Stray From The Path - Badge & A Bullet Part II Lyrics

So which side are you walking on?
It may not be about race, but it is about color
May have most of them fooled, but not me motherfucker
How can the filth clean up the streets?
Fuck a blue uniform, it don't mean nothing to me
Trained to never trust us
So where the fuck is the justice?
Trigger happy lunatics walking a beat
When you won't do what they say, then they turn up the heat

Which side are you walking on?
(Which side? Tell me which side)
Trained to never trust us
So where the fuck is the justice?
Which side are you walking on?
(Which side? Tell me which side)
Trained to never trust us
Fuck them, no justice

Red hands on a white man dressed in blue
The streets are looking like Germany in '42
Stop and frisk, don't resist, I'll tell you why:
They still want to see the lead fly
Scared to death, they're not scared to shoot, it's true
There ain't no such thing as time for the blue
It's not about race, but it's about color
May have most of them fooled, but not me motherfucker

Which side are you walking on?
(Which side? Tell me which side)
Trained to never trust us
So where the fuck is the justice?
Which side are you walking on?
(Which side? Tell me which side)
Trained to never trust us
Fuck them, no justice

Break down the control
Or everybody's catching bullet holes

Trained to never trust us
So where the fuck is the justice?
Trained to never trust us
So where the fuck is the justice?
Fuck them no justice

Which side are you walking on?
Which side, tell me which side?
Which side are you walking on?
Which side, tell me which side?

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Stray From The Path Badge & A Bullet Part II Comments
  1. Desi Thug

    I'm on metal side

  2. Matthew Johnson

    Rage needs to go back on tour and bring these guys and hed pe for the ride!

  3. ilivetotread

    Had to seek this out just because I was so sickened by seeing one of 5FDP's latest music videos. Thank God for bands willing to take metal back to its anti-establishment roots.

  4. Maggoteclipsewyvern Chaosfrostfirepoison

    All cops are cock suckers and all the FBI are cock suckers. And hey i cant truly prove it but those cock suckers had something to do with the shootings in Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, and Parkland. We all know we just need that 100% proof.

  5. Royce Winters

    to all you people joking about this being rage against the machine FUCK YOU NO JUSTICE!

  6. Art Raws

    Fuck yes. Keep bringing us the grooves.

  7. King Harker

    finally the long awaited sequel is out

  8. George Hajdu

    Funny how people are game for this type of 'preaching' but when it comes to how the current political climate is in America people lose their minds. Its almost like Trump voters have let it go straight to their head and no matter what shit he's caused he's still a god.

  9. Philipp Oes

    Having a reference to the Song Shook ones pt. 2 from Mobb Deep makes this one cooler.

  10. CaptCorleone

    I like the song, but it's crazy how much ignorance is here—in the video, the comments.

  11. Levi Wright

    I have such a conflict with STFTP.. I absolutely love their sound, but hate the majority of their messages. I have nothing but utmost respect for law enforcement. To generalize that they are all heartless racist killers, just because the .001% that are is so awful. And exactly how millenials think these days. Over generalization, and clumping groups of people by the couple bad eggs. So stupid.


    Levi Wright every single cop is guilty for holding up the system that allows racism, brutality, sexism, homophobia to flourish, even the "good" cops are guilty for they are part of that system of oppression

  12. Serjuh

    Is there a non chipmunk version?

  13. Yavor Ivanov

    This shit makes me start a fucking riot

  14. 115madmax

    I love this band but dude...get that tooth gap fixed fr.

  15. david simões

    AC/DC against the machine

  16. jojo jojo

    J'adore !

  17. Samuel Bahler

    Maybe if they don't pull out their gun and shoot the police they wouldn't be dead....idiots

  18. smokedks

    Basically the Rage of this generation I guess.

    Not bad though!

  19. Nick Degenhardt

    Well, it's not about race or color, it's about crime rates, and well sorry that when you cause havoc or commit a crime that the police have to get involved. Blue lives matter. Without the police America would be ruins, destroyed and basically a war zone. God bless the authorities for everything they do taken for granted.


    Nick Degenhardt fuck blue lives matter

  20. Nathan Hodson

    be safe......😚

  21. CidAngst

    Where the fuck is the justice? Certain white people get fucked with by the cops too." It's not about race but is about color."

    Derby City Vandal

    CreepyCid That's why they say "It is about color." they're implying that race is irrelevant, which by moral standards it is, but that the uniform is to blame in this case. Blue is the problematic color they're referring to.

    That is the one thing that makes this song a little difficult for me to want to listen to. I love SFTP and they're message, but they're so vague in many cases that their lyrics are very easily misinterpreted.

    For instance, I don't hate all cops and in fact am thankful that there are some who still have integrity, but by listening to this song you likely couldn't interpret that.

