Streisand, Barbra - Before The Parade Passes By Lyrics

Before the parade passes by
Before it goes on, and only I'm left
Before the parade passes by
I've gotta get in step while there's still time left
I'm ready to move out in front
Life without life has no reason or rhyme left
With the rest of them
With the best of them
I wanna hold my head up high
I need got a goal again
I need got a drive again
I wanna feel my heart coming alive again
Before the parade passes by...
Before the parade passes by
I've gotta go and taste Saturday's high life
Before the parade passes by
I've gotta get some life back into my life
I'm ready to move out in front
I've had enough of just passing by life
With the rest of them
With the best of them
I can hold my head up high
For I've got a goal again
I've got a drive again
I wanna feel my heart coming alive again
Before the parade passes by


When the parade passes by
Listen and hear that brass harmony growing
When the parade passes by
Pardon me if my old spirit is showing
All of those lights over there
Seem to be telling me where I'm going

When the whistles blow
And the cymbals crash
And the sparklers light the sky
I'm gonna raise the roof
I'm gonna carry on
Give me an old trombone
Give me an old baton
Before the parade passes by!

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Streisand, Barbra Before The Parade Passes By Comments
  1. sockington1

    one of the most incredible vocal performances in the history of popular music - the last note is held for 14 seconds - ask any of today's 'divas' to do that

  2. Brin Hauptmann

    She was obviously too young for the role. She was obviously cast not because she "fit" the role better but she was a bigger movie star than the other actresses who had done the role and were more age-appropriate. But Streisand OWNED this part by the end of the movie. She sells the hell out of the songs and is note-perfect for the comedy scenes.

  3. Joseph Tatham

    Best performance ever! Hope you have this movie (Hello Dolly) in your collection. Barbara Streisand at her best!

  4. Allan Southern

    Barbra at her best

  5. Dyno Crafts

    Come on 2019?!

    Angie Quinn

    I just got out of watching this on stage with the legend Betty Buckley. It was amazing.

    Angie Quinn

    But I will always love Babs version!

  6. Barbara babelbmoi Bouchenoire

    i love it

  7. rob yohn

    I love this scene in HD. The floats, clothes, the set, and the last part of it. I trained my voice to hit the last note. Not easy.

  8. rob yohn

    Carol Channing could not hold a candle to Barbra.


    In this, yes she could. They were totally different. Channing didn't have to take a back seat to anybody!

  9. rob yohn

    I have sang this out loud in front of a group of people and they liked it!

  10. michael carbonaro

    This song I listened to a lot during my breakup with my ex boyfriend but now I'm gonna feel my heart coming alive again before the parade passes by

  11. Brin Hauptmann

    Streisand was, of course, miscast. She was way too young for the role. But she sells the hell out of the songs and walks away with the role. I love her performance.

  12. mellie mel

    I watch this movie over and over and it always amazes me. I fell in love with this movie the very first time I saw it . When I watch it with my husband he always says when she sings hello dolly and the song is over he says rewind it rewind it so I can see her sing hello dolly again. Lol

  13. kelly mckay

    No one can compare to Streisand especially this number. Wow

  14. klstehn

    This song always cheers me up :)

  15. Kaitlyn Rogers

    She was decades too young. So she decided to camp it up. So she didn't seem deluded for doing it. And the gay's loved it. But the critics didn't. Lol

  16. D Lewis

    Always loved this song from the musical "Hello Dolly". Fantastic film too!

  17. Lynne Ward

    I don't care what the critics think either she has a voice to die for my favourite singer

  18. Daisy Ohdaisy

    Slay it Babs, slayyyyy!!!!!!

    Sometimes I listen to this for a pick me up. Say what you want about Streisand as a person, but damn she sure could belt it out and slap some soul on it.


    Streisand as a person : Generous & a winner. She is a DEMOCRAT! Equal Rights, Healthcare, Education, Fair Pay, A Clean Planet, & A Woman's Right to Choose. I'm so, so proud this great artist is one of US.

    Daisy Ohdaisy

    GreginNYC I heard her only human weakness is a duet with Neil Diamond.

  19. Karen Riches

    I love Mrs Levi. I saw Hello Dolly! Years ago and I still love it.

  20. Brian Pelaccio

    Don't close the Broadway show- put Babs in!!

  21. Jenna Rose

    I have to audition with this for something, this is my first time listening to it. I’m a little scared now😅


    Jenna K How did it go? I hope you got it. This song takes pipes!

  22. Zoe Delaney

    What a woman .... What a voice

  23. The Dark Knight aka Omicron Ascension 1

    This movie and soundtrack will always hold a special place in my heart. Sublime !!

  24. Caldocht

    Super important: Does anyone know what key this song is in?

    David Wickham

    G in this version, then A flat (after the snare drum entry), up to A, off into G flat for the marching band.......

  25. goatboy

    Never liked her a bit. But I'll take my hat off to her for that.

