Streisand, Barbra - What Matters Most Lyrics

It's not how long we held each other's hand
What matters is how well we loved each other
It's not how far we traveled on our way of what we found to say
It's not the spring you see but all the shades of green

It's not how long I held you in my arms
What matters is how sweet the years together
It's not how many summer times we had to give to fall
The early morning smiles we tearfully recall
What matters most is that we loved at all

It's not how many summer times we had to give to fall
The early morning smiles we tearfully recall
What matters most is that we loved at all
What matters most is that we loved at all

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Streisand, Barbra What Matters Most Comments
  1. sandra Ferrington

    This is to beautiful

  2. Diana Eastaff

    Streisand perfection - the ultimate album

  3. HancockChannel

    The Champ. Winning and losing at the same time.... nice movie. Kenny Rankin's version will make you bawl too.

    More Aware

    Agree - Kenny R's version is great as well.

  4. abdiel460

    oh Bab' don't die never please.!!!!! you make me feel angels flying inside of me.

  5. Linda Thomas

    people in her life from the very beginning of her career, ie; Alan and Marilyn Bergman and so forth.. amazing. I miss Marvin. I saw many documentaries on him and he is nothing less than Genius. He went to Juliard at the age of 6, has won every major award there is, and a Pulitzer Prize to top that off. He's an incredible talent that we will all miss dearly. He was the one that started off with Barbra. I can only imagine how she must feel having lost him. He is truly amazing. He had a great

  6. Linda Thomas

    duets album soon and that he would be included. I will definitely buy that one. They went on tour once, but he has to hone up on the stage presence and completely own it before he starts to do concerts. I believe he can do it and carry on her legacy. No question. She will always be an incredible singer and actress, director, and her book is amazing.. I love it. So many tips, so much beauty in her collections. She really knows her stuff. What I really love about her is that she's kept the same

  7. Linda Thomas

    push and strive when most women her age are slowing down. Not Barbra, she's pushing even more. Her albums have been nothing but, in my opinion, perfection. from Love is The Answer, What Matters Most, Release Me and Jasons new Itunes and cd I found on Amazon. He's really a great singer. He's got a different jazzy like quality.. he really is talented. I thought he was great in Prince of Tides, but he definitely was hiding this gift he had all these years. Barbra stated that she would be making a

  8. Linda Thomas

    Jason's video for her birthday and the duet they sang was amazing. I didn't know he was an amazing singer, but not at all surprised because her mother sang beautifully, Barbra of course and her sister is an amazing singer as well. It definitely runs in the genetic pool. She's something else.. What a treat. I can only say I hope to see her again. She says she does this every six years or so, she's got a movie coming out on X-mas with Seth Rogan and she's remaking gypsy. She's an amazing person to

  9. Linda Thomas

    have the HUGE iconic stage presence and stardome she does. She's still amazing. Still has that beautiful voice and put on a spectacular show. Worth the huge amt of money I paid to see her.. I was near the front, so you can imagine the price I paid. I would say it was worth every penny. The beginning when she filmed her whole life from little girl to star was amazing, the 60 piece orchestra was still amazing.. Barbra was timeless, funny, looked at ease with the crowd and she was Barbra amazing.

  10. Linda Thomas

    Her concert in Brooklyn was sheer perfection. I wanted to see more of Barbra and her son and sister singing more. Not alone.. Jason and Rosilyn alone. Barbra's the legend we all paid tickets to see and nontheless, it did make the perfect concert. She's sheer perfection, whether she states she is or not because she doesn't like to use the words perfection any longer, she states she strives for excellence. The point is, for as long as she's been around, most actors/singers stop working or just

  11. David Higgins

    Her phrasing, diction and the emotion she conveys in this song are so superb. Miss Streisand has got to rank as one of the finest singers of popular music in the world today.

  12. Cesar Pinheiro Marcello

    This Dave Grusin's song is from the Franco Zeffirelli's film "The Champ" with JohnVoight . The fantastic lyrics are from Alan and Marilyn Bergman. Fantastic Barbra either...

  13. Tifanie Joy Lansang

    Amazing rendition!

  14. sirhymer

    @Faboosh - Thanks for posting the name of the movie the song came from. I'm trying to find the Karaoke CD it may be on. Want to sing it for my wonderful husband. Thanks for the opportunity.

  15. jonas123ization

    I love streisand. I've suffered two heart, stroke, cancer and lost my five mos old first beautiful daughter and everytime I listen to barbra her words and voice strengthens me and lets me know I will be ok in Gods arm . Thanks barbra for allowing us to listen to you you are God sent.

  16. Morris Kris

    Amen to the Great Streaisand!

  17. Morris Kris

    she sounded like a local singer here in the philippines Pilita Corales

  18. Lorna BC

    i just love her and love her voice.... what matters most is that we loved at all...

  19. Brian Eduardo

    Perfection really... I know many people don't like her.... but for those that love and appreciate her this is nirvana.... love the movie too!

  20. Southern Longoria

    @Towersla Isn't it so good. I cry everytime I hear her sing this. She is the only one who can do this to me. I love her so much. :)

  21. MrScottMadison

    I have been a fan of Ms. Streisand for many years. I must agree that she only gets better with time. Just when I think I have heard her best, she surpasses herself once again. Thank you, Barbra, for giving us such heartfelt performances!!

  22. Bobby Glen Rivers

    Simply beautiful production and performance.

  23. jorge glez

    I still don't understand why, but every time I hear this beautiful version of this song, I have to cry. What a heavenly voice!
    Many thanks to Streisand and the Bergmans for so many hours of pleasure they have given to us.

  24. ahfaxthis

    Ms Streisand, THANK YOU, for giving so much so often. I still laugh when I watch WHAT'S UP DOC. I was in the theatre in 1973 and have since watched the movie so many times. I bought nearly everyone one of your cds since 1982 when I grew up and moved away from home. My Mom played your music all the time in the 70's. She loved you. I love you. We both respect you for continuing to make music. Bless you. I shed a tear of happiness for what you are giving to us all. THANKS !

  25. Der Stein Von Sued

    I love how her voice sounds better and better year after year :)

  26. Glauber Guimaraes

    I just Love it. Simply Beautiful !!!

  27. AbrahamDiner

    Overall very good cd. Very relaxing melodies for these tense moments.
    I would personally have added MOONLIGHT from the film SABRINA, I know
    that it is another moon song and another bissa nova beat song. And in the
    hits CD I would have added ON MY WAY TO YOU, with all those wonderful
    cinematic lyrics, perfect for Barbra the director. Congratulations.