Street Sweeper Social Club - Promenade Lyrics

Well I got a new kinda squaredance rap
Gon talk smack
Flash my gat
I'm finna spit and hold my dick
And hear shit up like a thermostat
Grab your partner by the chaps
Give your partner a pimp-slap
Ti symbolize the ghetto trap
Step to the right
Give three claps
Kids jam-packed in tenement shacks
Ain't shit cookin on the stove but crack
This is the bat this hell begat
Cuz bosses are cleptomaniacs

Two by two
Duck from a B1 bomber raid
Ain't bout the plans Osama made
Banks gettin paid off petrol trade
How much cash could a o-z grow?
Til all are fed and all have beds
My skin is Black
My star is red

FBI comin round the outside
Which one of us finna die tonight?
Is we finna fight over crumbs to bite
Or make a whole muthafuckin world
Everybody throw them bows
Right upside your partner's nose
By now you've got bloody clothes
Crabs in the barrel
So the story goes
Think of all their savage acts
Grabbin scratch from average cats
Bureaucrats with strings attached
Walk in place
Light the match

Two by two
Duck from a B1 bomber raid
Ain't bout the plans Osama made
Banks getting paid of petrol trade
How much cash could a o-z grow?
Til all are fed and all have beds
My skin is Black
My star is red

Everybody get down low
Bout the level of your toes
These dance moves we usually do
Are not the ones that we have chose
Grab on to that beat and grind
Try your best to stay alive
We can run
We can't hide
Might as well just stay and fight

Two by two
Duck from a B1 bomber raid
Ain't bout the plans Osama made
Banks getting paid off petrol trade
How much cash could a o-z grow?
Til all are fed and all have beds
My skin is Black my star is red

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Street Sweeper Social Club Promenade Comments
  1. Az Glou

    Just a whammy with good technique. But a perfect job to me.

  2. Dadivx

    When Lenny Kravitz was cool....;-) good times are now gone

  3. R. B. Rozier

    I wanna see Tom play the national anthem for 10,000 people who stand, kneel, sit, cry, riot...whatever the fuck they want...


    Totally badass!!! 👍

  5. Utan Motion

    The Best

  6. Herr Bogio

    Ma quanto cazzo fa cacare il cantante?!?!? Ha una voce del cazzo che a dire nasale è poco!

  7. Ashley Manning-Hopkinson

    I WAS AT THIS SHOW!!!!!!

  8. John Smith

    Hacker guitarist...

  9. 19 11

    Just LOVE .........and more LOVE..........and more........

  10. Agustin Abracadavers

    que poder le da tom a la cancion dios mio no paro de escucharlo!!!!!!

  11. Andrew Tanner


  12. Izzy Matt

    Omg can’t believe this is a DECADE old

  13. rerecorded songs 2019年2月1 The Rapture Heads 音源再録済み。

    i like tom's face at the end of the song, he looks like he's full of fun on this gig :

  14. charly clau

    Zarpadoooo !!

  15. Riam Marlom

    #2019, Algum Br ?

  16. Sircumsczixszyo


  17. Adonis K.

    "Ripping off Tom Morello" Even if that wasn't actually Tom Morello, getting called that is a freaking feat, something to boast about

    Eesh SinGer

    Adonis K. true words

  18. Jonathan Woodward

    Proof that when Tom Morello loses his guitar pick he just uses a tooth pick

  19. Joe Krushelnicki

    I know several people have suggested the opening is from revolver. Can anyone share a link of said opening?

  20. Vibrantdragon312

    3:45 fly

  21. asd qwe

    Boots Riley have some smooth moves

  22. Sir Carol

    Still here, rocking the shit out of this

  23. Antonio Garmsci


  24. Vinx1 Soldier

    GREAT Tom!!!

  25. Joe Krushelnicki

    I hear Tom once got a girl off by treating her like one of his guitars... She orgasmed to death....

  26. ThunDroid

    Brings back good old memories

  27. Al Navarro

    All i got from Boots was 'grab my cack'....

