Styx - Fields Of The Brave Lyrics

Sometimes I close my eyes
And picture the plains
I see Buffalo Bill and the Iroquois
Riding again

Open skies, fertile ground
This was heaven on earth
That they found

We got what they gave
By their God we were saved
They were humble not depraved
These streets we're afraid of
Once were the fields of the brave
The fields of the brave

Where a Chevrolet rusts
By a closed shopping mall
Can you see through the dust
Where the brave ones stood tall

Buried deep where they fell
They live on in the stories we tell

They got what they gave
By their God they were saved
And I say this as I pray
I can't help but dream of
The days these were fields of the brave
The fields of the brave

After all this time
And the struggles in between
We stand next in line
With the chance we can build on their dreams
In the

Fields of the brave
Fields of the brave
We got what they gave

In the fields of the brave
Let their spirits be saved
And I pray this on their graves
There'll be a return of
The days these were fields of the brave
The fields of the brave

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Styx Fields Of The Brave Comments
  1. Ricky Jaeger

    wow, this is awesome. better than i expected. damn i gotta get CYCLORAMA.

    P.S. although i'm not sure i'd have signed off on lyrics that place Buffalo Bill alongside the, uh, the Iroquois on the "Plains." We can't fault them for a little fudging I guess, but surely Iroquois/eye is not so great of a rhyme that a different fudge couldn't have worked just as well.

    Anyway, still a great song.

  2. MisterNinetySeven

    Dennis DeYoung purists are missing out!

    Trevor Hoadley

    MisterNinetySeven thank you! They are amazing with what they have now

    Trevor Hoadley

    Have you ever seen them live?

  3. Hylian_Hero85

    This is proof that Lawrence Gowan IS a good fit for Styx. But the issue is that they refuse to try a new album again and so the purists will always be hard on him because he is the one to take Dennis' spot in the band. If more new albums followed this, I would think that the purists would respect Gowan more. I'm a purist too, and I certainly like the songs that Lawrence has made in Styx and brought into the band from his solo career, like A Criminal Mind.

    Shana Lewis

    +Hylian_Hero85 I agree. Lawrence Gowan deserves more respect.


    And now there is a new album coming out! :D #StyxTheMission


    And it's INCREDIBLE!


    Yes it is! Hopefully they can put out another album later. They are incredible at making new music

  4. Luis Carlos Dávila

    This is like styx and queen...interesting .