Street Sweeper Social Club - 100 Little Curses Lyrics

May you tumble and fall down your grand
Marble stairway
May that caviar p¢t© you were eating
Block your airway
May your manservant deliver the Heimlich
With honor
May this make you vomit on your Dolce
May your wife's worried face show a hor-
Rific expression
May you realize she's not worried- that's
Just Botox injections
May all the commotion cause to crash
Your chandelier
And propel into your rear
It's sharp diamonds from DeBeers
May your Ferrari break down
May your chauffeur get high
And smash up your stretch Rolls up on
Rodeo Drive
Off the breaking backs of others is where
You got all your bucks
Til we make the revolution
I just hope your life sucks

All my people in the place put your fist
In the air
All my down muthafuckas get up outta
Your chairs
All my real down peoples we got love for
You here
Cept for that muthafuckas right there
Get em

May your Champagne not bubble
May your pinot be sour
May that white stuff you snortin be 96
Percent flour
May the famous rapper you bring to your
Daughter's sweet 16
Get some pride and walk out
As if born with a spleen
May the death squads you hire be bad
With instructions
And by mistake be at your mansion with
The street sweepers bustin
May this make your guests forsake
Their white Russians
And dive behind the Jimmy Martin
Cryin and cussin
May your chef be off pissin in the bisque
In the kitchen
May I assume your autobiography is filed
Under fiction
Cuz off the breakin backs of others is
Where you got all your cash
Til we make the revolution
I your life sucks ass

All my people in the place put your fist
In the air
All my down muthafuckas get up outta
Your chairs
All my real down peoples we got love for
You here
Cept for that muthafuckas right there
Get em

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Street Sweeper Social Club 100 Little Curses Comments
  1. A Guy

    Underrated band right here.

  2. Robert Atkins

    Tom morello is the og

  3. Jonas Steinberg

    brecken meyer is lucky to be in this video lol

  4. Wout Ghijsen

    3:11 they should have brought a shotgun...

  5. Malcolm Marriott

    Has anyone got a pushbike too the value of a $1000: think I can get some casual work but need transport

    Malcolm Marriott

    Its like being in a surreal head trip man. Are they linen shirts & what does, "that motherfucker right there" mean man. Hey. does Tom of SSSC have a Land Rover I can borrow?

  6. Nilbog Natas

    It’s the dude from Road Trip, ha.

  7. Jack BuSu

    It's fucken lit

  8. H¥pΣr N¤vα

    This song gave me the biggest fucking smile i've had in years.


  9. valter vmsneto

    olha eu toquei essa musica com meu violão e outras musicas de rock como a da guns n rose,rage against the machine,street sweeper social club,audioslave e as musicas do david bowie

  10. Rice MenaRQ

    Boots Riley = Black De La Rocha

    Hector Delgado


  11. Ryan Young

    I fucks with this

  12. Shawn Michel de Montaigne

    More relevant today with the Orange Lard Fuhrer about to pollute the White House and destroy this nation.



    Liberals actually think like this...


    she lost

  13. Johnny Nofun

    keeping it 100

  14. Liam Evans

    7 years old?!?! Jesus.

  15. Meg Waff

    Love it!

  16. Melee DX

    good but I miss rage

    Марио Петров

    at least we have The Prophets now :)

  17. Lani Pratt

    the perfect song for letting the rage just bleed on out.  Props gents, Props.  Still one of my favorites.

  18. きよちゃんーFF7リメイク


  19. Steve Brown

    Pretty dope. Boots and Tom from Rage Against The Machine are a kickass team!

  20. dose999

    100 Little Curses is a call to action. To social equality. To fighting the power.

    "May u tumble & fall down yr grandmother's stairway, may that caviar pate you were eating block yr airway."
    "May your champagne not bubble, may yr Pinot be sour. May that white stuff u snortin be 96% flour."
    "Till we make the revolution, I hope yr life sucks ass!"

    "All my people in the place put yr fists in the air, all my down MF-ers get up out of yr chairs, all my real down peoples, we got love for you here..
    'Cept for that MF-er right there, Get Em!" ::headline reads: Globo Corp Purchases Congress for $2 billion!    **Eat The Rich.


    The oowoOO chachacha scream (at 2:44) sounds like Steven Tyler/Aerosmith rock gawd.

    Airic B

    May u tumble & fall down yr "GRANDMARBLE" stairway...


    +dose999 SPOT ON!

  21. Ryan B

    I swear Tom morello is mega rich? Dat guy if fking loaded and he hates on da rich when he's part of the 1% richest dude

    Davie Duckett

    Tom is no where near the 1%, im sure he has done very well accumulating money, but you would need to still add a few zeros to it to put him in the 1%

    James DeLavan

    Davie Duckett

    I agree. Plus, recently with The Prophets of Rage he has been performing free concerts at Prisons and other places.

    john rotolo

    you really don`t get it?