  28. Fim L'Viaquez

    someone should call the cops

  29. Pegaso Stiky

    Singer sounds like a black Captain Beefheart.

    Fookin cooool

  30. Hanz Meme

    what music genre is this? rock? soft-rock?

    A Guy

    Experimental Rock/Rap Rock


    Experimental rap rock with funk influence

  31. Ace The Great

    I didn't know Katt Williams started a band, and Joe satriani has been working on his tan.

    nah this was dope. gonna be on repeat for a while.

  32. Riam Marlom

    ♡(3:45)♡ Cadê Os BR ?

  33. Bob Smith

    Music at its best. Master at what he does

  34. Ed.B.

    fantastic solo

  35. bklynboyeny

    Sound @ 3:21 Love it 😍

  36. MalibuSharks13

    He must have really wanted to do the revolver intro considering he switched back to arm the homeless for the rest of the song lol


    Acordes que clavan el maldito cerebro,,,, tom maestro .... POWER CONCHETUMADRE.

  38. BeeElectric

    Common everyone, let’s leave rage against the machine out of this. It’s not being respectful to the other artists here. They’re all doing a great job. Respect.

  39. Erickson ilagan

    Tom morello Tom morello Tom Morello tom morello Tom morello

  40. iTz_Fueg0

    tom morello has amazing hands

  41. Tin Roof

    Tom has spent his whole life wearing poor fitting jeans. Three numbers Tom. 501

  42. Иван Таранов

    Красава! Вещи делает!!

  43. That One Guy

    this guy stole a portion of your video

  44. Ramses Gonzalez

    The voice sucks compared to the studio version

  45. Athan Immortal

    8 years later. Still watching. <3

    Christoffer Karlén

    Athan Immortal I stumbled across this right now and it’s the sickest performance I’ve seen

  46. General Skunk

    lenny kravitz?

  47. sinekonata

    Haha, I love Morello, he's amazing but that guitar solo moment with the ecstasy explosion into playing with teeth/tongue was a bit embarrassing ffs ^^

  48. Eikichi Onizuka

    I've Just seen a man having sex with a Guitar

  49. Zachary Collins

    Security guard is digging the jamz.

  50. Shreki Jilavdari

    this band is only morello

  51. Giacomo Santarelli

    Perché Aldo è andato a fare il chitarrista?

  52. Josue El venudo

    Che cumbion

  53. Erickson ilagan

    Piffed I beat Tom Morello on guitar hero

  54. Americasnavy Provingground

    That squekee sound from the intro cool sound i love tom morello

  55. Anthony Bell

    i want that jacket

    Dave Lebre

    join the marine corps they will give you one

  56. Belinda Iglesias

    Me encanta 😍

  57. Rice MenaRQ

    *RATM = Zack de la Rocha*
    *SSSC = Black de la Rocha*

  58. Fikret Cansın Yurdakol

    Sirius Black on Bass

  59. Til Ptw

    Best live gig ever 👌🙌

  60. DOMinatus

    he is terrific, but that Paddle adds to the sound. Take away that paddle and he is just a typical good guitarist.
    Most of the Guitarists are ashamed to use that. because it's like a Guitar on steroids. Using the wha wha Paddle in this way is the equivalent of an athlete using steroids

    AG Kaiju

    ViktorNYC He finds ways. If you really want to hear him undiluted... check his solo project, The Nightwatchman.


    @Kobra Ortiz You just made my point. He sounds like just another guitarist in the Nightwatchman.

    AG Kaiju

    ViktorNYC Right. If that was what you were looking for, yes.

    But experimenting with his pedals and amps like Morello does makes his sound unique. Would the same argument be said if you implied it on other guitarists, particularly like Vai and Satriani (completely different tier to compare, I know), to such an extreme?

