Strait, George - Give It Away Lyrics

She was stormin' through the house that day
And I could tell she was leavin
And I thought, aw, she'll be back
'Til she turned around and pointed at the wall an said

That picture from our honeymoon
That night in Frisco Bay
Just give it away
She said, give it away
And that big four-poster king-size bed
Where so much love was made
Just give it away
She said, just give it away

Just give it away
There ain't nothin' in this house worth fightin' over
Oh, and we're both tired of fightin' anyway
So just give it away

So I tried to move on
But I found that each woman I held
Just reminded me of that day

When that front door swung wide open
She flung her diamond ring
Said, give it away
Just give it away
And I said, now, honey, don't you even want
Your half of everything
She said, give it away
Just give it away

Just give it away
There ain't nothin' in this house worth fightin' over
Oh, and we're both tired of fightin' anyway
So just give it away

[Instrumental interlude]

So I'm still right here where she left me
Along with all the other things
She don't care about anymore
Mmmm, like that picture from our honeymoon
That night in Frisco Bay
She said, give it away
Well, I can't give it away
And that big four-poster king-size bed
Where all our love was made
She said, give it away
Well, I can't give it away

I've got a furnished house, a diamond ring
And a lonely broken heart
Full of love and I can't even give it away

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Strait, George Give It Away Comments
  1. greg music

    yeah life goes on 21 years helps

  2. Marie Herrington

    I gave it away the first time. I took it the last time. Lesson learned. Thank you King George.

  3. Brian Livengood

    I always play this song when me and my gal would argue the kids older now sing mom's only giving your half away..... grab and hold the ones you love let them know because tomorrow may never come

  4. Larry Martinez

    I’ve lived this song... 3 times lol. But I’m still standing... but next time I think I’ll just live in sin ...

  5. greg music

    Hope my sons will understand lot of water under that birdge but its what i wont understand hopefully you understand

  6. Bonnie Maynard

    Damn it John I screamed this 😂

  7. Bonnie Maynard

    #bonniemaynard 2019 give that shit away oh wait they kept it all bahaha your welcome think of me Everytime you put a new one in it on it and in my panties too 😂

    Joni Minick

    This is his mom playing music. If you don't like it .....don't listen.

  8. Vanessa Rodriguez

    Los muertos de hambre stormy yes !!!! enjoy the tornatos? Lol

  9. Dustin Madden

    I once gave it away. Then I realised. I wanted it back. The car the house and the dog. She can stay gone tho

    Esta Dewberry


  10. kay arthur

    I love this song, George is about the best along side of Alan Jackson. I am still listening to it. Love it, I have been married 55 yrs. long time but yet where it went I do not know. Thanks George.

    Esta Dewberry


  11. Beth Davis

    England, George Michael take her

  12. Beth Davis

    Listening to Queen and Bowie at my father's McDonald's on 36 the 736 am doesn't get any better than t......Marilyn Monroe yeah little autistic girl love you George Strait

  13. Jesse James

    Yes sir!!!!! #SOLD

  14. William Ayers

    Yard sale

  15. Tru3 KinG

    I feel his women it hurt to spilt up why have stuff u had TOGETHER

  16. Christy Rowland

    Hell yea dam Good song ya all.

  17. James Johnston

    Be listening 'til my dying day!

  18. James Cancel

    Ah, if only I hadn't live this.

  19. Jay Smith

    Give that shit away......

  20. James Cress

    this song makes me think of my dad because he use to sing with passed away in 2012 at the age of 93...a pearl harbor survivor on the USS Oklahoma on Dec 7th, 1941 and a survivor on the USS Helena when it was sunk in the Solomon Islands. A part of the Greatest Generation.

  21. sylvain leger

    Ooooooooooooo ya this is a good one

  22. Peggy Street

    Good music

  23. Mary Betz


  24. Lisa White

    He is the King 💞💞

  25. Larry Halloway

    Born in 82 and will die with this being the best

  26. Frank Hartford

    How awesome would be if sing with him

  27. Joann Pflug

    want be back stacy lynn

  28. James Wallace

    not worth listening to after hearing jamey j

  29. fred radatz

    They sure ruin country music

  30. Cody Rawdon

    Ive tryed so hard but im not going to try as hard as i did when i got mairred

  31. Mark Bennett

    I'm going to Wichita in January to see George Strait🐎🎸🎼🇺🇸

  32. Mark D

    Hi Katie...I am Darlin!!!

  33. Char Nesbitt

    Cheryl Crowe and Kid Rock Pictures

  34. Beth Davis

    My name is Elizabeth Klebahn better known to the world as Monroe I was dead but I came back 16 months later. Marilyn Monroe is fucking haunting me I am just fine minding my own. I love Mr Strait he is seriously another level sarcastically funny like my departed father the one and only Mr Quiroz.

  35. Tesla

    I wonder how many rhcp fans came here on accident lol

  36. Joshua Jones

    Love this song just like my girl Morgan Nutter. Love u Morgan💜.
    And u too GS.


    There is an icon on my tablet that says something about the "BEST" George Strait songs , like he ever recorded a bad one .......... ROFLMBFAO . King George could NOT record a bad song if it was written on toilet paper with you know what for ink and recorded on a broken recording device .

  38. Beth Davis

    Just give it away! I left my whole house.

  39. CountryKade

    Thank u brahhhh

  40. Joann Pflug

    just give it away both tired of fighting anyways

  41. Nick G

    Like damn she quit caring I know that feeling...