  26. Krystal Harwood

    who was that old woman in that close up shot?

  27. Jaime Terry

    She is amazing !!!!!

  28. Suzie Q Truth

    Her interpretation of this score is incomparable. Other actresses can and should shine in this role but no one ever sang it like Streisand.

  29. Andres Jimenez

    The long note at the end...spectacular

  30. Gonzalo Solé

    The best singing of this musical by the extraordinary Barbra Streisand who manages emotive vocal moments throgh all this wonderfull songs.
    I love you Barbra for this deluxe performance

  31. Dave Glo

    The Hello Dolly movie was woefully out of place in 1969 Vietnam/Nixon-era America. But it has aged very well. It's like an old-fashioned operetta with great singing and dancing. It evokes a long-ago world. A wonderful step back in time.

  32. Willie L

    In her prime, she was the best. The perfection, the respect for each syllable. Brilliance. I love her in this performance of a lifetime. Unquestionable, Star of stars !!!!

  33. Brian Eduardo

    Just compared this rendiition with Ms. Midler.... I know its not a competition and one can enjoy both but.... the wistful subtleness of Barbra's intro is terrific - as young as she was she gets the mood of widow reclaiming her life....

  34. Halo101st

    The indomitable Barbara Streisand.
    I hate her politics which are disturbingly left-wing liberal but I could watch her perform for literally hours on end. The lady is the essence of talent with a gorgeous voice. You go, Babs!

    Kym Kantaris

    Halo101st agree lol


    I think it would be a good idea if you began thinking for yourself instead of parroting the media filth and Hollywood. All these absurd accusations against President Trump and not one shred of supporting fact in any of them. Just childish left-wing liberal babble.

    richard fouts

    Loved your comment. You remind me of my dad who didn't like her politics at all .. and he once said, "there are plenty of reasons to not like Streisand; but her singing isn't one of them."

    Jonathan Marchetti

    My grandparents say the same thing! She’s been very jarring with her politics, but her talent seems undeniable.


    I agree. I've often wondered how can people be so talented and so nutty at the same time?

  35. slapjake

    Justin Bieber wrote this song.

  36. Chase Jackson

    one of the all time most charismatic and vocally gifted artist of the century....what this women cld do with a note her hey-day!!!

  37. Brooklyn Bobby

    I don't care that the critics didn't like this movie. I watch it every time it comes on TV and I think Barbra rose to the occasion even though they said she was too young. I can't think of anyone who could do more justice to the music of this movie.

    SG R

    Brooklyn Bobby I saw the movie last year ... it was fantastic! 😁

    I don't understand why the critics didn't like it. What's not to like 🎉

    Christina Taylor

    Brooklyn Bobby I totally agree .Raised My five daughters and Grandkids on Barbra& Walter’s “🎶HelloDolly🎶”. Now I’m starting on the Great- Grand’s. The 19 year old lived too far away and the other’s weren’t very available, but I’ve got #12 ,Scarlet Piper and Her Mom living here and she loves GG’s music. I also can turn it on anytime and enjoy. Can’t say that about too many movies. My 5th. daughter Alanna was in all the Musicals at her High School and I so wanted them to do Hello Dolly ,but that didn’t happen till after She Graduated. She got to be Ado Annie in Oklahoma. That was cool. 🎶💕💜🎶

    Nick Mayor

    @Kaitlyn Rogers She was NOT too young...most Dollys are too old. WIlder did not intend for her to be a senior citizen.

    Nick Mayor

    @SG R What critics did not like all stemmed from some idiotic backlash about Hollywood casting films with people who are far more age appropriate and more appropriate for a film. What works on stage does not necessarily work on screen but there are fools who always think that because someone did a show, they should automatically get the film version. there are fools who think that Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth should be in the film version of Wicked. They were too old for the stage and they are WAAAAYYY too old to have their faces blown up on a movie screen in these roles. Shirley MacLaine was needlessly mauled for Sweet Charity but Gwen Verdon was WAAAAYYY too old by the time the film was made.

    Nick Martinez

    She wasn't too young... Walter Matthau was TOO old! Good grief!

  38. d gaboriault

    This goes through my mind { + i sing parts of it }on my way to gay pride since the 80's "I Am What I Am'' also. tradition since the 80's

  39. Hassani Fong Yit

    my school is performing Hello Dolly next week I'm excited

    Brian Pelaccio

    Who are you playing?

  40. Hassani Fong Yit

    the brass sections sounds amazing

  41. MariaTeresa Rios

    sublime,melodic while touchy  and I heard the longest held note in a movie up to themoutstanding!

  42. Brian Eduardo

    She made her own of the score of Hello Dolly... for all that she was too young for the role... she carried it off beautifully and her singing throughout is sublime... go Barbra go!

    Jaime Rea

    my favorite musical of Barbara Striesnand

    Brian Eduardo

    thanks for comment she is the best

  43. Dave Glo

    And 45 years later, she still sounds pretty damn good!