    The man donates a lot of money to different causes around the world...he isn't anywhere near the 1% because the 1% control the mass of wealth... meaning billionaires...


    nowhere near the 1%

  22. Tarvisse

    So fucking good..

  23. Pseudo Nym

    Manny Kings, there's a reason they're dressed that way. They're making a social statement.

  24. Wild West Trail


  25. PerplexTV1

    This is the first sssc I've liked.

  26. whiskaleafa

    I keep coming back to this song randomly and remember how good it is.. Tom Morello is a sick fuckin KHUNT!!!

  27. Dave Elswick

    Breckin Meyer is great.

    Love the song.

    Nilbog Natas

    Dave Elswick he is a lovable chap.

  28. theguitarczar

    Tom rocking a VOX!

  29. drizztf88

    They didn't cast him, they are friends...

  30. mad dusa

    unfortunately curses don't work any more than wishes work. if people can't figure out realistic ways to create healthy, egalitarian societies we'll be endlessly stuck in the prison of the greedy psychopaths that usually succeed in controlling societies.

  31. Scott Hanson

    on the breaking backs of others is where you got all your cash
    until we make the revolution I hope your life sucks ass

  32. TheInsomniac

    fuck yes

  33. georgetheonlyporge


  34. Montana Hania

    I never looked on this in that way... Interesting sounds reasonable

  35. Rafa Terefio

    This is great , respect from Argentina

  36. unholymist

    It's actually a street in Beverley Hills

  37. edesport

    Yeah I didnt know that. I didnt see much of The Nightwatchman`s live shows or even on videos. If thats the case than sorry youtube I stand corrected. :D

  38. edesport

    Really? I thought Eric Gardner did that. :-/

  39. ihateshanepaden

    holy fuck i love tom morello! and boots riley!

  40. james perkins

    to the so glad you took your skills to a different level....hate can only last so long before you realisze that it wont lead to nothing but anarchy .....and that wont help US to any sort of rock on my brother

  41. Christian Flynn

    Damn it. I can hear Zack rapping this. 0:27 i can hear him scream "YEAAAAAAAAAAH!" they should do it live with zack.

  42. WoodRatGirl

    I'm not gonna spam you with hate, cause I'm not a douche bag. I actually think what you said isn't stupid at all. Hmmm I wonder what Tom would think of your opinion?

  43. MrRogersComment

    who ever disliked this is a raging fag. pull the cocks out of your ears and re-listen to the song.

  44. Adam DeLand

    That "Whoooaaa" part in the chorus sounds like a part I heard in a Styx song, but I have no idea what it was.

  45. KurtP00

    actually toss up on the best part...the socialist band patch on the sleeve or the irony....both are pretty hilarious.

  46. KurtP00

    lol. from a guy making millions upon millions of dollars living the rock-star lifestyle while his fans shuffle the money into his and his recording label's pockets.

    the irony is the best part.

  47. edesport

    The amount of money used for casting Breckin Meyer in this video could have easily been donated to actually make a difference somewhere. Quickly now spam my comment.

    Nilbog Natas

    whocares Breckin Meyer was in the band but whatever.

  48. Louafi Ismail


  49. Drogon

    I fuckin love these guys

  50. FitzyMcFitzFitz

    Boots could totally have someone killed at a concert by pointing at some random in the front row when he says "cept that motherfucker right there. Get him!"

  51. BurninDiesel6BT

    tom morello playing a gibson!?!?!?!?

  52. Chris Hill

    @TheRodriguezluis Boots was with us at Occupy Oakland.

  53. jesse barrows

    boots riley for president 2012, tom morello for vice president.

  54. CeeDubz

    Boots Riley is the most revolutionary motherfucker ever to lay the truth down in song

  55. peachywink1

    The Romney campaign's song

  56. Nicole Hale


  57. DeadLastMusic

    Tom Morello 2012

  58. CMNess

    They should just make a new genre called Tom Morello

  59. Boxhead_Revival

    Boots Riley is the greatest underground rapper ever. \m/

  60. CrypticFerret

    Holy shit. Sick solo, Mr. Morrello.

  61. elcool

    100 little curses... They are saying that the rich are so rich that these "little" things are their problems.

  62. Glockodile

    @littledeville83 I know what the song means I just don't quite know why they used the name 100 little curses.

  63. DeadLastMusic

    @GeomighTNYC its very similar to the one in the intro of Black Tide: Warriors of Time

  64. GeomighTNYC

    help me out the oowo000ooaaOHHH scream at 1:21 haven't i heard that in some other song , can any Music heads help me solve this mystery ?