  42. Robert Johnson

    Jamey Johnson wrote this song. He’s the best song writer in Nashville

  43. Philip Mulherin

    Im not even that much of a country fan but i am when i listen to this!!! So good!

  44. Rhonda Mott

    I am love George straight

  45. Margo Mason

    George is good, but he can't out sing Marty Robbins!

  46. Lance Gagne

    I was raised on country music (Good Song By The Way) since a young boy 60,s 70,s, 80,s till today.This is country music. (Not Good At Singing It Mind You but that's beside the point) Country music today needs to find there roots.. I know the young need there POP and RAP country today but.. Really Think. Country is build from roots right.... So maybe we should nurture those roots and bring back to life those country roots and start growing new crops...

  47. Theodore Skaff

    I've always said a big reason for George's success is his Ace in the Hole band. Listen to this a perfect song!

  48. Luiz Pedro Lazzari


  49. Sable Burden

    I remember my divorce. Walked away from everything. Money,cars,home,and still had to go to court,because she just didn't want to let go. Can't say I'll ever regret it.

  50. Jonny Crash

    My ex-wife pretty much told me the same thing so I did give it away , I gave it to her younger sister and we've been together almost 4 years now...

  51. Randall Mann

    James. Mann

  52. Jud Bolland

    Anybody still love king George still

  53. Seth LaFrenz

    Hes still the king

  54. madcow usa

    Yes. Just discovered this gem. I live under a rock, apparently.

    Ram Jaani

    Talking of you..same here

  55. rosha kasravi

    Jones & Merle are Gone , but not their music ...

  56. rosha kasravi

    Thank God for YouTube - Classic Country .. anything your Heart desires or deserves .

  57. Debbie Dyerhibbs

    give it away idc

  58. Dave Arcudi

    Fuck divorce

  59. Yvonne Vincens

    Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of country, but I can listen to George Straight all day. Along with a few others like him. My sister on the other hand was a huge( still is) a country fan. She use to have George and Garth all over her wall 😅.
    Thankful, she was a huge fan, cuz my punk ass music fan wouldn't have appreciation for some of the great country musicians. 😉
    And of course older folks in my family

  60. prisila amaya


  61. James Madison

    love this song

  62. Shawn Gregg

    Yes still listening 2019

  63. Jessica Sonsoucie

    yes sure am i love george strait

  64. Feed Gitmo

    we win sea you bro

  65. Andrew Dimmitt

    Trying to git 2 KC to see this dude in January

  66. Richard Desousa

    Love George straight round here in Oklahoma

  67. tracy harri

    So true

  68. Dougie H

    George Straight stomps sum serious manure!!!

  69. gary wheeler

    i gave it all away

  70. gary wheeler

    im leavin a women that dont no how 2 treat a man, i need a real lady

  71. Christopher Solis

    I’m 33 love me some me straight

  72. Alex Ramirez

    Ain’t no music like King George

  73. Wesley Herrington

    Great song! George is great! But this is not his song........It's Jammie Johnson's song. You should go watch him do it. Its great!

  74. Haley Townsley

    This is how I feel with my husband of 13 years. I’m so over and done with his psychotic self. I deserve better. After all I’ve been thru I’m just done.

    Mario Perez

    Haley Townsley
    Shit happens cutie

  75. Trevor Soldier

    9 years with one woman isn't easy to walk away from. Thank you George Strait for making it alittle easier.

  76. Kiley Smith

    Anybody seen my red and green blankets amnll looking bplaid

  77. Sandra Cannon

    After 28 year's I gave it away around a Good Will drop box everything

    Michelle Hostutler

    Sandra Cannon 🙏 after 23 yrs he became a methhead!!

  78. gary wheeler

    i gave it all away ya all

  79. Ivan Voigtsberger

    Just NEVER check YES! Hell naw

  80. Russell Bauridel

    Sometimes you gotta listen to old George Strait. He's definitely one of the best. Right up there with Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Jr. and Sr.,Waylon Jennings, and Alan Jackson.

  81. Oscar E

    I tried to give her away...that didn't work ...

  82. jeanelder1226

    love country born and raised on it there is nothing better to help you through tuff times music is the best medicine

  83. jeanelder1226

    love this song

  84. Bryan Burke

    George Strait the King of Country Music.

    Strait has had 60 number 1 hits. To put that into prospective. -Queen has 6.
    -Michael Jackson has 12.
    -Elvis Presley has 18.

    Hugo Stiglitz

    I prefer Hank Jr. Simply because he's got the balls to speak his mind, probably more than anyone else in the industry, but Strait is definitely a legend

    Tracy Pridemore

    Yeah but Jamey Johnson wrote this song gave it George...

  85. Robin Mann

    James. mann

  86. John Downing

    Just give it away Jody Ann no one cares

  87. JCG JCG

    When she left she took everything that was the best deal I have ever made in my life. Hell I got off cheap!

  88. JCG JCG

    Real country music no auto tune or that pop bullsh*" they have in the crap they call country today!

  89. I researched

    Just trying to figure out who the 3k lunatics are that gave this a thumbs down? Obviously they do not know or understand music, lol!

    Ally P

    I researched I know right
    This is what u call real music 💯 🎶

  90. Maria Roybal

    Memories are fore ever. Sometimes you can't give everything away. It's just material things. Love is hard to give away.
    Marie in Greeley, Colorado

  91. Rhonda Boncutter

    I for the life of me can never see why someone would leave this man!

  92. Angela Dyer

    This is real country music george strait number one in my book.

  93. Ronald Watson

    I love this song, it's so meaningful in my book.