Styles P - How We Live Lyrics

[Havoc:] Yeah! Watup, son?
[Styles:] Havoc, watup nigga good lookin for the beat. I'ma talk shit over this one
[Havoc:] Told you I got you my nigga. But um, I want you to let these niggaz
[know why you in that top 5.
[Styles:] This is my livin nigga
[Havoc:] Why you that nigga.
[Styles:] It feel good in here
[Havoc:] Yeah!

[Verse 1:]
Second time around I'ma let the magic shoot
This time it's off the Havoc flute yeah
I'm a general and criminal yall fags salute
I'm in the streets while yall sweet like a bag of fruit
And I stick to my timberlands like I'm maganoo
Ya man lookin like he want it he can have it to
Try to tell these muthafuckas they should do as do does
I been smoking haze just as green as the zoo was
Sorta like the city of Gods
We be screamin out "we gon' make it" but I pity the odds
I'm like knock out Ned when I pop out led
But I even been around to pass Biggie cigars
So I smoked wit a legend, if you took the oath then the ghost is ya bredrin
blowin smoke in the seven
Or maybe it's the hooptie in these pisshole slums
Just tryna kick my piece off of kiko's drums
Ya know

[Jadakiss:] This is how we live
[Styles:] Smoking, drinking, hustling, thinking
[Jadakiss:] This is how we live
[Styles:] Drug spots, projects, Jail cell stinking
[Jadakiss:] This is how we live
[Styles:] Whole block run when they see cop lights blinking
[Jadakiss:] This is how we live
[Styles:] Benjamins, grants, Washingtons Lincolns

[Verse 2:]
Die once you live twice die twice you live once
Get the shit confused so I'm puffin on the big blunts
Kick it wit the kid that be deep in the zone
It's the ghost, I got to go to sleep just to get home
I'm spiritually outta this world
Meet my lyrics on the darkside come back when the dutchie get twirled
I'm the alpha and omega of nice
I'm the messenger sent by the force at the head of the light
But satan's ridin my back in the dead of the night
I be doin some crazy shit for some bread and some ice
God I'm tryna focus with my third eye lens
I smoke haze to see my brother when he blow that wind
And I'm a grown man so I know my sins
And niggaz don't get the picture so do Kodak win?
The shit'sover their head and under their nose
Not a star cause I'm a sun when it come to a flow
Ya Know


[Verse 3:]
I'm a rare individual
Represent my team till they put in me in the earth no air in my physical
I don't need to dream I live another life when I sleep it's so deep I'ma
spare you the visual
Far from religious but my heir's name is biblical
Stay away from crabs they don't care cause they miserable
School lil niggaz
You could by diamonds but I could play wit words that's a jewel lil nigga
Tongue sharp like a sword
I could get ya fam killed just off my word that's the proper Art of War
Stay wit the Parker and the Porsche
I don't trust a soul cause niggaz threw rocks up at the Lord
The cash aint right there the mask is right there
Niggaz try P I'ma blast 'em right there
You don't want ya right ear next to ya Nike Airs
Said I'm from the darkside bringin the light here

[Styles:] Second time around, you know what time it is. It's all lyrics over
here nigga. Feel me nigga! And I'm in the hood for real. All day all night
shit like that. Yo Hav once again good lookin out for the beat nigga. SP the
Ghost, ONE!

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Styles P How We Live Comments
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    still knocking in going into 2020

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    My favorite Styles P solo album. Makes you really appreciate the first one though cause this one felt short.

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    This beat is the truth🍻🏌️‍♂️🤝☝️

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    The hardest out

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    “I gotta go to sleep just to get home” that Ghost shit.

  13. Ryan Ragains

    'I'm a rare individual..represent my team till they put me in the earth..
    No air in my physical..

  14. Max Robo

    Jail house memories


    Max Robo same. Styles music got me through a lot of cell time

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    Spare me.

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    But Ngz don’t get the picture so we Kodak(🔫) them.

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    This shit does something to me chills and all #TheGhost #Dblock #354

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    “I don’t trust a soul, cus n***as threw rocks up at the lord.” That line alway hit me.


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    When I sleep its soo deep
    I'm a spare you the visual

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    How the fuck does this track have even 1 thumbs down???

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    flow and style is timeless

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    Salute To Styles P & The Lox Who Were Recently On The Wendy Williams Show! Respect From A Queen From Queens, NY

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    I used to hear dblock/the Lox and hear the souls of blacks on the's hard to explain but it's like they are the embodiment of the black community.

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    The flow is effortless

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    Beat is mother fucking AMAZING

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    LadiVirgo412 FACTS 💯♥️

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    V Lucas Facts

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    John Powell this album dropped dec 2006

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    Styles underrated..... only for ignorant nikka

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    Habz Abz What does that mean to you?

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    Live like a superior man or woman, humanitarian, leader etc. your name will live on. Or the clear alternative is sit around and let life beat you over and over and be like the majority and no one remembers you.

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