Strait, George - Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love Lyrics

I know you're ready you show all the signs
Your eyes sparkle oh how they shine
But you keep saying you can't take another heartache
The way you hold me the way that you move
Your feelings keep showing through
You can't hide it it's written all over your face

Don't tell me you're not in love
When your heart beats like it does
You trembling body tells on you
Each time we touch
You can tell you're afraid
I am too and that's okay
I got eyes I can see
Baby don't tell me you're not in love

Sweet love songs bring you to tears
Come on baby don't hide your fear
Let your lips say what your heart already knows
Your denial is last thing to fall
The only brick left holding the wall
Don't hold back speak with your heart and your soul

Don't tell me you're not in love
When your heart beats like it does
You trembling body tells on you
Each time we touch
You can tell you're afraid
I am too and that's okay
I got eyes I can see
Baby don't tell me you're not in love

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Strait, George Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love Comments
  1. Lj Jessell

    All the way from Australia George you are the country music king

  2. Jessica Hamlet

    I love George strait and he is my favorite country singer.

  3. Chris William

    Don't tell me you're not in love= Dr owe in A post508 are A Physian ET cross El Love EMMY why owe me A post rap her E NO TIN EL OWE VALCANO 👁️////// EL =ELTON JOHN

  4. Joe Doe

    King. Period.

  5. Fat Bitch

    For you Johnnie...

  6. damsideau

    Now this is Strait Love! "Check yes or no!" (that song and this one are Pure golden ones)

  7. Pamela Knowles

    Everything George Strait sings is Pure Gold!!🎼🎸🎤🎼🎵❤

  8. Mickey Bowser

    OH OH !!!!YES YES I AM!!!!!

    Mickey Bowser


  9. Edward McCarver

    Totally in love with you

  10. Gino De La Fuente

    Who in the hell wud click on the thumbs dwn??? Probly fake ass ppl who cant shine like the king wen it comes to singing. Long live the King of Country

    Nathaniel Mills

    probably jason aldean and kane brown fans


    Your all MINE. All day love...

    Kickrocksboy1111 Sharp

    LOKING GOOD BROWNEYEGIRL speak with your heart and SOUL. I'm a browneyed girl, who likes to think I'm looking good, still.👸

  12. Laura Hodge

    This song is so good! You have gone and done it again! Just a good, simple love long! ❤️

  13. Dnez44901

    I’ve been in love since 1987 with the one and only king of country

  14. Maryann Frank

    I Love you xoxoxo 😘 George , thanks for sharing your blessings 🙏 ❤️😘😘

  15. rustamtheshadow

    George strait and midland❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  16. Pamela Rodriguez

    Love this song and Mr. Strait!

  17. G T

    Damn I need someone to play and sing this for lol 🍺always loved this song KGS.

  18. James Emory

    Another great 2 stepping song!!!

  19. hortencia Alvarez

    Love this song King George❤️

  20. JIM V.

    King George is my favorite country singer I love all his songs

  21. 2 1/2 Acres

    They don’t make them like George anymore 😔

    Linda Gilliam


  22. Will Wilson

    The King 👑

  23. BigWheelHawaii

    Not Since Elvis Has There Been Such Talent,, "Kings a Pair",,,,

  24. Deion Houston

    I’m a simple man. I see George Strait, I click.

  25. Adriana Hernandez

    I just want to go out and sway with you to the sound of the wind blowing as we laugh and talk I’m here ready for you

  26. Bill Swan


  27. Laura Cooper

    i love him

  28. Ulrike Thalhammer

    Super Musik George Strait 👍🎸🎶🤠🎵

  29. Kent Isakson

    Unreal! George Strait is absolutely incredible I don’t know what else to say! You the man!

  30. Dillon Rodriguez

    He did it again 🤠😎

  31. Country Dingess

    Great song❤️ Gorge sounds amazing as always🥰😘 king of country music 🎶

  32. Hope Noneya

    Love George and miss real country like everyone else...but not too crazy for the lyrics, too much rhyming for me.

  33. Brittney B. Williams

    George is a king ❤️
    Country music is George Strait

    verlene robinson


  34. LadyAnne

    Yes. I am in love. 💖💞💜♥💓💜

  35. Wynter Rose

    Oh My GOD George is the best. I 💕 this man.

    verlene robinson

    Sorry Wynter Rose, George belong to Norma and I💕❤💕❤lol

  36. Quiaree Kayyy

    This is so me !!!

