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STRFKR Shot Gun Comments
  1. Yergot

    I'm surprised how little views this has compared to other songs.

  2. Yergot

    Makes me feel.

  3. Devante Watkins

    I can hear kid Cudi rapping to this

  4. dg rabbit

    Acid music.

  5. Frenzy and The 6

    This sounds like some sorta version of Pistol Pete and Hard Smart Beta.

    But I still like it a lot.

  6. Tox

    I just love this happy 2019

    Allahisgay Mohammedthefalseprophet

    Tox, your fired!

  7. dg rabbit

    So good.

  8. MrCrazy550

    This here is my happiness in a bottle

  9. kevin moore

    so far ive listened to almost every strfkr track and these guys seriojsly dont have a bad song

  10. mersunarytigre

    Sounds like a beta version of "Pistol Pete."


    kevin moore

    its gotta be, or at least its like a kind of lead up into it.

  11. Matt Villalobos

    Consider including ur music in some indie video games

    cobalt geo

    You should probably directly contact them about it I would love to see Music made by strfkr in more Media

  12. Devin Cowan

    This opening made me so happy that I started dancing and forgot about my bagel which burnt in the toaster :c

    Polyvinyl Records

    bagel died for a good cause

  13. Ben Tacka

    Fucking hell yes

  14. Danny Blast

    Make me wanna eat Lsd and clean house.

  15. Marina Valdez

    Today just got so much better 💚

  16. Caliman Beltran

    Been waiting for vault 3 for months :D can't wait to get my CD copy!!! Keep Starfucken!!

  17. Marissa Sins

    hell yeah!


    hell yeah!