    The Kishin

    CidAngst color = blue

  22. Herman M.Amin

    This Song Is F**king Sick, Cheers From Singapore..

  23. Jay

    So fucking sad to see that this song is still relevant, stay safe brothers

    Young Bones Gaming

    Literally came here to say exactly that. Absolutely tragic.

  24. Sterson S

    Fuck american police brutality.
    You motherfuckers kill so many innocent lives while trying to fight terrorism, when America itself is the Terrorist.

    Joe the Red

    preach comrade


    Stergios Sotiriou What, are you gay?

    James Willis

    Are you... okay?
    You seem a touch distraught. Perhaps you should take a nap, or eat something. I find such things help me when I find myself in disarray.
    Furthermore, grammar - like manners - is terribly important. Without such, we are reduced to whatever squalor you've beseeched upon us.
    So I beg of you, read a damn book or something.
    Have a lovely day.

  25. Michael Stuart

    SFTP till I fuken die.

  26. Top Floor Inc

    if ratm had a threesome with metalcore and a hint if djentiness sftp is created

  27. Alex K 'official'

    Support from Germany ;) Change the System America ;)

    James Shore

    Russia and about 25 other countries makes the states look like germany


    @James Shore in 42? 😀
    Greetings from germany too ✌🏼

  28. Kevin Smith

    "Streets look like Germany in '42"

    Uhhh, not quite.

    Grim Krayon

    ok boomer

  29. DOUBLE O.G.

    Rockfest Montebello 2016 gonna be a good time!

  30. Levi Beverly

    Sick music. lyrically, and this is just my opinion, I feel like they're hopping on the band wagon of hating policemen. if you someone cared about saving American lives, they'd helped clean up gang violence in urban areas that claim many more lives than policemen.

    arie schram

    This isn't their first song covering the police problem. They' ve been doing it for a while now.

  31. Paul

    RATM?? nah i would rather it's more like Deftones but that's just me

  32. Tyler Smith

    I want to see a SFTP/Zack de la Rocha collab like now.

  33. This Beautiful Life With Kevin Caputo

    over 10,000 blacks were killed this year.... by other blacks! fuckin commies

    This Beautiful Life With Kevin Caputo

    +Kevin Caputo (Stereo Assassin) sing about that

    Anna Scibek

    +Kevin Caputo (Stereo Assassin) Goosestep on out of here, racist trash.

    This Beautiful Life With Kevin Caputo

    why for speaking the truth?

  34. Fredrik BM

    Rage against the machine meets hatebreed or something. I love it, anyway just what I needed to hear today. Thanks guys, will buy that album now when I can.

  35. Forrest G

    amazing and absolutely powerful message, respect to you guys pushing the barriers and striving to make a difference thanks for your awesome music.

  36. Di Lung Move it Ya Fool!

    Between the judicial system and corrupt cops, I don't know which can be fixed first.

  37. HASNUL AZWAN Azizan


  38. cuhohdee


  39. Wesley Pi


  40. ThatJhairoGuy

    It's got that Rage Against The Machine vibe, and i fucking love it!

  41. Djentlemen

    Good Job Dudes! Great Song and a Great Album! :)

  42. Anthony Thompson

    I want to see this band so bad it hurts.

  43. Nicholas W

    holy fuck this is so good.

  44. Mac Weigle

    This is the best album of the year, hands down. Please come back to Columbia, SC soon!

  45. Tyler Westberry

    Sucks but the lyrics speak the truth😒

  46. Anthony Bark

    sick of the only bands who keep it real anymore.impressed to say the least.

  47. Patriot 76

    Fuck corruption! If you are a real cop, you would arrest your fellow scum. Keep protecting your adrenaline junkies.

  48. Eric 7-Strings

    I need NOW! the Part 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ...

  49. Deivis Davuda Apolo

    fuck them no justice!!!

  50. Brianna Lynn

    badass! made me want to get up and jump o.o

  51. Brent Harris

    Great song, can't wait to see them live again!

  52. will obs

    I just discovered you guys and every sing I've listened to this far hits home hard for me thank you for being a amazing band lots of love from Florida

  53. Evren Yuceturk

    Album is sick! F*ck Them, No Justice!

  54. lolfroobface

    Holy fuck, if this isn't a watered down Incendiary. I mean this is good, but a straight Incendiary rip.

  55. Benjii Yanez

    This is the devils music!!

  56. Matt Walley

    Sad to read and see on here how people feel about hard working law enforcement officers who risk their lives every day. There are incredible people out there who, as soon as they put that badge on, are instantly hated and people want to kill them without even knowing a single them about them. Wish we could get back to the days where people respect and trust cops instead of wanting them all dead. Dont hate every single officer based on the bad ones you see on the media.

  57. fuckfaith -

    This is fucking amazing, hope you're coming to the Netherlands soon.

