Streisand, Barbra - Alone In The World Lyrics

Why not pretend
We're alone in the world
And that we're safe
From the storm out there
You'll be the only love
That I've known in the world
No clocks to measure
The time we share

Out there the winds
Are bitter cold
And there is too much pain
And far too little love
To few others who care

The here and now
Is all that we own in the world
And love's the refuge
That sees us through
Sleep inside my arms
Kiss the world away
Let tomorrow come
Let me face the day with you

The here and now
Is all that we own in the world
And love's the refuge
That sees us through
Sleep inside my arms
Kiss the world away
Let tomorrow come
Let me face the day with you

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Streisand, Barbra Alone In The World Comments
  1. Feliza Paulosky

    Donde esta el Señor.nunca lo veo.

  2. Freedy Krueger

    wtf I got copy stricked and I have fucking 15 subs i didnt even play this

  3. Zooba57

    Jerry Goldsmith would be smiling! Simply superb!

  4. Berenice Reyes G.

    Such a great song! Such a great voice! Love both versions, Patti´s and Barbra´s, but I am an always Barbra´s fan. Love her so much! Thanks for sharing. Blessings...

  5. Jonas Mahraun


  6. André Raymond

    This is the first piece of music my sonever geard. I played it for him in his incubator at the hospital. I am a huge fan of Jerry Goldsmith's, I always loved his hauntingly beautiful score for the Russia House. I used to rock my baby boy to sleep humming this melody. My second son was played Carole Ann's theme from Poltergeist (minus the weird laugh at the end).

  7. Ghazi Al3barid


  8. Renae Mirror7

    This takes my breath away!

  9. fred moore

    exquisite!!!streisand Forever!

  10. Peach Butterfly

    something so beautiful about this song.luv it.

  11. Bestofthebestforever

    One of her greatest vocals ever.

    Hayden Harris

    +Bestofthebestforever I agree

  12. Daniel D Martin

    Really acomplished,thanks Barbra

    Peach Butterfly

    +Daniel D Martin FULLY AGREED.THX

  13. Timothy Little

    WOW....the perfect trio....Alan, Marilyn and BARBRA.

    Peach Butterfly

    +Timothy Little PERFECT

    Peach Butterfly

    something so peaceful .yet sad about song/..I love this lady.great trio..yes its perfect.thx. Timothy

    Mateja Đedović

    And Jerry Goldsmith!


    A very beautiful rendition of the love theme from The Russia House. The pairing of Lady Barbara's voice and Chris Botti's instrumental is magical. I fell in love with this song through the orignal solo on the movie soundtrack by Patti Austin. Comparing the two is like attempting to judge the most beautiful rose in a field of roses or the most beautiful sunset; impossible...

  15. cdhbart

    Let me correct the confused soul on Barbara's age. She is 72 . Certainly not young. But not near 89. I hope she stays home at that point and sings with the birds.

  16. Stefania Vega

    Amo esta cancion¡¡¡ Barbra canta tan hermoso con una voz tan dulce I LOVE YOU BARBRA¡

  17. Luis Da

    Mientras envejece ha perdido mucha de su grandiosa voz, sin embargo sigue teniendo el poder de interpretar estas maravillas letras de manera que te mueve todo. Gran arreglo, gran voz, intensa interpretación y excelente canción. Eres única Barbra !!!

  18. Peach Butterfly


  19. Peach Butterfly


  20. Ellen Baker

    Sorry - the Patti Austin's version - the original...gotta hear that.

  21. Jody Macario

    Barbra,,,you filled my life with music..Every trial I encountered in my life, you were there with a song,,a song I would cry to..yearn to..You sang the music of my life..please never stop filling our ears with your magnificence...

  22. Raphael Raynor

    Love it

  23. nwk38

    Some people don't like her because they claim she can be nasty,refuse to take pictures with fans etc. So what, just enjoy her music, Fans are not going to be best buddies with her.Dinner with her is not going to happen. Just relax,enjoy.


    What's that old saying? Something about never meet your idols because you'll more often than not be disappointed??? I have her music that's enough for me.

  24. Maurizio Rippa

    I love this song, and Barbra is WONDERFUL. thanks

  25. Peter Greenhill

    I love Jerry Goldsmith's score for 'The Russia House' and this is a great version of a fabulous song. Nice one, Barbra!

  26. billyboylb

    I love this song. The arrangement with the horn is brilliant! Thanks Barbra!

  27. FUNART media

    W O N D E R F U L !

  28. David Valentine

    Sheer brilliance. Used her vocal abilities to their best, harmonics, power, she's always had the ability to say "eeee" with such goldness with an overtone on the vowel. FAB STUFF

  29. ahfaxthis

    OPENING GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS. WTF? How is this possible. It's 2011. She never retired. THANK YOU MS STREISAND for this new cd and collection of beautiful music. You are a CLASS ACT and so very well respected. This song is really really good, I have to say. It's so reminds me of your style from the 80's and it sounds like you have never aged. The gift you bring to mine and many others is so giving and I appreciate you still working and sharing your gift with us all. Bless You Ms Streisand

  30. Louis Barzaga

    such a beautiful song by an amazing and truly unique VOICE!!!!

  31. Hoàng Royal

    What a beautiful song!! I love this :">

  32. james fares

    Barbra s talent transcends ... just listening one of her song and you can feel it to the core ! deep inside you..
    it s so brilliant it s very hard to explain !

  33. lightthestars

    @yentl50 that fantastic trumpet belongs to Chris Botti

  34. William MacLellan

    No doubt about it... Barbra is indeed back again!!! True artistry at its best. The vocals on her new album are incredible and the arrangements are so well done! Barbra, you are simly THE BEST! :)

  35. marie roberts

    What a gorgeous performance of this song, accompanied by a fantastic trumpet.

  36. billyboylb

    Beautiful performance from our girl! Love you Barbra!

  37. Glauber Guimaraes

    wmm The best barbra streisand Album. So sweet, wonderfull, magnific. Barbra is Back again, and again, and again.