Sugar, Rebecca - Other Friends Lyrics

Well, well, well, well, well!
Lemme get a look at the menagerie!
You must be Amethyst
You must be Garnet
And Pink Diamond's Pearl, well, she took you with her, isn't that just swell?

It can't be!

Oh, but it can be!
And it is!
I got a new style and a few new toys that are gonna put an end to your happily ever after, once and for all!

Woah, woah! This has gotta be a misunderstanding, in case you haven't heard, I've established peace across the

Yeah, yeah, I've heard. I've had your little message to the universe on LOOP! I just love that part, where Pink Diamond spends the rest of her days on this nowhere planet with a bunch of nobodies!

That's right I heard the story over and over again
Gee, it's swell to finally meet her other friends
That's right I heard the story, don't really like how it ends
Gee, it's swell to finally meet her other friends

What did she say about me? What did she say?
What did you do without me? What did you do?
Did you play games without me? What did you play?
Did you think all this time that I wouldn't find out about you?

That's right I heard the story over and over again
Gee, it's swell to finally meet her other friends

She's running circles around us!

I'm rusty, give me a break!

It really is her, but she can't be serious!

You know her, Pearl? Can you tell us who she is?

Who am I? Who am I? What are you even saying?
I'm the loser of the game you didn't know you were playing!
Let's play another game this time I get to win
Lives on the line
Winner takes all
Ready or not
Let's begin!

Oh, that's right I heard the story over and over again
Gee, it's swell to finally beat her other friends
Oh, that's right I heard the story, don't really like how it ends
Gee, it's swell to finally beat her
Other friends

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Sugar, Rebecca Other Friends Comments
  1. Piano Life

    This sounds like Ruby frustrated with her Sapphy

  2. Just for Fun

    This is Spinel try to sing first before going to Earth

  3. BALDIFANART 4 Squad animates

    This demo is perfect

  4. Sofoyo

    Wow i love to finally meet her other friends

  5. Luciana Porto

    Other Friends mas a Espinela está compositando sua música com seu ukulele enquanto chega a terra

  6. First name Last name

    Cowgirl spinel

  7. T-DiePie

    Do someone know the chords of this version?

  8. tiny pasta

    Oh Rebecca <3

  9. No Name

    Her voice sounds too nice for this song ;)

  10. ცƖơơƙყ YT

    I causld listen to that freaking riff on repeat for years
    Honestly this sounds so pretty

  11. Jessica Murray • 9 years ago

    Honestly I vibe with this

  12. [Sad-day]

    What a laugh in 0:00

  13. T-65B X-Wing Fighter

    “Are you Steven Universe?”
    “Who’s askin’?”
    “Well, Beach City ain’t big enough for the two of us, kid.”

  14. lXRex19

    I really like Rebecca Sugar's singing voice. Does anyone else think it sounds sort of old-timey? Somehow it feels like it's got a bit of that "vintage radio announcer guy" feel to it.

  15. Noob Pro Samari Yeet

    Steven: all wemon...Are queens!
    Spinel: If she breathes.....*SHE'S A THOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!*

  16. Toby Mizell

    Rebecca Sugar sings Other Friends while sharpening her vast knife collection, as you realise you're tied to a chair

  17. Um who am I Again

    It’s a little creepy, I like it!

  18. Um who am I Again

    It’s a little creepy, I like it!

  19. Generation 7

    This sounds like a vintage version of the song. i love it.

  20. CharlotteWful

    Me: *Trembles over Spongebob music nearly making it into Steven Universe

  21. Hasska Saly

    This ol' Spinel Rider is Spinel rider riding alone
    She's a sturdy solitary stone
    This ol' Spinel Rider, not stuck in pink's garden no more!
    Now the chaos and the panic and the danger is my new home
    I used to think I would always play by your side
    But you've been choosin' abandon me
    One look in your colour could make an honest gem cry
    But Spinel Rider don't need no one to hold
    This ol' Spinel Rider is Spinel rider riding alone
    She's a sturdy solitary stone

  22. Pink Pearl

    Spinel has the big ol’ injector on her hip

  23. Eggman Gamez 2

    The laugh at the beginning tho.

  24. RedRice94


    the guy in the beginning: HaahHhHAhHA

  25. soybat

    why is this legit better then the one in the movie thou jdhssnahydhshs

  26. Køņý Kùņ

    Omg songs :v

  27. cyan

    Can we talk about how Rebecca is such an amazing writer?

  28. II Fangirl II

    Is this Steven Universe The movie's Mafia AU?

  29. Reyther Ortega

    1:43 new lyrics

  30. Dliw Light

    Spinel singing Other Friends in a Western restaurant while she tries to kill you — ASMR.

  31. TurkBurg

    1.25 is p much the final version's speed!

  32. Stephanie Acosta

    The guitar reminds me of Ratatouille

  33. Diamond, Vijana the lioness

    Marceline's mom comin to town lol

    I'm more for spinel

  34. Just Doodles

    *"Steven Universe has yee'd his last haw.."*

  35. tortilla chip

    Oh my god I love this

  36. ArteSito

    its wonderfull!

