Strait, George - It Just Comes Natural Lyrics

Sun shines, clouds rain
Train whistles blow and guitars play
Preachers preach, farmers plow
Wishes go up and the world goes round

And I love you, it just comes natural
It just comes natural
Seasons change rivers wind
Tumble weeds roll and the stars shine
Wind howls, dawn breaks
Cowboys riding' time slips away

And I love you, it just comes natural
It's what I was born to do
Don't have to think it through
Baby, it's so easy loving you
It just comes natural

It's what I was born to do
Don't have to think it through
Baby it's so easy loving you

Fire burns waves crash
Seeds grow and good things last
Ships sail dreams fly
Night falls and full moons rise

And I love you, it just comes natural
And I love you, it just comes natural
It just comes natural
It just comes natural

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Strait, George It Just Comes Natural Comments
  1. Austin oleksy

    I'm so afraid of the day people forget about real music. Gonna have to explain this to the grandkids one day

    Greek Guy

    I'm 18 and after hearing that crap "country" pop on the radio and I am in love with real country such as Brooks and Dunn, Alan Jackson George straight and some new guys today are old style which I love like the band Midland

  2. Robert Bourdeau

    Fuck yeah! Hail Satan!

  3. maik St


  4. Steele Rod

    If you have to ask if you're listening in 2019, 2020, or whatever, that's sad. This mans music will live on until humanity ends!

  5. Bonnie Mcneil


  6. stephen stover

    Well, I paid $320 per ticket to see him in Austin, Texasin 2018 and $155 per ticket to see him in Las Vegas this year and I still never come close to getting my "fix" of King George Live!!! Does that answer the question???

  7. Justin Hicks

    Noone can beat George strait point blank period

  8. Juanita Buron

    C "that rock wont roll" see its natural not some so uncommon belief. 10/31/19 10:14

  9. James Guenard


  10. Erin Wright

    Nice sound and flow.. great song

  11. Autumn Ball

    One of the first country songs I loved

  12. Lexx Kroeger

    i like this song

  13. Nove Rini Solavide Purba

    2019 anyone?

  14. Nick

    George Strait. Hands down King of country.

  15. Tony Montana


  16. Juanita Buron

    7/29/19 22:35

  17. Rosalinda Cantu

    7/14/19 you will never know how natural it is to love someone... it just comes natural

  18. Matt Albritton

    Don't worry I'm a man favorite.

  19. Matt Albritton

    Truly you aint got nothing say, but you got something to do.

  20. Matt Albritton

    Put down the drugs and you paid em

  21. Matt Albritton

    Who wants to be original in 2019? You done did the dirty you paid em. Schmuck.

  22. Taylor Campbell

    I am jamming it right now

  23. Brayden Claycomb

    George strait is a good country singer

  24. Cory Lemons

    2019 and he still sounds: new, fresh, amazing; dudes a fucking legend.

  25. Angel love and peace

    I did not like country music before with changes station as soon as it came on that's a human George Strait I can't stop listening to this man and Alan Jackson this is real country music

  26. Doris Stovall

    Hope his songs go a long way

  27. Doris Stovall

    I love this

  28. Justin Matherly

    Always been one of my favorites besides I saw God today 🙌👍

    Tony Montana

    And i had dinner with the devil🖒

  29. loose wire video

    Who's still jamming out to George strait in 2020

    Carrianne C.

    It's not 2020 yet but I will be

    Randall Jim

    America you fucking fomos

  30. Juanita Buron

    00:20 3/27/19

  31. E_ Inkredible_Z

    It just comes natural to be listening to this in 2019!!

  32. TOOBIG Toobigbrown

    2019 Rodeo We On The Way George !!!

  33. Angel CityGirl

    Never go wrong with king george. 🤴🤴🤴🤴

  34. aenance N

    The king of country music

  35. Skylar Ippoliti

    That steel guitar solo sends chills down my spine 😁

  36. Ian Evitts

    Gotta love that steel lap guitar though.😁

  37. Remy DuMaurier

    I love George, but he's recorded so many other far better songs than this one.

  38. Brittany Harper

    Who's still jamming GS in 2019

    Randall Jim

    Fuck you

  39. For The Love Of Liberty

    Of the 30+ concerts I've been to since 2005, George Strait still remains the best concert I've seen. I'm 26. Lol.

  40. Tony Montana


  41. Michelle Hall

    Still sounds good in 2019

  42. TheDetroDiesel

    Whos still jamming out to George strait in 2019?

    Mason Braxton

    @Clemson 6105 hell yeah king of country in my opinion

    Jason Chrapliwy


    kenneth mckeel

    Lolol. Yeeees. He still selling out arena's though...

