Sugar, Rebecca - That Distant Shore Lyrics

It all became so lovely
Those bluest skies above me
Those funny feelings I had never felt before I met you
I thought I'd stay a while
I tried to learn to smile
So many colors I had never even known

Maybe I'll find myself sitting on that distant shore
Maybe I'm not alone

Then I see the colors fading
Gentleness of light escaping
Shadows of my fear invading, have I seen this all before?
I know that there's something residing
A terror deep inside me
I couldn't understand how you could be so bold

Maybe I'll find myself smiling on that distant shore
Maybe I'm not alone

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Sugar, Rebecca That Distant Shore Comments
  1. Power ON Productions


    Spinel: StIlL iN tHe GaRdEn

  2. Aqua Rios

    i just found out! lapiz used to be kim on saigon 😍😍

    Alice Song

    Same for Deedee Magno (Pearl)! It's interesting actually cause when I first heard Jennifer's singing voice and found out she was Asian, my first thought was, "Wow, she'd be perfect as Kim."

  3. YT Dapperface64

    Who wants to hug Lapis...

    *Maybe I’m not alone*

    greg universe

    YT Dapperface64 me

    -*Fuzzy The Tiger*-

    Me and your profile pic is...uh

  4. Efren and Pikachu

    That's best beautiful song I ever heard right Pikachu. pika

  5. Kat

    *inhale I KNOW!

  6. Raven J24

    Which epsode is this from?

    Rey H

    S5E17 Can't Go Back

  7. Rebooted Spinel

    It is bluest not just blue and don't forget i am the first one who comment you

    Rey H

    Yeah the official lyrics got corrected from the day it came out I guess.

    Rebooted Spinel

    Oh,you correct it