Street Sweeper Social Club - Clap For The Killers Lyrics

Now can you clap for the killers?
Give it up for them gangsters
One time for the killers
Double up for them gangsters

Well I
Wrote this for criminals
But all of y'all should listen at me
Now if you ever catch me snitchin
Just haul off and slap me
They on the other team
Let's rumble
Is my thoughts exactly
They work for gangsters
And they wacked Fred Hampton Jr.'s
Ay playboy
Pop em with a pistol and get executed
Ay mama
Murder em with missiles and you get saluted
Go head and
Gank em for a grand
It's DNA computed
But bankers bathe in the Bahamas
Off of billions looted

Now can you clap?
Now can you clap?
Now can you clap for them killers?
Give it up for them gangsters
One time for the killers
Double up for them gangsters

Well I
Wrote this for criminals
But they the ones who wrote the laws
They ain't on TV getting arrested a;; up in their draws
They stick their hands up politicians
Make em move their jaws
And they be starving folks for bread
Until their breath pause
Ay take a memo Moneypenny
Say the deed is done
And you can bcc DC
And say our leaders won
But first we fax the photograph of the
Opponent's son
Adjust the image
Cuz it's hard to see the gag and gun

Now can you clap?
Now can you clap?
Now can you clap?
Now can you clap?

Now can you clap for them killers?
Give it up for them gangsters
One time for the killers
Double up for them gangsters

Well I
Wrote this for gangsters
While I sprinted through your backyard
Not for them Coppola criminals
They just act hard
Tony Montana had a stylist and a SAG
When he reloaded slaves forgot they had
Back scars

M-M-Mister DeNiro what kind of gun is
Can you look more like a menace?
Take two
Now run it back
Ay s-s-so what Scorsese
Got all them money stacks
Long as his lens never looks at the real maniacs

Clap for them killers
Give it up for them gangsters
One time for the killers
Double up for them gangsters

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Street Sweeper Social Club Clap For The Killers Comments
  1. Jeannine Noll

    Dig it.

  2. C R

    "One time for them killers, double up for them gangsters!"

  3. Nathan Phelps

    Tom morello is a fucking legend

  4. Turbo Chevelle

    All I can think of when I hear this song is a giant turbo ls burnout lol...... Tha ls to Matt H. aka Sloppy Mechanics

  5. Geo Tere

    Jus saw sorry to bother you
    Excellent movie

  6. Cristiano Paulo Sefrin Bragagnolo

    Muito boa essa música do Crhis Cornella

  7. Cristiano Paulo Sefrin Bragagnolo

    muito bom

  8. FW Games

    The Losers(movie) <3

  9. Crazy Lary

    Clap for the Killers, Clap for the Gangsters

  10. Braeden van Asperen

    Omfg so gooooooooooood

  11. Wills Cathey

    The Losers is the name of the movie this is on. based off the comic book.

  12. Troy Norman-Trainor

    Hate the rap love the riff

  13. JTheTeach

    *clap clap clap*

  14. M Cogs

    You all are just babbling about which band is better, instead of focusing on the very real oppression both write songs about. Youtube users, you disappoint me

    Kevin Trant

    I mean there is what 8 different bands/groups to compare but sure thats what people do. Plenty of people hear the message.

  15. thickfreakness

    Ratm + Rhcp + Sssc they all have something in comun..

  16. draxxus902

    a-typical but still amazing

  17. cowskater5

    i can garentee that the 1 dislike is not zach!

  18. davidrh6373

    @RedUnbannable everyone has their own opinions. it all depends on if u like the more heavy style of ratm or the more fluid style of sssc

  19. andrew

    @juliengenre No matter how many butthurt fanbois there are, I agree in some ways with you. The guitar in this is not creative. Good lyrics though.

  20. Samuel Angol

    Tom Morello has to go down as one of the best guitarists of all time!

  21. Darragh Power

    @juliengenre Have you not heard him solo?! Couldn' t be any different!

  22. Mohamad Suliman

    @stryni ,i think it's cool..his signature braa..

