Street Sweeper Social Club - The New Fuck You Lyrics

Coked out is the new tipsy
Tracy Morgan’s the new Nipsy
Skinny jeans are the new fashion
But none of that shit fits me
Weed smoke is the new incense
Two bucks is the new ten cents
3 strikes is the new lynchin
Buyin is the new rentin
These lines are new molotovs
Right now there’s a new holocaust
More troops is the new call it off
I’m tryna pry this collar off
Hip Hop is the new rock now
Curfews are the new lockdown
Gunshots are the new cricket chirps
Let’s flip this shit top down

Fuckin is the new “Hey, how do y’do?”
And revolution is the new fuck you
The New Fuck You
The New Fuck You

Flagwaving’s the new zeig heil
Do nothing’s the new denial
Torture is the new torture
We’ll all walk that green mile
The dope spot’s the new factory
Nip/Tuck is the new quackery
Handguns are the new switchblades
And freedom’s the new fantasy
“Get a room” is the new “get a home”
Low income’s the new hella po’
Phone sex is now group sex
There’s feds on your telephone
“Take care” is the new healthcare
Big business gets welfare
The Middle East is the new goldrush
We’ve made a new hell there

Fuckin is the new “Hey, how do y’do?”
And revolution is the new fuck you
The New Fuck You
The New Fuck You

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Street Sweeper Social Club The New Fuck You Comments
  1. id300129

    fuck the capitalists

  2. tao5394

    the system is broken. and needs to be replaced for the people by the people. not for some fat cats

  3. Aaron D

    two people are retarded inbred hillbillies that can't appreciate today's social issues.

  4. Savage Liberale

    This song it's shit. If "revolution is the new fuck you", why venezuela it's lower everyday?

    MileHighLife 303

    This music is directed towards the working class of America, not Venezuela.

    MileHighLife 303

    And tom morello went to Harvard so I think he knows what he's talking about.

    A B

    +Damien Rios
    Oh, really? Morello is a quite good guitarist but also a total dumbass. His cccp t-shirts and hats with a red star, c'mon.. Do you know that he's fascinated with Lenin? That's why please do not talk me about Harvard.

    Mickey G

    have you read marx? know your enemy at the very least.

    Tao Ky

    and you are?

  5. Sergio Ricardo Oliveira

    Despite the obvious lyrics, they do something more consistent than other projects like Audioslave (RATM+Soundgarden). They seem to be more confortable with this new partnership. Though Cornell and Norello were unbeatable in Cochise :)) Clap for the Killers, Ghetto Blaster, Mrs. Smith... real good. heheheh Sweet dilema!

  6. Bryan Miller

    2:23 for the solo ... you're welcome

  7. Matthew Lyons

    lol, mike muir doing anything with anyone from RATM? Remember that ST song "do what I tell ya" ?

  8. tuplaking1

    its boots Riley

  9. ¿Cuánto?


  10. georgetheonlyporge


  11. lolismful

    I pirated this album because i couldn't wait to listen to it. But im going to donate to a charity tomorrow to support the revolution!

  12. vintorez0

    These guys' songs are the only ones that simply cannot be played loud enough. Just fantastic

  13. Sir_Sniff-A-Lot

    Hey, how do y'do? Oh wait, I mean fuckin.

  14. Manny Styles

    The theme song of this decade.

  15. ScifiKitty


    It's because its creative, new, and actually good. If it sucked they would have rated it higher.

  16. James D'Souza

    fuck you

  17. Josh Gessner

    @Nobblerific yea well rolling stone ranked tom morello behind kirk hammet. so u cant trust them.

  18. Nobblerific

    RollingStone only gave the EP 3/5 WTF?!?!?!?

  19. RagingRhyno21

    "Phone sex is now group sex
    there's feds on your telephone!"

    Boots Riley is funny as hell.

  20. Kalmah


  21. Patrick Bateman

    Best song on the EP