    Otherwise they're all just good guitarists, in theory.

    astronomicalGaster [AG]

    4:17 Yeah “typical”

  61. filippppppos

    Epic guitar solo

  62. Lorenzo

    Tom morello's energu is incredible

  63. 出前迅速の珍宝飯店。


  64. Riam Marlom

    LOVE TOM MORELLO, Melhor Guitarrista ❤


    O melhor

    Riam Marlom

    ❤ Slc esse cara é mito


    caraca um ano atras vc comentou

    Maria Raimunda

    Love ♥️

    Riam Marlom

    Voltando em 2019 para olhar esse mito ❤

  65. Лев Утёсов

    твою мать

  66. Mimi Lemus

    El gran Tom Morelo...! insuperable, versátil, innovador, grande

  67. Eloctro

    tom morello lo volvio a hacer

  68. Anita grey

    Fuckkkkkkkkk yeah!!!

  69. Quando estiver lendo os comentarios, eu estarei lá

    Nuss, q dlç


    voçe esta me seguindo onde eu estou voçe esta nao posso ver um comentario que voçe esta nele

    lixo da porra

    Caraio maluco eh brabo

    Riam Marlom

    Sorte sua que eu não conheço o meu pai

  70. The Batcomputer

    "your guitar players ripping off Tom morello" lmaoooo

    jed hatcher

    Is that lenny kravitz?


    @YungxJT you are very smart person, aren't you?


    nazarenko.maxim I’d slap you to next week mf


    Justin Raap no sir

    Michael Gutierrez

    @YungxJT you're all talk shit bag

  71. Tomas Rosales

    Sick solo

  72. Xx_CHROME_ DOME_xX

    Kansas city

  73. Ryan Sanderson

    Their EP's are actually pretty good, but damn this solo is pure genius

  74. alfie bruce

    great tom morello

  75. Burkhard Henze

    Very nice......

  76. Max Mustermann

    yo Schorsch, gibst dir wieder mal den alten Tom? x)

  77. Diana Albastová

    Unbelievable guitar! <3

  78. Thisistheday3

    They are "True Artists."

  79. Andres Salamanca

    Tom Morello hace magia!

  80. Berth izzz

    Tom without hat :o wtf

    Kuayin Al-kadir

    Berth izzz lol

  81. Nobody

    the album version just isnt the same. i want to put this in a playlist i can listen to whenever, without wifi


    copy the 'share' link and google 'listentoyoutube' and rip the mp3 from there. its pretty straightforward once you're on the site.


    ohmygod thank you

    Luca Coluzzi

    KaKaFan89 you are GOD

  82. Nobody

    we need a downloadable version of this

    Andy Dale

    Nobody it's on a single. i think its available on itunes

  83. Estou aqui BR

    solo deliciaaaa poha

  84. Renan Guilherme

    3:44 - Guitar Solo

  85. Lane arndt

    Terrible Chorus, where the hell did the bubblegum chords come from?

  86. Pautemii

    i love this man so much , he is awesome !!

  87. Eldias Mahdi Sastra

    He put all RATM solo in one song. Brilliant!

    austin hawkins

    Eldias Mahdi Sastra I'm not seeing the bulls on parade solo. Or sleep now in the fire, Maggie's farm, I could go on and on

    austin hawkins

    Eldias Mahdi Sastra scratch that, bulls on parade is there


    austin hawkins where?

  88. Mark

    2:18 He whipped years ago!!

  89. Matt B

    Waste of the best guitarist of my generation\


    How is this a waste

    AG Kaiju

    Matt B Erm.... one of the many side projects he has partaken/created; I'd hardly call it wasted.

    Bartholomew Sampson

    Not really a waste

  90. Shivam Sharma

    I didn't know lenny kravits was the singer, wow


    +Shivam Sharma .... Lenny Kravitz is tho lol

  91. Susan Kane

    OMG! No more RAGE? Tom I love you and support everything you do!

  92. Duplex35


    The Blue Dominator

    yes man


    That was really cool plz put 1,000 comets


    Did the singer say grab your partner by the chaps lol