    Kyle Faulkner

    TheDetroDiesel me

    Randall Jim

    Fuck you you sound like a kane brown type of bitch

  43. annette causey

    true love comes natural. I have always like this song.

  44. Shari Crocker

    I love you too, clyde. It does come natural.

  45. Juanita Buron

    10:00 12/12*18

  46. Voltage Digital

    American flag waving in this song!

  47. Eugene Malush

    God gave us this man to enjoy his gift.

  48. Justin

    Who's still listening to this: forever?

    joe saccocio

    Justin who’s fishing for likes: you?

  49. Iasan O’lunney


  50. Justin Hicks

    King George never put out a bad song

    Merle Johnson

    Justin Hicks HELL no King George is one of my favorites I can't tell anyone my favorite song by King George so many great ones!

  51. Unknown Sender

    I remember when this album came out. Living on some dirt road in Arkansas. Ah, junior high school.

  52. Syd Bryan

    How can 159 people dislike this song

  53. Kirby Hurst

    I just made a drum cover tribute video to this song for George Strait's drummer Mike Kennedy please check it out

  54. Jack Henry

    The king of country

  55. TheComputerGeek010101001

    August 2018?

  56. Justin Hicks

    Who is still jamming to George strait in 2018

    Travis Huffman

    2019! seeing George at the Rodeo with Lyle Lovett and REK in two months!!!

    chris cannon

    Love it

    Michelle Medina

    @Jasyn Marchand here

    Robert Jason

    The country king

  57. Kaitlyn J.

    His songs never fail to get me in a good mood no matter the time of day!

  58. Becuz G

    I agree with Jordan under me! Old Georgie boy is the G. O. A. T!

  59. Yolanda Angel

    I love george strait con el Corazon

  60. Thomas Hawkins Hibbs


  61. Pamela M Grignon

    I love George!!

  62. Gabriela Speedon

    I love This s

  63. Kia Mull

    May 2018

  64. Hank Seales

    Mine and my girls song

  65. bigmike937

    Free the weed.... It just comes natural.... 👌

  66. Donna Kuhn

    George strait it just comss national

  67. Colt Coltie

    Tanica hanica

  68. Amy Bennett

    I love this song

  69. Tara Barton


  70. Tara Barton


  71. Tara Barton


  72. Tara Barton


  73. Abigail Yazzie

    Memory Lane back into 2006 😭

  74. jenafur molina

    My favorite country singer.. love all og George's music. He's not called king George for nothing

  75. Brayden Hauenschild

    Such a good song

  76. Donna Kuhn

    Ashleigh Mullen

    Donna Kuhn

    Ashleigh Mullen I Love

    Donna Kuhn

    Tomorrow high school morning Monday

  77. Sylvia Payton

    (Adjunct Professor)
    Good day, Sir.

  78. Starr Troup

    Stcsv o

  79. Jennifer Dijames

    good job buddy.I love that song.

  80. David Demery

    Who's still listening to this song in July 2017

    Billy Murphy

    April 2018

    Jennifer Dijames

    It's May now and I am still listening.

    Samantha Kay

    David Demery july 2018


    September 2018

    Carrianne C.

    April 2019

  81. Jeffery DeRoche Guy

    I don't know how 51 people disagree with this song and all of his other songs!

  82. Jeffery DeRoche Guy

    Best part: 0:00 to 0:08.

    john c

    Best part 0 to 2:59!

  83. Johnna Holden

    I love this song

  84. Casey Ringer

    50 people liked this song so much that they turned their device upside down and liked it a second time.

    Carol Mielke


  85. Tyler Madrigal

    the best song

  86. Vettefan83

    The King, Mr. George Strait himself.

  87. Adrian Nino

    Texas BoY

  88. Chad Wenske

    my favorite artist of any genre!!!

    Donna Kuhn

    Chad Wenske

  89. Andrew Maack

    George Strait is the MAN. King of country music. Glad I was able to experience 2 concerts in person....of all places CA

    Paul Uremovich

    Andrew Maack dang that must've been awesome

    Jonathan Roybal

    To bad he never wrote his own music.

  90. Joshua Torres

    I think easton corbin tried to do a song like this? Cant top KING GEORGE!!

  91. Matthew Dencklau

    one of the best country songs ever. love you Mr. Strait

  92. Bailey Long

    I love this song so much it reminds me of my brother and Cinch...miss you guys love you guys too

  93. Steve Trammell

    Garth Brooks is the biggest George Strait fan you'll ever find.

    K Sauce

    if you saw my dad, you might think otherwise lol

    Jeremy Newell

    Garth Brooks also lip syncs to lol

  94. Ryan Walker

    George has so many good songs that its impossible to have a favorite