meow

  18. Stu Taylor

    This songs so good, I'm gonna send it my Mum as I played it constantly when Dark Days came out when I moved bk home for a few week:)

  19. Brian A

    Its a crime that this video doesn't have at least one million views.

  20. Lewis Inglis

    i love that picture :D

  21. Dead Mills

    i enjoy this

  22. me1onhead

    @89dannii ....Hope you have dumped him by now.

  23. me1onhead

    Great album!

  24. MattieCooper

    Probably my favorite song on the album...along with Inaugural Trams and everything else ...Brilliant Album!~

  25. Gregory Hall

    their best since Rings ...

  26. TheKastorian

    frickin' awesome

  27. th1s1sm1n3

    I'm really enjoying it, it's all over genre-wise, with bits of Krautrock, psychedelia, funk and general awesomeness, 8.3 from Pitchfork if that helps

  28. pickassoreborn

    Cracking album.

  29. modsheff1

    oh man dont they just get effin better! the very best of neil diamond! LOL!

  30. budgethemusicsponge

    I havent stopped listening to it since i got it from their site. If Guerilla is one of your faves then you should enjoy "Cardiff In The Sun". "Inaugural Trams" is up their with their most melodic and catchy tunes. As you like Lovekraft you should enjoy "Mt" with Cian on vocals and "White Socks / Flip Flops with Bunf singing and also "Helium Hearts". My fave keeps changing. At the mo it's between the rock-riff of "Crazy Naked Girls" and the cleverly named "The Very Best Of Neil Diamond."

  31. salopian7

    Im sure the boys were playing this track when they toured the last album.