  58. SendMeHate Bois

    I don't see an issue with the RATM comparisons. Them and stray are both incredibly good bands.

  59. LEO Calderon

    you guys never dissapoint 😀

  60. Вадим Фефелов

    Album of the year!

  61. José Garcia

    Holy shit there's a part 2 for one of my favorite songs? Fuck yea!

  62. Joe the Red

    124 people are boot lickers.

  63. (The Weird British Guy)

    UK tour?

  64. Julian Herrche

    So fuckin; good. Can't wait to hear this shit live in Toronto.

  65. Nick Goble

    This amazing <3

  66. Bryan Goan

    Soo I love the song. And the band..but the message is kinda fucked. Like I get it I do. But its no accurate. Most police do their job. And like I saw in a previous comment, there are bad people in every profession. Its impossible for every single cop to be a good person. And another thing everyone calls them pig and gives them so much hate because a small percentage of cops are awful people. Its literally the same thing as hating all black people for being thieves and lazy. Its a stereotype and it isnt true. Im on a friends profile so you'll see a white kid but im actually brown. Im mixed. Ive been discriminated against many times. But my white step father who is a police officer is a great cop who has never hurt a good person on the job. And ive met many officers aside from him. All good people. Bad cops are not that common. Today people antagonize them, try to get them to freak out, record them. It's bullshit. Something definitely needs to be done about them but we shouldn't hate the people who protect us. And as for the white cop thing. .most minorities actually dont want to be cops. You can find the statistics online for the number of minorities who apply for the job and go to the academy. The number is significantly smaller than the number of white people who apply. I live in Cleveland. I work in Cleveland. I see how things actually are on the streets and the media honestly skews everything.

  67. John Anastasiades

    New age Rage

  68. Tyler Robbins

    Fucking sick! You guys kill it every time! LI pride!

  69. Adrian Gougov

    Who mixed this? Drums sound a bit like Taylor Larson's work?

  70. James R

    Stray From the Path = FuckTheLawCore

  71. Jack Shaw

    The break down is mind blowing I get shivers every time

  72. MxHC Music Promotions

    I'm just going to replay this until I hate it.

  73. LGo0926

    This album is about to hard as fuck.

  74. avlkush

    This one's for you Sandy Bland. FUCK THE PIGS

  75. Anthony T

    Shit slams and couldn't be dropped at a more perfect time in the history of this country. FUCK THE POLICE

  76. Spade JM

    Stray from the Path is like the NWA of Metal. haha good shit tho!

  77. Adrian Lowres

    Ahhhhhhhhhh shit son

  78. Nikhil Udupa

    Man, I've been missing this anger. I cant believe it took me so long to stumble on to this. The country is different, the scum is the same.

  79. Max the Scarecrow

    Somehow reminds me of Dope and Hed P.E.

  80. Danica Jade

    This is amazing. So proud to call you guys my favourite band. Thank you for this song!!! This isn't happening in Australia but I still feel really strongly about the topic. Love love love

  81. TheHudsonHornet

    I never thought a metal band would have such insightful commentary on police brutality, thanks guys, love your music too. I saw you with hundredth for their last show of that tour.

  82. Emstek

    The beginning is soooo sick.

  83. Andrew Ramirez

    How does Stray feel about all this #SandraBland shit?

  84. Evan Richard

    darn this is good music

  85. passiveaggressive23

    Fascism is now the law of the land.

    We have police departments that are being outfitted with military surplus gear (Thanks Bill Clinton), and they're being told that they're fighting a "war". The growing disparity between the general public and law enforcement is concerning because now you have to worry about these gunslinger cowboys showing up to the wrong house and shooting your dog or a family member(happens bi-weekly these days)

    Keep making music. Keep communicating .

    It takes brave individuals to speak out against this sort of injustice, and seeing this video just solidified why I've been a fan of your band, and why I will continue to be.

  86. air brute

    The music is good but the words are ignorant

    Stray From The Path

    @alonso varela Please elaborate why.

  87. Gizmo

    I live in Spain and I am an immigrant (legal tho) and even though i had seen police brutality and unfair treatment to minorities and protesters It wasn't until i was questioned, searched and yelled at for no good reason when i realised how ignorant, and dehumanised can they be.

    Stray From The Path

    @Saito No Baka Dehumanized is the key word here.


    It's just unbelievable...the things a person can do to another without even taking a second to think about the circumstances, feelings and overall life of the other.

  88. Matt Lerch

    "Which side are you walking on?"  Next tattoo, I swear.  After seeing you guys in New Orleans with Enter Shikari and Hundredth, I'll be in Atlanta when you guys swing through with Comeback Kid.  First round's on me, my friends.

  89. AWallace Productions

    I do miss the heavier stuff, but love the explicit message you guys are putting out with the newer stuff.

