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I'm tired of running around
me and my baby's gonna settle down
I'm gonna make her my june bride
we're gonna walk down the isle side by side
cause, I love here she loves me
that's the way it's gonna be
and baby you just wait and see
we gonnna be united
(united, United)
we gotta be and we're gonna be

we stick together like bees and honey
we go together like green and money
She brightens up
my whole wide world
She's got everything I want in a girl
I need her she needs me
that' the way it gonna be
and baby you just wait and see
We're gonna be united
we gotta be and we're gonna be
Ooooooh yeahh

I'm gonna buy her a wedding ring
all the church bells gonna ring
and baby you just wait and see

We're gonna be united
we gotta be and we're gonna be

I'm gonna buy her a wedding ring
all the church bells gonna ring
and baby you just wait and see

We're gonna be united
we gotta be and we're gonna be

We're gonna be united
we gonna be and we're gonna be

United yeah
we gonna be united
United heyyy
Just you and me
(just you and me)
and love makes three
(and love makes three)

I said I'm tired of running around
and it's time I settled down
(we gonna walk down the isle side by side)
we're gonna be, gonna be, gonna be, united
All our friends and relations, giving their congratulations
We're gonna be, gonna be, gonna be, united

We're gonna be, gonna be, gonna be, united

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Stylistics, The United Comments
  1. Bossalina Beats

    How did I miss this 😫🖤

  2. Sudan ThaGod

    Is this On iTunes????

  3. Toni Stark

    Play me some pimpin mane

  4. Wallace Garrett

    Nice cover, but I love the Intruders version better.

  5. Anthony Williams

    Styilisticts united

  6. Lance Kelly

    Knowing old school music from my older siblings brought me here


    Beat konductaaaaaa

  8. Nola Property Buyer

    Ha ha...

  9. Sam Smacker

    Spice Adams going to the barbershop brought me here

    Loriel Shannon1

    Right!!! LMAO 😂😂😂

    Courtney Daniels

    Same! "And you know that's right!"

    Corrin Swepson

    👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽me too 😩🤣😩😩

    torre foreal

    Lol u must not be a stepper but that was funny

    MC Akbar

    *UH HA HA*

  10. Terrell Cobb

    Where can I find this

  11. Donna-Ann Scott

    The 16 thumbs down must be the ones that are not united and unhappy 😂😂

    Dee Galloway

    Donna-Ann Scott you got that right!! Who doesn’t love a song like this!! 💃🏾💃🏾🕺🏽🕺🏽

  12. Tiler Lifestyle

    Spice Adams got me here

  13. Norman Sylvester

    I used to sit on top a hill looking on the Montego Bay Airport and whenever the UNITED AIRLINES comes in this song always surfaced in my head.

  14. jo22338601


  15. Keiosha Alexander


  16. Deborah Kingston

    My dad loved this group and I can see why his voice is so beautiful. This is music from the soul

  17. torre foreal


  18. Living My Dream !!!

    This song always remind me of my wife and me , 27 years and still happily united.


    Living My Dream !!! That’s what’s up 👍🏿🍷love too 👂🏿 stuff like that 2019

    Terrell Cobb

    Living My Dream !!! Where can I get this song

    Courtney Daniels


    MC Akbar

    Reminds me of the woman I've been lovin for almost four year but she doesn't like me back... But i still do

  19. Christopher Barnett

    Best music in the world seventies eighties

  20. wilbert mcbride


  21. Passion Alves

    Spice Adams brought me to Madlib and Madlib brought me here 😊

  22. Julien

    0:18 to 0:31 loop


    Hearing that part, I'm ready for the beat to flip lol

  23. Stace Renae

    Listening to this song in 2018

  24. DC JOE

    I really like this version .....Thanks for posting!

  25. Andrea J.

    Can’t find this on iTunes

  26. ljpsalmist

    The Sound of Philadelphia! The best in the world.

  27. East Bay Cali

    Shit!!!!!! I love the hell out of this joint!

  28. TORILUV Mari H

    love orchestral arrangement see this is real music i miss playing on the bass the drums strings horns keys and the Stylistics with their amazing harmonies wow im missin my parents aunts and uncles and cousins who passed all over again

  29. Tracy Love

    Spice Adams brought me here

    Shelly Gyrl

    Lol, me too! 😂 song is 👍

    obed mthenjane

    Same here.

    Tyasia Bethea

    Me too lol im in love with this song now

    Nola Property Buyer

    Ha ha...

    Toni Stark

    That's a fo sho right on

  30. Lioness Ingrid

    One of my favorite groups! Seen them live in concert last year and was so excited! They don't make great music like these anymore...

  31. Emelda Lawson

    Glass Chapel and All! What an, in your face! WOW!

  32. joker87wild


  33. joker87wild


  34. Nino Brown

    Gotdamn you Madlib!!!!

  35. Jorge Da Costa

    the best

  36. Yuri Diogo

    We gonna be United ...

  37. mrbsfld

    i could step to this ALL night

    Kimberly Wilson

    Yesss lawd

  38. Mike Horgan

    There's only one RUSSELL THOMPKINS JR.   !!!!

    Gregory Hunter

    Mr. Mike Hogan You got that right, sir. Russell's voice is one of a kind. One of the original soul stylists still doing his thing. Have a Great Day.

  39. Wayne White

    This is a remake of the Peaches and Herb classic.

    Tawwab Mubarak

    Actually this is the intruders cut from the 60s

  40. Annmarie Spence

    rent-a tile music


    this my jam here love the lyrics love the old school musiq if your still listening too this 2018 - 2019 👍🏿 your winning

  42. The One

    U-ni-ted... I love it. I see where Heatwave get there shit from. Lol. Heatwave is nothing more than an advanced Stylistics

  43. Irish Patti

    SB....🍀😇💋☘😎... . Traditionally ....

  44. Hugo Arruda dos Santos

    Dudley Perkins & Madlib brought me here!


    Hugo Arruda dos Santos same here!


    Me 3 😊


    Same here!!

  45. Marcia Stewart-walls

    This song touches my soul. I love me some stylistics.


    yep. yep 2019 👍🏿👍🏿

  46. Andre Horton

    stepper's music

  47. Precious Baby Doll

    No matter how many times this magnificent group change members , they still have the ability to maintain that WOW factor. This is a beautiful version of United. Always a Fan. Thanks for posting !

    daniel porter

    The Voice Of Russell Tompkins Jr. Is Truly Phenomenal The Best Tenor Voice Hands Down....!!!!!

  48. Ralph Jones

    Thank you madlib for sampling this.

  49. Virginia Grandy

    Simply beautiful

  50. Annmarie Spence


  51. Michael Woodard

    Its always good to be United someone special

  52. young richard

    Madlib brought me here

  53. Odetta Pumphrey

    Love this version of this song.  Smooth steppin!


    Odetta Pumphrey 👍🏿🌚

  54. Lorraine Gutierrez

    Brings back many memories'
    Reminds me of my hubby. R.I.P. Babe
    Love the Stylistics❤ can hear there music all day & nite.

    Michael Woodard

    It's lovely to be you United with someone special

    Michael Woodard

    It's lovely to be you United with someone special

    Michael Woodard

    It's lovely to be you United with someone special


    smooth vocals!

  56. Allan Stallworth

    The best

  57. Johnnie Jones Jr

    My Boys !!!

  58. Daniel Morgan

    They are coming to Jamaica this week and i am going to see them live in person!

  59. Ghanjah Holt

    I man listen dem everyday..jah know

  60. Ghanjah Holt

    These tunes cant die