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Streisand, Barbra Not While I'm Around Comments
  1. Issabella Solofsky

    This would be the song Suyin would sing to her children. (Knowing her past growing up with a single mother, her estranged half sister, and no father to speak of.)

  2. super flythepirate

    Hey it's super fly! I lost my phone in the snow! Hmu at sonnyraystone at gmail

  3. Alison Rice

    I sang this to my elderly mom. Needless to say, I cried after the first sentence..

  4. Max Ride

    You hear this not knowing where it came from. Then you watch Sweeney Todd and realized the real story 😂

  5. Shreesh Babu T S

    Who came here after TMS😍??

  6. Susan Woolf

    Truly beautiful

  7. Dave Bell

    Yep. Morning Show

  8. naz naz

    Who’s here after watching the morning show?

    Katie Mackinder

    the version jennifer aniston sings is better

    naz naz

    Katie Mackinder yes absolutely!!

  9. Chem Alcalde

    I'm here because Jennifer Aniston sang it on The Morning Show and, man, she can sing! 😍 and it didn't hurt that the song was beautiful. ❤

    Humaira Khan Afridi

    Me too ! I never heard this song before ! I wish Jennifer sings full song

    Chem Alcalde

    @Humaira Khan Afridi I know! She sings really well 😍 it's beautiful, I still listen to it everyday. ❤

    Chem Alcalde

    @Laura Kaminsky I'm sure that's true based on this song. I'm just saying Jen's voice is beautiful too. :)

    Chem Alcalde

    @Laura Kaminsky oh well, to each their own. Jennifer is not a professional singer so I can't compare her to one. That's unfair. I just find Jen's voice beautiful. 🤷‍♀️

  10. Beep Boop

    Thank you morning show

  11. Mark Mina


  12. eilyn510

    My sister used to sing this with all feelings she could muster 😁 she’s passed away in 2007 😢 I sing this when I think of her and it still hurts. I guess when we lost someone we love it will always hurt to remember.

  13. михаил хромых

    Нет, пока я рядом

  14. Leila Isbell

    this is a lullaby i sing for my turtle

  15. Rose

    I sang this song at my first voice recital lol

  16. HFritzson

    This ranks with “Jenny Rebecca.”

  17. Jenny McAdams

    -tears creating a flood in my house- SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  18. Martha Cain

    There is no inducement, no offer of safe haven that could cause me to betray the ones I love~ my sacred self, is yours

  19. Noena Burnell

    This was the very first song I sang to my son. He was 3 days old. Now 24 years later, I have stuck to every word. He has autism, but is the most wonderful son. A precious lad I adore. I dont know how any mother could feel any other way.

  20. Steve Ellis

    best female vocalist that ever existed. end of story !!!!

    Laura Kaminsky

    The best ever!

    Diana Aljadeff

    She is one of the best vocalists ever but not the best.There were others as good as her Ella Fitzgerald Sarah Vaughn Barbara Cook Maureen Mc Gowern Judy Garland etc.

    Laura Kaminsky

    @Diana Aljadeff Different but not as good as Barbara Streisand!

  21. Valer Dolera

    Nothing's gonna harm you
    Not while I'm around
    Nothing's gonna harm you
    No sir, not while I'm around
    Demons are prowling everywhere nowadays
    I'll send them howling, I don't care, I've got ways
    No one's gonna hurt you
    No one's gonna dare
    Others can desert you
    Not to worry, whistle I'll be there
    Demons'll charm you with a smile for a while
    But in time
    Nothing can harm you, not while I'm around
    Being close and being clever
    Ain't like being true
    I don't need to, I would never
    Hide a thing from you
    Like some
    No one's gonna hurt you
    No one's gonna dare
    Others can desert you
    Not a worry, whistle I'll be there
    Demons'll charm you with a smile for awhile
    But in time
    Nothing can harm you
    Not while I'm around

  22. Rebekah Kempton

    My dad would always sing this to me at night when I was a kid. It always made me feel so safe.

  23. Stone Amari


  24. Rudi Erwin

    I sing this to my cat

  25. geoff parrott

    So do I! Two dogs two cats. I’m doing it now while I’m feeding them. Geoff.🐶🐯🐯🐶

  26. Disco Girl

    I sing this to my new kitten. 🐈

  27. Karen Kloos

    Fuck u red tide rick scott

  28. Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!!

    As only Babs could sing it.

  29. Toni Taylor-Wuenschel

    My anthem for my son who is also a Jason, Barbra~

  30. mark reid

    Me and my mum's song

  31. Jessica Z.

    Played this for my boy (my precious cat) tonight and he actually curled up and started purring at my side. What a beautiful rendition; thank you for uploading this video for those who can't sing but want to show love to those who give it unconditionally.

  32. M.S. M.

    My mom dedicated this song to me on my bday last week and I busted out crying cause it is so beautiful.

  33. anna vladi

    Stop ruining classic songs Barbara.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  34. Lcarter52

    I sing this to myself.