    Stray From The Path

    @AWallace Productions Thank you

  90. Caitlin Dye

    Rage Against the Machine Part 2

  91. The Lord of Stuff

    First song I've listened to by this band, pretty fuckin good if you ask me.

    Stray From The Path

    @Justice Gott Thanks Justice. Plenty for you to check out!

  92. Idea phase

    What would be their motive: We need to make the world a better place... How can we do that....
    They want to make the world a better place.... but with the world divided so much and pinned against its self... Extermination of personal point of views must be put into action.... One world, One language, One Culture, One Dictator, One Community, One way... and to get there..... Lots and Lots and Lots of Death.... Why is it everything teaches us that a life dictator is a good thing.... Why is it religion does not satisfy the longing heart.... Why is it that people capable of sin are deemed Innocent and Trustworthy..... Why is it that beauty means to be shallow and fake.... Why is it God is a sinner in the Holly Bible.... Why is it the bible tells you to sin in some scriptures and tells you not to in others.... Why is it the bible tells you there are three Gods in One.... Why is it every other religion is the same thing only told in a different way?  There are only two sides of Emotion one can express... Productive and Destructive..... Maybe everything Productive in this world is Absolute Selfless Love... and The Other Hatred and Blaspheming Power..... Maybe the reason is this.... Satan is cheating and God is letting him...... Maybe the wrath of God is God stepping away..... Maybe what you all don't understand... is that Man has the right to choose when the fate of the world will end.... when all the power in the world is joined together to conquer its inhabitance.... When the blind lead the blind.... led by a man with one eye open.... but I have both eyes open.............. Man will never be absolute selflessly Loving..... He can not achieve this gole..... Man can not be God.... No matter how hard a Man tries.... Even if man cured death.... then what? You have pain.... torcher.... Loneliness... anger.... Sickness..... it will still be a half life and we would long for death.... Life is one letter too long of Lie.....

  93. Idea phase

    Rage Against The Machines Rip Off Band.... Your Messages SUCK!!!!!! Why? Your uneducated.... the actual lead vocalist of Rage Against the Machines did all his research before spitting off things into the wind.... Your a stupid version of that guy... you don't even know what your singing about..... By the way.... a white girl gets shot.... and you don't even pay attention to that do you? did you? No its all hands up don't shoot.... By the way.... It was confirmed a lie.... You have a dent in your career you idiot.... furthermore racism is a complicated subject in America because you don't have the English back story.... on English History that happened right before the colonial times.... Blacks were enslaving whites.... see the big picture now... were even get over it.... besides its not blacks vs whites.... Its minorities vs Government control.... everything is stereotypical in this world for a reason.... Divide and conquer....  The only reason thug life came to be.... is to prove to the common folk that political figures are needed for security purposes, (If we could take care of ourselves the Government wouldn't have to type thing) this set up is a lot like pre Nazi in Germany.... but race is a distraction from what's really going on.... America is too comfortable and comfort doesn't question authority.... therefore if we don't question authority we cant control authority.... and if we cant control Authority we cant choose authority.... therefore Democracy is an illusion because its we the people in control of a Government in control of Us....... Every life style in existence teaches us to divide and conquer.... Never to love..... Even Christianity... Name one life style that isn't on the brink of insanity and you will come up with Politic... Scientist... Doctor... Teacher... Priest... all corrupted people who claim innocence or impose and imply innocence while saying they would never do such.... Their liars... Cheats.... and Control freaks.... If anything Race should ban together not divide any further.... Were going to need each other if what I think is going to happen happens.....


    Dot dot dot, dot dot dot. Say a fucking sentence, man. What do you think a band like this is trying to do, on the race subject? One of the very lines is "It may not be about race, but it is about color." They don't want race providing boundries between us all either. They want a unified country, with authority that isn't abused, with race not mattering to anyone, with gender not mattering, where a citizen is actually fucking safe, with free speech intact. If that message sucks, then go join a neo-nazi group, like feminism. I'm sure you'll fucking love it there.

  94. A B

    Thanks for releasing such a powerful song and video guys. My girlfriend was assaulted and laughed at by a cop the other evening. I'm pissed about it. Most of those assholes are on power trips.

  95. nameless

    this sounds so amazing and the message behind it is perfect. honestly dont think ive ever been more proud of a band tbh

    Stray From The Path

    @kill_liberty Thank you so much for supporting.


    @Stray From The Path love ya boys <3

  96. MosbeckSB

    I'm honestly surprised this video doesn't have comments full of outraged prickjobs, whining about how anti-cop this is, and how the "anti-cop narrative must end".

  97. Matt Christensen

    Wow there's alot of Rage influence in this. That ain't a bad thing.

  98. Adrián Gombos

    Fck the POLICE! <3

  99. kisscoop

    cliché ridden garbage