Stray From The Path - Black Friday Lyrics

There is something in the air. I can tell that it's not right tonight anything goes after midnight.
Watch your back.
The world has lost control, cars full of people who would sell their soul.

As they gather far and wide like a cattle, armed with their wallets Loaded guns for a battle.
Look out.

I'm still waiting for he world to see
What this life is supposed to mean.

You can't buy me I'm not for sale.
Money won't buy a heart of gold
They're fresh out
They were free with self control.

Is there anybody out there?
Does anybody care?
Is there anybody out there?

I would rather have nothing than this.
I would rather have nothing than miss
What I really care for, what I'd die for, rip out my hair for, mothers cry for.
Appreciation for the shit you've got.
Appreciated is what you're not.
I won't be bought.

You can't buy me I'm not for sale.
Money won't buy a heart of gold
They're fresh out
They were free with self control.

It goes ,it goes
One for the money
Two for the money
Forget about the Third world
They ain't hungry.
Four closed homes
Five missed payments on
Six loans
The dumbest people with the smartest phones.

I fear
Scared that you won't
Next year
You're still ungrateful
It will
I bet that it will
Be worse.

Let me express what I'm thankful for
I'm twenty five, full of pride
Surrounded by the ones I love.

I fear
Scared that you won't
Next year
You're still ungrateful
It will
I bet that it will
Be worse.

You should all be shameful for
Shopping lines, stolen lives
You're still my material whore.

American Greed.
Too many people buying too many things
They don't even need
They're just following lead.
American Greed.
Too many people buying too many things
They don't fucking need it's just American greed.

Everything must go.
Tonight, tonight.
The world's lost control.
Tonight, tonight
Anything goes
Tonight, tonight
We won't be bought or sold.
Tonight, tonight.

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Stray From The Path Black Friday Comments
  1. Danny Davis España España

    Who straightd from the path

  2. ArteiusTube

    Man... this is way too underrated. Amazing lyrics and video for this black Friday!

  3. Andrew !

    Northlane and Architects!!!!

  4. Traquemorrel

    What's the problem with black friday?

  5. Vin Chung

    That's one fake angry midget!

  6. Jonathan Molina

    We miss you, Tom...

  7. Griffith Johnson

    It’s about that time of year. The band will forever rule.

  8. palsyddad

    "You can't buy me, I'm not for sale / except on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google Play"

  9. dn fmn

    Fuck I love you guys...

  10. John Dough

    I was wondering earlier this evening "who's the shittiest least talented musical group in modern history?"
    I was about to land on (icp) insane clown posse, as they seem a real solid choice for shittiness...

    .... Then i happened across this band. Congrats fellas.

  11. Dragunity182

    Who tells u what i cant buy or can u commie bitch

  12. Mr. Transistor

    ебать ебать это сказка!

  13. Tom Beastie

    came here just to dislike this shit

    Seamus Ritz

    Tom Beastie 🖕🖕🖕go away and dislike some other shit

  14. KilLLa Kreativeness

    You guys kill it! Keep not giving a fuck what people say. If you need a good FOH sound guy or A2 monitor sound guy, lemme know. I'm road qualified and can leave tomorrow.

  15. yah boy

    These dudes gay af!

    Seamus Ritz

    Wow, it's almost like nobody cares what you think

  16. Redfish Incorporated

    bloody awful noise!

  17. NickLFG

    Tom is in this music video 😭 rip

    Levi Wyatt

    Yeah? Did I miss something? Hes always been the guitarist, i thought.

  18. TheLongDark

    Maybe get back on the path.

  19. Maykoll Lopez

    This song reminds me every single day that I work for what I hate the most... Sad reality.

  20. Spirit El Corcel

    I remember 2 years ago when I hear for first time this song and then I cant' stop.
    *sry for my ban english*

  21. Ezra Aune

    Where can i pick up the shirt that Drew is wearing?

  22. Thomas Centenaro

    Thumbs up if you got this on repeat today

  23. Jakub Ondruš

    0:32 this is dope

  24. Tim Irons

    ahhh when Adrian was still in Northlane *shuts computer and stares of into sunset*

    Matthew Joseph

    You're retarded lol this shit is nothing like northlane man. Completely different realms

    Marvin Sepp

    Brother I’m still staring into that sunset 🌅

  25. Casey Norlander

    daddy dun like dis

  26. Pobody Is Nerfect

    Hi everyone, we're a new band looking for feedback, our biggest influences are While She Sleeps, Stray from the Path, Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Hundredth, As I Lay Dying and many more, (yes we're looking for people to check us out and tell us what they think, there's no denial in that). If you like checking out new bands, listen to our video and leave your feedback if you want, cheers!

