Streisand, Barbra - That Face Lyrics

That face, that face, that wonderful face!
It shines, it glows all over the place.
And how I love to watch it change expressions.
Each look becomes the pride of my possessions.

I love that face, that face, it just isn't fair.
You must forgive the way that I stare,
But never will these eyes behold a sight that could replace

That face, That face, That face.

I love those eyes, those lips, that fabulous smile.
She laughs and Spring goes right out of style.

Oh never will these eyes behold a sight that could replace
That face, That face, That face, That face,
That face, That face, That face.

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Streisand, Barbra That Face Comments
  1. Selena Vargas

    This is a beautiful music montage!!! Also, that would be the coolest name ever! : Lily Rose Sage? Beautiful! I know its just the username but still.

  2. Gwyneth Kenward

    He is gorgeous ;;lucky her

  3. MegaCatlady3

    No Voice compares Babe"s..

  4. MegaCatlady3

    Sing it Beautiful Woman... Let your Man feel all that you are and feel about him !

  5. Brian Eduardo

    Hello gorgeous!

  6. Sunny Elsa Acosta

    muy mal la traduccion, i say the inimitable barbra and her hanson husband, they are marvelous

  7. Sunny Elsa Acosta

    que maravillos se ven los dos,la inigualable barbra y su encantador marido, un buen actor, gracias por el video, saludos

  8. Annamaria59

    Gorgeous! It's never too late to find a lovely person.
    God bless them I hope they have many many more happy years together.

  9. Lynnville

    what a beautiful loving couple...and soulmates too.....

  10. Mara Rocha

    I just love this video..perectfor a perfect love in a mature age of both...the more mature the more beautifull is the love...Congratulations to Barbra and James..ethernal life to this love!!!

  11. Celaine

    No doubt about it, James Brolin is one gorgeous man. He's like the energizer bunny, he just keeps going on and on and on! Wish he was in move movies, he's not only good looking, he's interesting to watch.

  12. 8virgin


  13. MsJollycholly

    Lilyrose, THANKS! This was clearly done with love and I LOVE that YouTube allows so many to adore Barbra and Jim but mostly that VOICE which is something which really comes along once in several lifetimes! Her phrasing here makes it clear that she's really INTO the lyric. A treaure to be be treasured for all time!

  14. Pat Wilkes

    No better singer in this world,,,,,she is fabulous!

  15. Shana Zahav

    "ça décoiffe" ! ;)))))) LoV

  16. auntjojo1980

    ahhh to be in love~kool video..thanks 4 posting =))

  17. C. Middleton

    Perfection. James is everything she ever needed in a man. He was/is sure in his own worth; appreciates who she is, and gives her the space and time to just be Babs from New York.

  18. happykewlgirl

    Barbra and James have been married for over 14 years now. :) Happy Birthday to James Brolin! Beautiful video as always Lily.

  19. Manuela Mauger

    She is in so many ways a strong woman,but right from The start he made her,feel save And protected,she found a shoulder to lean And trust.i am so happy for her,she deserves it

  20. richer enouff

    I love this song...and wish that Barbra would record a CD with a big band and full orchestral like many other performers have done...very jazzy!

  21. Brian Eduardo

    I bet barbra would like the collage of photos..... very nicely done.... great, great song

  22. ruth brown

    Lord, I cried buckets watching this. Beautiful man and woman.

  23. necktieguy1

    This is a beautiful romantic song. The lyrics just say "Romance!" Thanks to Ms. Streisand's interpretation I like it even more than before. Thanks for this post.

  24. 555kappock

    Sadie, Sadie, married lady, you did good. He did even better!
    Stay forever happey.

  25. Catherine Stacey

    @billygoyboy You sure got that right! Our amazing Barbra...

  26. billygoyboy

    "That Voice, That Voice, That Wonderful Voice!" I feel as if I've traveled back in time...Barbra voice, is as wonderful as ever!

  27. happykewlgirl

    BEST user-created video of the year!

  28. Helen Mosbrook

    I'm thrilled that the Brolins (he gets better looking with every passing year) are still so happy after 13 years of marriage, and I love this song, but it's not new. I first heard it on one of Barbra's legendary TV specials, 'Color Me Barbra' (1966). She sang a few bars of it as part of a medley of "Face" songs while she cavorted with animals in a circus sequence.

  29. Debra Gauthreaux

    I Love, Love, Love this!!!!!!!!!