Street Sweeper Social Club - Fight! Smash! Win! Lyrics

And the wealth don't trickle down
People pinchin every nickel now
Even if we don't fight
Bodies hit the ground
I spit the sound
Of a million fists finna pound
I'm in the crowd til this whole thing switch
Our brains are on temporary disconnect
I shoot my mouth off
I can't find my pistol yet
You can call this music disrespect
Cuz I'll slap you in your face at your local
Disco tech
Mr Green with your missiles and rockets
My paycheck burns a hole in your pocket
You told the judge put my name on the
Meetin in the break room
Here's what we plotted

Let's fight
Let's smash
Let's win
We gon fight
We gon smash
Let us in
Let's fight
Let's smash
Let's win
Just like getting up in the club with a fake ID
If it don't work, we gon do it again

Your honor may it please the court
Swear me in on a book full of Tupac
After what I say
You might noose my throat
Reporters please scribble down a few
Hot notes
Allow me to be the first
To throw dirt on their graves
Excuse me
I never learned to behave
My great great granny was a Carolina
She wispers in my ear
Sayin "Spark the blaze."
Somewhere on the eastside of steal and rob
A whole generation got a McJob
And the light bill still ain't resolved
See the hungry mob pulse and throb
If you got a blacklist I wanna be on it*
If we gon attack this then we need to run it
If you see my hood man
You might call it ghetto
Politicians are puppets yall
Let's get Gepetto

Let's fight
Let's smash
Let's win
We gon fight
We gon smash
Let us in
Let's fight
Let's smash
Let's win
Just like getting up in the club with a fake ID
If it don't work, we gon do it again

Well it's a matter of fact that I'm gonna
Die one day
But muthafucka
Right now I breath
And I may not be able to predict my
But you can bet it won't be on my knees
I'm rappin at the speed of the falling dollar
They got greed to make you crawl and
It's old school like Easy-E's impala
Ay! Ay!
You gon lead
Or smoke trees and follow?

Let's fight
Let's smash
Let's win
We gon fight
We gon smash
Let us in
Let's fight
Let's smash
Let's win
Just like getting up in the club with a fake ID
If it don't work, we gon do it again

Thanks, Billy Bragg!

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Street Sweeper Social Club Fight! Smash! Win! Comments
  1. KevinGame3

    Nfs nitro

  2. Susan Kane

    I'm all in on lukecage69. Bet he has no clue what 69 is!

  3. Susan Kane

    TOM MORELLO! I will miss Rage very much but this is the SHIT!

    Марио Петров

    we got the Prophets now :)

  4. Simpasaurus Smooth

    Bam! Thats what I call music! (This too, is fucking great. Dont usually like metal or what this is, but my love for boots riley might explain it, and my love for smashin shit)

  5. Atom-O-Tronic

    THAT.... FRICKIN'.... BASS

  6. zippy2320

    This band are class...Morello is the meister of riffs!!

  7. lukecage99

    Wow, I didn't realize so many people were butt hurt over an opinion

  8. Trevor Gann

    @lukecage99 why wouldnt he, this jam kicks some serious ass

  9. guitar4life9

    and oops, didn't mean to remove my comment. oh well.

  10. guitar4life9

    @tickleperson2 believe me, i listen to all kinds of hip-hop artists: A Tribe Called Quest, Atmosphere, Nujabes, Cyne, Oddisee, De La Soul, Immortal Technique, Cunninlynguists, Funky DL, Blue Scholars, Hail Mary Mallon, The Globetroddas, Blueprint, Eyedea & Abilities, Knowmads, and a whole bunch of other artists i could name off :)

  11. lukecage99

    @TheKillercolt2 Who wants to be that this guy made 137 alt accs to like this video?

    See? I can do it too.

  12. lukecage99

    lol Anyone who says this guy is a good rapper has not heard any of the 10000 better rappers.

  13. tman8497

    Funk da rosk,boys!HOO-HAH!

  14. Denjagabe25

    @littleasian295 They were rocking so hard that they missed the like button.

  15. LSA2013

    need for speed nitro was terrible, but they put some great music on it.





    Detective Back

    Ur terrible

    Berkay Koç

    Dunno about the Wii version but the DSi version kicked ass man.

    Jason Bourne The CIA Agent

    LSA2013 NFSN was the greatest car game there was by that time

  16. Isaac Saypharath

    Okay who the fuck disliked this?



    but ratm is a perfect combination, which filters all escapes into the void.