  27. Mother Fuckin' Nature Bear

    When your tourmates steal all your shit

  28. Michael

    did northlane fucking rob stray from the path? LMAO

  29. Ryan Brown

    I know this is 2016 and I should probably know, but is that Adrian Fitipaldes and Sam Carter?

    Lars C

    yeah, the members of northlane and architects are robbing Stray

  30. apfelmistnutte

    some kind of hardcore ratm :3

  31. Specialist01

    He looks dope blonde

  32. NJ Gooning

    fucking havent listen to these guys in a min love these fuckers

  33. Jack Morgan


  34. Uriah Graves

    This is what keeps me coming back to Stray From The Path.

  35. RageAholic402

    I've seen this video plenty of times and i JUST fucking realized that they are getting robbed by Northlane (and some others).

    Andrew Lichtenstein

    the others are the members of architects

  36. unishot619

    heeeeey!!! do you know what day is today? that's right kids, it's fucking black friday!!

  37. Rulis R

    Respect for wearing LANDSCAPE t-shirts !!! UKHC !!!

  38. Thezombeescreamo

    The lyrics are so true

  39. Pascal G-Barrette

    1:08 is that Adrian?

  40. Jaden Hodgson

    Adrian fitipaldes!

    Jaden Hodgson

    and nic Petersen

    Devon Walker

    +Jaden Hodgson The whole of Northlane! Architects too!

  41. denNicola

    These guys are going to do a tour with Polar, damn!

  42. Adam Swan

    Miss you dudes! So cool to see you doing it boys! still have tons of pics from the road.

  43. ovo nisamja

    I think you guys need bodyguards.
    And btw, that intro where you walk to the stage, totally uncool!

  44. Nick Dismore

    Adrian lol

  45. Absolutely Nothing

    I may be wrong, but I think the looters consist of the members of Northlane and Touche Amore.

    Dual Riposte

    northlane and Architects

  46. SuperShnaayin

    You guys kinda remind me of Crowd Deterrent

  47. ReeceUsedGames

    Oh yeah! At first i didnt believe Architects were in the video but i watched it over a few times and i xan see Sam Carter!

  48. HanCholo

    This song is fucking great.


    Wow, this is terrible


    why aren't these fuckers the most famous hardcore band in the nation? they represent the true essence of classic hardcore


    Cause they don't dress like scene kids either have the typical stupid lyrics or the clean vocals scene kids like lol which means they won't get lotta sellouts unlike the tipical shitty core bands like bvb, sws, ptv, etc.

  51. antster p

    they sound like rage against the machine i loveit!

  52. Cameron Baldie

    I love that #Architects  are in this music vid! :D

  53. Mar Vista

    If you are a fan of stray from the path please check us out

  54. Nathan Greene

    SAw this band play this song live on instagram and i gotta say i dont regret listning to them this is really good

  55. William Bocker

    This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. My three favorite bands in one video.

  56. okim tulal

    ...AND ALL MOTHERFUCKERS HERE....du du du "the architechts and northlane are in the video...''what a beautiful t-shirt wares the pretty boy"...."it likes limp bizkit or ratm".....anything about the band?...fuckin losers....

  57. okim tulal

    what a band...what a track...fuck ratm...we have theSFTP.BRING IT ON BITCH!!!

  58. multirockskater


  59. Noah Blue

    it's just American greed!

  60. FrankyFrank5

    wow...they really lost it all after the rising sun. how insanely dissapointing this shit is fuckin weak!!! vocals are way weak lost all the intensity and whatever quality it had to it that made it good. this actually sounds like a joke song someone wrote to be funny don't even get me started on the terrible instrumentation...

  61. Mehbobo Torp

    This just goes to show that music video directors really DO implant Illuminati Eyes all over their videos..!

    Malcolm Keenan

    Mediaboy, you're refering to the Bavarian Illuminati, which were shut down around 1786.
    Furthermore, the "Illuminati" is more of a system than an actual organization. You can look up (rather easy to find too) their methods and applications online. It's much like the "Art of War" only applicable on a political and economic scale rather than on militia and war.

    Wakazz. B

    This "illuminati" thing is starting to get fucking ridiculous..


    Landscapes bro, ease up on the illuminati

    Mehbobo Torp


    I'm not saying Stray From the Path are Illuminati. I'm just saying that the symbolism is in most videos.
    Are you going to tell me that 3 of the BMTH band members got "Landscapes" tattoos?

    Let me make it clear. I am definitely NOT saying SFtP are Illuminati loll. I'm just saying the symbolism appears in many MANY music videos- of every genre.


    This is literally a Landscapes t-shirt 

  62. theBOSpaladin101

    Goddamn do any of you actually listen to RATM? Yeah the vocals sound similar, but that's just about it. 


    +theBOSpaladin101 To be honest, those comments are pretty insulting to Zak lol, they sound nothing alike

    Luffy Joke.