  44. Mary Swike


  45. Tom Leroux

    Excellent, memories of little boy days!!!

  46. Tamara Rodriguez

    Very nice !  :)

  47. Raymond Maurer

    Thank the maker they went with this one. That alternate version well, sucks. This one has been an inspiration to me for the past 46 years. "Hello, Dolly!" remains one of my most beloved musicals of all time.


    +Raymond Maurer Though Streisand performed both songs admirably, the director would have to go with this version. The other one has so many tempo changes and breaks, no marching band could ever play a song this way while marching. This version is the only version that makes sense in the context of the film's setup to use a marching band in a parade. Actually, I'm assuming the alternate version may have been intended as a Streisand single rather than be used in the context of the film. Streisand sometimes re-recorded her film tracks in a more contemporary way for use on an album or to be released as a single in support of the film.

  48. Jo Ann Phelps

    What makes that last note so amazing, are all the notes leading up to it! She was, and always will be...the best! Barbra!

    Kaitlyn Rogers

    Longest held note in a movie!!

  49. Salem Fathi

    loved that movie and this song in particular
    she is great

  50. Vines Famous

    4:34-End Of that note WOW!!!!!

    Eric Gregory

    Vines Famous Damn! 14 seconds! Never timed it in its brilliance for the past 30 years!

  51. theclassicso

    Barbra can really belt out a tune.  That last note is incredible.  Barbra's voice is unwavering and just as strong to the end.  


    she held it perfectly for 16 seconds unreal!

  52. Barbra Jones

    i love this song and i love the way barbra sings it---sheer perfection!

  53. irvinemuscle

    I LOVE this song, and  movie, don't care all the abuse it's taken over the years, the fact is the fans loved (and LOVE)it!

  54. towringer

    This was my HS class play. I adored how Barbra could hold that note at the end!

    Timothy Robert

    MUSICAL not play

    Alice Wonders

    this was my first HS musical. it was so much fun!!! 


    @Alonda Perkins It's a play that happens to be a musical. Geez.

    Timothy Robert

    @irvinemuscle No, your comment should be "It's a production that happens to be a musical" a play and a musical are very different. A play is a production with no songs performed. Then there is a play with music which is a production were there are songs performed during the production, but it's a performance in the play world as well, with an audience in the play. A musical is a production that has songs performed about whats happening in the show with no in show audience, though there may be musicals that have songs that also have in show audiences, ex. Jersey Boys, and Dream Girls. Then there are Opera's which are productions were everything is sung, and no lines are said.

    Alice Wonders

    @irvinemuscle  I didn't correct the play. Play  musical  doesn't make a difference just as long as you have fun with it! 

  55. stevensondavid096

    tytytytyty so much i love it--and moving boxes are the thing in most songs that are album cuts here on youtube ...look around Mr Noe no offence

  56. Noe Berengena

    Thanks for the upload but please consider in the future a video with really smooth  transitions. These jumping boxes merely detract from the soundtrack and take the viewer's attention from the real focus: the music. 

  57. Capcoor

    I'm glad something did.

  58. Nina Hartwigsen

    Great voice, great movie, which I cherish for ever.
    Love this!!!
    Thanks Barbra!


    the power of music!

  60. Daniel D Martin

    i heard this song contains the longest held note in Musicals ' history up to 1969!

    Angie Quinn

    What is the longest now?

    Karl Lieck

    Well, the last note she sings in "On A Clear Day..." was about as long, maybe longer than this one. Anyway, both were fantastic. Babs was the best.

  61. Jose Garcia

    My mother bought this album back in 1969. I remember listening to it almost every day until 1972. What a voice! What glorious music! It was one of the best movie scores of 1969. She looked really beautiful in that movie. You are right the last note is pure genius sung with unbriddled passion capable of shatering glass. One of the greatest female vocalists of the century!

  62. Christopher Jay

    Vibrato :')

  63. MrCristoforoantonio

    She is the BEST talent in the world!

  64. Retro Dreams

    Such a motivating tune! Always loved this.


    barbara killed every inch of this song. lol and i do mean that in a good way. I am just blown away by her lung power and perfection.

  66. abdiel460

    it's the one of the best songs of this play .... its real after of 30 years old and ahedad.
    if no have couple friend or lover or someboy who'd love you .


    i just posted it (as well as PUT ON YOUR SUNDAY CLOTHES). enjoy!

  68. Captain Marvel

    Can you please upload the finale song from the movie?

  69. Retro Dreams

    I go around whistling "Put on Your Sunday Clothes," but I think this song is my favorite.

  70. Codename Siarnaq

    She's so so so very beautiful, talented, elegant and a million and one other words. It's amazing and I could watch this film over and over again :)


    i'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  72. deltamusic

    Love that last note! No one but Barbra!


    @DorisDayFanatic YOU'RE VERY WELCOME!!

  74. DorisDayFanatic