  65. niffg

    ROAD TRIP!!!!!

  66. Red5Bassist

    Tom n' Boots

  67. Glockodile

    What do they mean by "100 little curses"?

  68. eliwoood1

    LOL BOOTS OH FUCK I LOVE BOOTS BOOOOoooooooooooooooots oh god he looks so awesome in this movie oh BOOTS I LOVE YOU BNOOOTS THE COUP FOR LIFE

  69. Enic3145

    @Lohrly 1 person has horrible grammar.

  70. Moar 61

    @pumkinpoopoo it's the cool thing brah.. Playing a fender lower compared to playing a les paul is a bit trickier honeslty though. The Fixed bridge helps a lot

  71. pumkinpoopoo

    Hmmm... Tom is wearing his guitar awfully low now days....

  72. Beverly Bravo

    Boots has got the best sneer ever!

  73. M K

    @rathrocks He already is, and they are going to soon enough. Give them time to find things to write songs about. Remember, we dont have George Dubya Bush to complain about anymore.

  74. Monica May

    I bet that Boots and Tom would be a bit pissed to see that the majority of the comments on an amazing song of theirs are either about Justin Bieber or people insulting other fans that they have never and will never meet, haha.

  75. Willie Weathers

    @LivesUnderABridge RASH!!!!

  76. RWDtech

    'cept for that muthafucka right there...GET'EM!!!!

  77. Screamingdk

    @LivesUnderABridge Stop your whining nazi asswipe racist skinhead clown. More of us know much more then your kmart not smart ass does about communism and fascism.So take your goose steppen backward out this site,shitney.

  78. der katna

    @ErikJohn11 why would u fuck a pig

  79. busted4life601

    @ErikJohn11 Fuck yes

  80. drizztf88

    Yes there is reference to a violent revolution which is prominent in revolutionary left but the "killing all rich people" bs is kindergarden level at least.

  81. georgetheonlyporge

    @TexasIsGreat15 your comments not surprising with a username like that...

  82. drizztf88

    wtf? where do you come up with this bullshit?

  83. drizztf88

    Socialism/Communism/Anarchism isn't redistribution of wealth,it is people who make the wealth keeping their wealth.
    Redistribution of wealth is more like a limited "socialist simulation" within the capitalist system, in an attempt to make it more fair, that's why any progressive should be for it.

  84. FingerLickinGoood

    @chrisrocks4you ahh hes in it pretty much because he started this band..

  85. mastercaponemaster

    these guys are cool man they were at the rock da bells in LA. anyone go?

    The dude with the afro is from The Coup one of the best rap groups ever

  86. wharghoul

    @TehSmellulare Excuse me for thinking an anti-corporate message coming from a band signed to Sony records is more than a little disingenuous.

  87. Chris Hill

    @fatalposition But it isn't redistribution of wealth, it is the people who make the wealth keeping their wealth.

  88. mark baumgardner

    Looks like 8 confused Justin Beiber fans landed on this page :)


    oh man i loved putting the cd in my ride and turning it up and bumping this shit with pride drowning out all the lady gaga and justin bieber, just wish i wasnt broke right now so i could fix my whip and keep on doing that...fuck

  90. Pearlshire19

    The 8 people who dislike this are rich white people who'd rather listen to Justin Bieber

  91. coskon

    @vync3e nope ! ratm was much much much better

  92. Ben Butler

    Tom Morello :D <3

  93. FunkFight1

    @LivesUnderABridge I'm a communist. All the communists I know have no problem with people being rich, we have a problem with the fact that 90% of the world is NOT rich. There is enough wealth in the world for everyone 2 be living more than comfortably. We have a problem w/the ruling class, who keep this wealth differential in place by exerting their power over industries, markets and nations. You're confusing us w/anarchists, who usually talk about individual responsibility,&blur class analysis.

  94. thejewishguyonfire

    @TehSmellulare What's not fair with our system?

  95. echoradar

    AWESOME~~~ Tom M rocks no matter who he plays with!!!
    RAGE Audiolslave SSSC and solo Midnight ................

  96. Jeremiah Hypes

    @FunkFight1 Oh damn, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info man.

  97. FunkFight1

    @Blackoutwalkin Fact: Huey Freeman's image is based on early drawings of Boots that the Boondocks creator did in the 90s. So it's the other way around. Ever wonder why Huey's little brother is named Riley? Now you know.

  98. Jeremiah Hypes

    I dunno why, maybe the hair, but Boots always reminds me of Huey from The Boondocks.

  99. drizztf88

    No they are not hypocritical, can you explain what you mean by that?