    Alessandro Martini

    Lcarter52 ❤️

  35. Bill Piechocki

    I just lost my closest friend, and this is the only song that can adequately express how I feel... I love, and will forever miss you, Joey...

  36. ChinHooi Ng

    One of my fav musical theater songs
    Anyone interested in listening to my cover of the song , feel free to check out

  37. David Bailey

    Not a great fan of 'Sweeney Todd'. Only love a few songs. But this version of 'Not While I'm around' is fantastic by Barbra Streisand

  38. Shannon Grossen

    I am 5 seconds in and just tears, I can't even hold it back, Damn why is this so sweet

  39. Amanda Robbins

    My mom had her album she'd play it when we cleaned house on saturdays. My son starts kindergarten today. Yesterday on our way home from his open house i hear a jazz version and just lost it. Im not so ready for my baby to grow up!! 😭


    Check out one beautiful jazz version, by Canadian guitarist Sonny Greenwich, on an album entitled "Birds of Paradise".

  40. Lawrence Fernandez

    This is such a beautiful song and who better to sing it than Barbra Streisand. and not just because she's my all time favorite singer but her magical stylings just lend to this lullaby as we in vision it should be sung to our own children.

    Lawrence Fernandez

    by the way, my baby is 12 now and he's NEVER stopped me from singing it just before bedtime. Xoxo

  41. Anita Scott


  42. Grace L

    Love Barbara singing this song.

  43. Loves2sparkle

    I play this for my little boy who I pulled out of public school due to bulling. 😞

  44. Julia Mati

    lisa remembering our times alone years ago happy channukah mom

  45. Dazza Macca

    First Time I Heard This My Mum Sent It Me On Facebook Messanger. I Broke Down In Tears, Such A Beautiful Song, Thank You Mother Dearest Making Me Love This Song. <3

  46. Sophia Evans

    I sing this to my dog

    Nathan Queija Gonçalves



    guau guau....

    Emerald Waltz

    YASSSS I’m singing it to her right now lol

    Kat Star

    Sophia Evans OMG SAME!!! I thought I was the only one😂

  47. Shelly Yekutiel

    I sing this to my grand babies.

  48. Domenico del Rosso

    Great Stephen Sondheim.

  49. Kristin Ham

    Just had my first child, a baby boy, August 11, 2016. I now sing this to him every night before bed.
    I love you my sweet boy ♡

    Tom Kelly

    I know it is a little late but congratulations ! May God bless your child and you.

    c p

    i used to sing this to my first born when she was a baby, too. She just started high school this year. this song always draws a tear from me now...


    Congrats... If you're still feeling it 2 years in :D your boy and I share a birthday!


    I used to sing this to my boys when they were little. They are now 23 and 29. I think I should sing it to them again as the world is just as dangerous now as it was then.

    Spacy Cheese

    Wait, you look like your 15 lol

  50. Clare Phelan

    This is a stunning version of this song

  51. Grace And ray ray

    I like your song

  52. Mary Traugh

    My mom cried when she found out this song is from Sweeney Todd.

    Libby Poole

    Mary Traugh so did mine!

    Mike Karren

    I was horrified! lol Then I watched the Musical and thought, Yep, that's Sondheim! lol But who can write tunes like this but he?


    I get to sing it in our version of Sweeney Todd

  53. Bleux Rogue

    I sing this to my dog.

    kait D

    This is so pure.

  54. Jean Lunt

    I love this song and think of Barbra singing it to Jason when he was a little boy....we had our baby sons within 6 months of each other. She still has Jason, thankfully.    I lost my Jeff in 2013.  This song means so much to me.  My life will never be the same.


    I'm so sorry for your loss.  When I hear this song I think of my grand-daughters-8 & 5 months.  We'll protect our loved ones any way we can.

    Nancy Contreras

    Be strong... kisses from Argentina.. :'(


    I am so sorry for your loss 💞 know he is always with you

    Bill Piechocki

    Jean Lunt I'm so sorry. I just lost one of my closest friends to the current opioid epidemic crisis; I would play this song for him to express how I felt about him, and our friendship. Sadly, it wasn't enough to keep him here... My heart broke the day he left us...

  55. Emelio Salazar

    One of my most favorite musical soundtrack from the movie 'Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street" which stars Johnny Depp.

    Mike Karren

    Johnny Depp was in a later production, there were many before him.

    Emelio Salazar

    I am referring to a movie. Johnny Depp was the first to perform Sweeney.

    A. ham

    Emelio Salazar i personally enjoyed the broadway musical more, but the movie was awesome too!

    A. ham

    Emelio Salazar and the movie was an adaption of a musical so Johnny depp technecaly not the 1st Sweeney Todd.

    Gillian Halkola

    i can't tell if this is a joke or not???

  56. darrell robinson

    I have watched grow ever since "I Can Get It For You Wholesale" Her climb has been amazing to watch. Ya done good gurl !!

  57. Maria A. Saraswati

    my queen...

  58. Melsjustmel

    Beautiful :')

  59. Rei Robin

    What a sweet song..!

  60. Jennifer Higgins

    i LOVE this cover!