    +theBOSpaladin101 I'd rather listen to a band that gets a big influence from RATM and that is absolutely great at doing it with the message and the unicity of their songs than listen to those generic metal core/post-hardcore bands with the same sound, same riffs, same style of drummers, same breakdowns and with lyrics my little brother could write. I don't give a fuck where SFTP got their influence from, they are fucking dope at what they do and I don't know many bands around doing what they do.

    Daniel Mihaylov

    +theBOSpaladin101 On some songs the guitarist is inspired by Tom Morello's guitar style. Is any similarity with RATM bad, anyway?

    I Am Scratcher

    the lyrics aren't similar really except that theyre politically driven. ratm was closer to anarchist or libertarian where as this band is obviously more left wing driven


    If SFTP and Incendiary changed vox, Incendiary would sound like a hardcore band and SFTP would sound exactly like RATM. Brendan Garrone has the same vocal infliction, same delivery, same tone as Zack does. Like it's unreal to be quite honest with you.

  63. Nick Lam

    damn cant chose whos better stray or stick to your guns

  64. Koen v. Meijel

    Happy Black Friday

    Koen v. Meijel

    Guess who's back this year

    Koen v. Meijel

    Hello kids I'm back

    Koen v. Meijel

    It's that time of year again

  65. Reaper5Gaming

    easily the modern day Rage Against the Machine! these guys are fucking awesome!

  66. Adrien

    is that Northlane and Architects ? o.O


    Yep haha

  67. Colin Brady

    I just realized that my band is playing with these guys on November 28th, which is Black Friday. 

    Ade Fegan

    pull them out .. unless they enjoy bad publicity !

    Nazi Head Stomp

    @Ade Fegan What, does them being against fascism upset you?

    Ade Fegan

    @Nazi Head Stomp they are fascists you knob !

    Nazi Head Stomp

    @Ade Fegan Yes, by being against people like Richard Spencer, they are fascist.

  68. CJ Studios

    1:04 Nic Pettersen from Northlane?

  69. LIWHO

    Did anyone tell Drew yet?

  70. Cant Think of A Name

    is that Adrien form northlane stealing the mic? haha


    Northlane and Architects members are in the video.

    Warrior Tha Witt

    Stay From The Path, Architects, Northlane/The Amity Affliction!!!

    Matt G

    @Cant Think of A Name I'm pretty sure the vocalist from Your Demise is in there too

  71. Gray M

    So pumped to see these guys open for Architects in Canada

  72. Richard Hurtz

    Anyone know what shirt the vocalist is wearing?

    Jacob Riley

    that's a Landscapes t shirt. It's on their big Cartel

    Richard Hurtz

    @Jacob Riley Thanks man.

    David Ward son has one just the same

  73. xIAMDAVEx

    Great song, Very average video


    i enjoy this band alot but but some reason i think it be sick if this band covered suck my kiss by red hot chili peppers lol

  75. Austin Rowl

    That's dope af that stray from the path member, or members are commenting back to people on here haha

  76. Joseph Coolmeltdown

    I spy adrian of Northlane haha

  77. Fredo pabon

    Too many people buying too many things!! they don't fucking need!! It's just american greeeed!!!


    If rage against the machine fucked stick to your guns they'd make stray.

  79. SooshiShef

    So is this Nu-hardcore? XD

    But in all seriousness, I'm glad I ran across these guys cause I like them. Good music and good message in the song.

  80. Jules Billa

    Why is Adrian Fitipaldes in this

  81. Th3ShakeMaster

    Support social discord.

    King's Gambit - MK-ULTRA

  82. Chris97k

    Okay so I'm seeing them on the amity affliction tour so thought I'd check em out. Not dissapointed.

  83. j c

    i saw architects haha, fuckin love this song

  84. Anthony Soots

    Hardcore + Rage Against The Machine.


    accurate af

  85. Justin Stauffer

    If rage against the machine had balls this is what they would have sounded like. .SFTP is awesome

  86. lemonlimelukey

    this is hot garbage,

  87. Voluntary Simplicity

    Big ups to Brandon Murphy for sending me here. This shit slams, big time.

  88. Dee Ef Sea

    Is Nu Metal a thing again?!

  89. hatebreed4life

    The other people in this music video show no respect to the band,trying to steal from them. Losers. Probably wannabes

  90. Максим Иванов

    Вернули ненависть в хардкор

  91. KageRyuuki

    Lol you just got robed by Northlane and friends

  92. MrZeeoh

    3 of the most talented bands in one video = Cumming

  93. &ure

    One for the money two for the money!!!!

  94. ReflectsCoD

    Lol. Black Friday is not that bad. Just saying...

  95. Ralph Redncocker

    Punk is alive N' FUCKING WELL!!!!

  96. Miles Hunt

    Sam jumping on Drew makes this :)