  37. LaSoufiJsjs

    Sometimes I think she sounds like Mickey Mouse (I think thats cute srry)

  38. Pøisøunøus Søda

    Spinel: - calmly arrives to earth in a small ship -

    Spinel: are you steven universe?

    Steven:Eeeh.. Yeah?

    Spinel:-loads gun - Good...

    *This version starts as spinel mess around with the crystal gems as a fucking mafia queen *

  39. Canal Simples

    "This nowhere of a planet is too small for both of us mate"

  40. Freddy Guevara

    *_Wow, I'd love to finally_*_ beat her other friends!_

  41. Génesis a KARMA demon

    I like this spinel

  42. Eliza Hansen

    Ahhh I love this demooooo, it sounds very upbeat ironically happy villain song, like spinel is enjoying defeating them

  43. baS

    Spinel after drinking and trying to sing other friends

  44. Javier Ayala

    chords pls

  45. Chicken Pitta Pocket

    Greg and Spinel in the van:

    “Yo, Universe, lay me a beat”
    “Sure thing”
    **other friends begins**
    “This Song AGAIN?! I’m so sick of it, do you ever play anything else, Universe? It’s honestly aggravating-“
    “Get out of my van”


    I want to see this happen

  46. ѕм•αят•αѕѕ

    Even as a rough demo it's a bop

  47. Mitsubishi Cars Unlimited

    Demo: light bg, normal heart
    Official: dark bg, upside-down gem

    Clever. Very clever.

  48. Jasper Thy Spirit

    I love this omg spinel is going to calmly crack all gems lol but for real this is great gotta love Rebecca

  49. A. N.

    I'm getting Western music vibes from this.

  50. Cry Bxby

    Spinel trying to decide if she wants her opening to be electro swing or really calming

  51. Foggyleaf Exist

    Spinel: *sings like a cowboy*

    Ruby: THATS MY JOB!

  52. Dlan pro Xx

    Que hermosa voz

    De 1 a 100 1000 💜💜

  53. redrose 101

    This sounds significantly worse than the one from the movie. The movie's one had this techno funk and the voice was changing and sounded so raw.

  54. Emily Monahan

    Spinel in the Rough Demo:

  55. Tamashī Flame

    Ok but she is a really good singer???

  56. WOOMY

    0:41 blues note, nice! rebecca using a guitar technique on voice

  57. The Emeralddragon Artist

    *spIneL coNTrY mUSiC*

  58. Nicholas Johnson

    They're singing it SO calmly, it's creepy and I LOVE IT

  59. Kelly Robinson


  60. antonta lmao

    this could be in a gore version where spinel is a calm psycho

  61. bean_soup


  62. Lion catsu


  63. michael feeney-evans

    Who ever disliked is a war criminal

  64. dogefan91

    This sounds like she’d say:
    “Ill kill you ehhh maybe tommorow but still be scared... or something idk....”

  65. Dao Araya

    Rebecca singing jazz would give me life

  66. Mariya Sh.

    Wow I love to beat her other friends

  67. Kioma Montoya Paredess

    Does anybody now the cords?

  68. Miss Lucid Dreams

    Nope 🖓

  69. Yoshi Neon

    Put the speed at 2

    *You can thank me later*

  70. I Have A Boner For Puzzles


  71. Noatry

    Just imgine Rebbecca voicing Spinel

  72. CrystalDaKitten66

    I wonder... while spinel was rehearsing this song while on her ship, what was she singing along to? Does her injector have a built in CD player?

    Sally Sao

    Most likely

  73. Mariana Olmos González

    If you heighten the speed up to x1.5 it kinda sounds like the actual song.

  74. Truly a softie.

    Gee, it's swell to finally yeet her other haws~.

  75. Lilly Scheliga

    I love this now

  76. Tommaso Contestabile

    This song was shown at an italian festival: the lucca comics
    Questa canzone fu mostrata a una fiera italiana: il lucca comics

  77. I like birds

    This is giving me red dead redemption vibes

  78. Zapperpat 0

    Ruby Rider Vs Spinel

  79. regret

    I love the guitar here

  80. Star Rubee

    Texan Spinel

  81. Darc Hart94

    The way she sings doesnt feel like it fits the song at all

    Dark Spyro

    says the fake fan

  82. Sappy

    Final version: Your friend's online persona
    Rough version: Them irl

  83. Fernando Castillo

    Me encanta ! ❤✌😂

  84. Jordan Tobin

    Didn't think i needed it on guitar... but now i know otherwise. Chills

  85. M1k3 P4tTa7A

    I love this

  86. ღS W E E T . V A N I L L A

    I just say-
    Rebeca's singing voice is overrated, in my opinion uwu

    Marijana Mijić

    What do you mean? Don't know how a human voice can be overrated. Or do you mean her singing voice?

    ღS W E E T . V A N I L L A

    @Marijana Mijić her singing voice. Isn't that obvious??

  87. Dar_kyy

    1:43 "Wow I love to meet her other friends" (Also I know she's saying "beat her other friends" but it just sounds like meet her other friends.)

  88. Logic Except It’s A Representation

    Spinel sat on the floor playing a guitar while holding a gun to your head

  89. Kim’s site

    This is the song spinel could sing in the episode “the question”