  18. offic3space

    Zero dislikes... the way it should be for once

  19. boubou bourgui

    The RAP and the ROCK, together, it's magic !

  20. guitar4life9

    @j0nj0n3697 it's like, funk/rap/hiphop/metal/rock/sex.

  21. HoneyDew King of the West

    @U2SSana...then you're a damn fool.

  22. guitar4life9

    @brittanychica7 much agreed amiga.

  23. bc7

    @guitar4life9 but there is so much amazing underground stuff :) :).

  24. LSA2013

    only reason i know this song is because i heard it on need for speed nitro

  25. Pat Mensah

    @GodWretched GREAT comment man! I completely agree! These kids need to stop listening to their Lil' Wayne, and start listening to real music with real lyrics that actually attempt to have an intelligent conversation about what is going on in the world! RATM and SSSC forever!!!

    Angelus Nielson

    Jesus fuck gramps, calm down.

  26. Jeremy Owens

    never heard of this band but i like it

  27. Christian Wellhöfer

    cant we just listen to the fucking music for once without getting into politics on every singe video tom morello plays in? thanks

  28. DaPhunkeeFeel1

    @jackbentley708 the nwo is capitalist, not communist or socialist; its the conglomeration of global corporations working together with neoliberal governments to exploit the weak and the environment by running the world's economies. it already exists: wto, imf, oecd, g20, etc and its really not all that new. ratm espouses anarchic socialism which is the antithesis to both the big governments and (supposedly) free market ideology of the nwo.

  29. DaPhunkeeFeel1

    @guitar4life9 u need to start searching for good hip hop, i agree with ur description as far as the commercial shit is concerned, but there is a lot of underground and old school rap that definitely deserves your respect

  30. chillyb13

    @jackbentley708 The last thing we need to worry about is Tom Morello getting us any closer to the NWO, and really they sing more about what they disagree with than what they agree with.

  31. chillyb13

    @jackbentley708 Borderline socialism is better than full blown imperialist fascism. These guys typically represent the under represented. They rage against exploitation in Central and South America, where corporate interests are more important than the interests of the indigineous people, by the American government.

  32. guitar4life9

    @kotrin haha, im a huge fan of a tribe called quest, de la soul, mos def, and talib. have you heard of Felt, madvillain, or blue and exile?

  33. Mihai Zelina

    O-O W.....O.....W....

  34. jadhsyjhduyhjy

    OMG I really buy this album!

  35. guitar4life9

    @fight141 definitely. one day as a lion is genius but i think theyve been around for a year or two. im also into Felt and Madvillain right now.

  36. gpoop23

    I gotta find the guitar tabs for this! That solo is orgasmic!

  37. gpoop23

    I think of it as rap and roll. :D

  38. TheAndreCato

    If you like this there are plenty of great rap acts out unfortunately like all other meaningful music corporations would rather bury and be like Marie Antoinette and let the masses eat cake. If you like this try Dead Prez, a dude name Listener, 4thAvenue Jones', and for fun Pigeon John and then get back to me. Tell me what you think

  39. kubix79

    wiggidy whack

  40. Mildly Swanky

    @StupidSmartGuy die in a hole, hes one of the best gutair players. PERIOD

  41. SharkimusPrime

    i was talking to some fucking twit who didnt know anything about Tom Morello. i love the dude.

    the ignorance of some people, jesus

  42. Mildly Swanky

    even though i dont like rap this band is a big exception... one of my fav bands ever

  43. Vin tage

    Tout simplement une TUERIE ce groupe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. The Chris

    just kinda stumbled upon them tonight, they're fucking sweet

  45. Ben Dussault

    Dude I met Tom after they played at the show I went to, and yes he is awesome live

  46. SharkimusPrime

    never mention tom morello again. ever.

  47. truck7575

    Yeh and me. We got to Manchester and Janes were already half way thru Then She Did. Still, they made up for missing Street Sweeper. They were amazing

  48. xXIXxWolf

    saw the NINJA show, but missed them open :/

  49. Stian S

    Need to see them live, but the trip overseas is a bit to costly for now. Hopefully they will come to Europe sooner than later

  50. T Smith

    im gonna be honest, this band kicks ass, saw them live on the NINJA tour, fucking sick, nice video/