  23. Dee Vajgrt

    @stryni The fact that he plays BOTH guitar and bass on this album is impressive, Boots' vocals on the album are seething with hatred and anger over the current state of the world. It's not a terrible album, and it's LOADS better than the last Audioslave album.

  24. Luke Miller

    @juliengenre im sorry but you found failed at sentence 1

  25. John Wolfe

    the cape sent me here

  26. Daniel Shuster

    @jadhsyjhduyhjy thats the whole song silly

  27. David Lindsey

    @pENNy85ANtE except for black sabbath you just replaced shitty bands with almost equally shitty bands...

  28. David Lindsey

    @Carry2Sky you should

  29. captainmorgan231

    To anyone who doesn't like this because it's not Rage, shut up. Just listen to the music and let it scratch that itch you have for Tom Morello's guitar work.

  30. WupeViasco

    kinda reminds me of rage against the machine

    d m

    The lead Guitarist is from RATM just sayin cuttie

  31. Helaine Williams

    It's obvious that The Cape is the only one who disliked this.

  32. Manny Stegall

    @Carry2Sky yes i totally agree... I was watching tv and them BOOM there it was...

  33. magicman13

    Once again, whatever Morello puts his hands on becomes musical gold. Another excellent performance from one of my favorite musicians.

  34. Iggie Ramirezlazos

    SSSC is sick. Morello rocks in this group I dont care if it sounds like RATM the guitar riffs sound good with the lyrics .

  35. offic3space

    saw this on a commercial and was like daum fucking awesome.

  36. troyoboyo17

    as I rock enthusiast, I usually don't like rap. but this song is an exception because it's full of an amazing guitar riff, and a nice, cool beat

  37. 35TCK

    He just gives off the aspect of cool. Have you seent them live? He's a smoothe motha-what?

  38. 35TCK

    Zack's great and all, but unfortunatly for him, Boots is black

  39. jazzykat1000

    @juliengenre Indeed, this is Ragesque. RATM was/is an incredible formula in time. You rightfully put Morello as one of the best guitarist in the world and innovator ever. I would ask you to consider that while this album has his signature style, did you notice a certain funkiness and an element of nascent hip hop? I have to admit when I listen to RATM I get pumped up and agitated. This music gets under your skin and causes me to chair dance.

  40. Let's Go Joe

    what movie was this in i remember i looked but i couldnt find it

  41. jadhsyjhduyhjy

    @Jeweki my favorite part is from 0:01 to 3:56

    Geo Tere

    jadhsyjhduyhjy 2018!!!

  42. The_Titans_Bastard

    Great song, really good album. Whatever people say it is NOT NEARLY as good as Rage, but Rage was/is one of the best bands in the world, and this band are a bit different. I prefer Rage, but this band is really good.

  43. dannyzee4

    just wondering-is this album EVER gonna die down for a bit? Hope not. Intense all through so far.

  44. gscott419

    seen RATM you cant replace Tom Morello.besides,if you do....who's gonna play the guitar with a fuckin power drill?huh.lolRage owned this

  45. FillyChee

    gotta say, i was a fan of lyrics of zach but the voice of the new is pretty cool too

  46. trytojustify

    it's a lot tighter than rage^^

  47. MShepherd88

    Hey juliengenre, although I understand what you're saying, I disagree when you say that Tom Morello's work with Audioslave was just the same riffs and techniques over and over again. Which albums of Audioslave's have you listened to? Their self-titled Audioslave album was very RATM-like, but in the other two albums, I thought Tom did a great job of branching out.

  48. Stian S

    Remember that the man is 45! The album is mad, buy it

  49. Stian S

    search for clap for the killers soundcheck to find a live version of this killer song

  50. Ben Dussault

    they are, they put an amazing set on for Krockathon. I MET TOM!

  51. Stian S

    a-typical Morello solo at 3:08

  52. Eamon murphy-saunders

    look up NIN/JA street sweeper social club clap for the killers

  53. xxxxx

    top 2 or 3 songs off the record include this. i hear sssc is good live.

  54. Stian S

    This is one of my absolute favorites on the album, but i can't find any live version of it? Anyone? Sic intro riff