  37. Cindyjean Stover

    He just keeps putting out great songs...that’s why he’s the king of country 💕

    Robert Guerra

    I'm not sure if you know, but this is an old song!!! But if you did, then I apologize for saying anything!!! Good say

  38. Rosemary Downey

    George strait is one of country music finest singer's he is a great legend love his music thank you for sharing country music at it's finest blessings to you all 👍👍

  39. chad roberson

    Still the king

  40. Keke Banks

    George is still yum, take poptry to a new genre bc it’s invading my country music

  41. 66 Elle Camino

    Don’t have to hear to know I will love, but now sooo in love!

  42. Tiffany Dale Jansky


  43. Kaysie Simmons

    I love this song George strait

  44. Billy Smith

    Wow! Great song.

  45. Emberly Martin

    beautiful song! Gotta love this real country style that George Strait, Clay Walker, Alan Jackson and Gary Allan are playing!

  46. Candace D

    If a woman is shaking your moving too fast
    Just take it easy take it slow 🙂❤️🙏

  47. Kharol

    Any song done by George STRAIT is country at it's best❤️❤️

  48. Maribel Gaona

    My man l am in love all over again. 😍❤❤❤❤

  49. Tashia Wilson

    This is pretty nice song😍

  50. Driftwood 13

    King George on the south Texas ranch lands in the middle of the night , you can hear an old beat guitar In the pale moonlight The echoes of Willie ring high through the night While ole King George sings his baby goodbye

  51. Dawn Hubbell

    Awesome song. I so feel it.

  52. Greg Vincent

    Another great Strait one!
    Has it really been 35 years listening to this awesome artist?
    Still the king in my book!

  53. ALr

    Need more George, Midland and Cody Johnson to replace this pop country BS flooding Nashville

    Matthew Mcdaniel

    Cody Jinks


    @Matthew Mcdaniel good one!!

    Hangar18 Megadeth Fan

    Want good modern country listen to cody jinks, sturgill Simpson, clay cook, hank Williams III, tyler childers, matt mason, colter wall, wheeler Walker jr, luke combs, and Chris Stapleton.

    Cameron Mchugh

    Need more george, randy travis, keith whitley, kenny rogers, tracy byrd, alan jackson!! Haha

    Hangar18 Megadeth Fan

    @Cameron Mchugh shooting Jennings( waylon Jennings son)

  54. Belinda Golden

    I'm not in love with you any more

  55. tatted&country 4ever

    George straight thanks for the classis country! This one's for you Shannon!!😍😘😉

  56. Manny Rey

    I Just cant get enough of George Strait & Midland country music.

    Federico Floris

    Clay Walker and Alan Jackson too

  57. Myra kay Poncho


  58. Casie Lovell

    Love you George

  59. Martin Ball

    My first wife loved George when I hear him I think of her great time in my life some of the best ever hope she is happy in life were ever she may be Texas I think

  60. Doris Night

    Great song. Baby I want to see more of your show videos.

  61. Doris Night

    I'm in love with you. That's for someone special.

  62. Miss K

    Love George Strait <3


    It’s like he read my mind.....this one’s for you, Rob!❤️

  64. Destiny Grider

    Keep telling myself I ain't...😑

  65. Marryann Lamb

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  66. Jody Burke

    Yes! Another hit for the king of me some Strait.

  67. Jo-Anne Squadrilla

    Sweeet 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🙂

  68. Tammie Hardeman

    This cowboy still sounds great

  69. Shari Crocker

    OK, THEN. Like Johnny, and,June.

  70. Shocker

    Once was lol

  71. Ocean Country

    Great one from the great king George 🎶🎵👍👍

  72. Ruth Boykin

    Always great to hear George Strait....and to share!

  73. Teresa McClanahan

    Love this & George Strait! 😍🥰♥️🎶 Thanks so much for sharing! 😊

  74. Patricia Hartless

    George Strait thank you for your song. Don't tell me you're not in love. When you're truly in love. With your soulmate. Your Love shows from the inside out. The moments you spent together is precious.

  75. Amanda Jane DeWeese

    Im not gonna lie i am in love. Im in love with the civilry the courting the falling the spinning the shaking the clowning. The smile i cant wipe off my face. The thought of someone showing me where its me always running. Always causing always being the one that scared scared to let something something real something so unbelieviable true. Something so out of this world. Something not only written in the stars but in ever cloud in our sky. In ever hello and goodbye to every hey and come on. To babys singing momma told me and baaaabaa its gonna be ok. To every rap booty bounce and classic to american pie and witchy women. And pour some suger on me in that purple rain. Come on baby

  76. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Love this Beautiful Song "" this is so me "" another great Country Song "" from the King George""💘💘🎶🎶🎶🎶

  77. Melanie Griffin

    Viewer number of the first to hear another future #1 on the charts!

    Lee Higginbotham

    George doesn't have #1s anymore.

    Robert Guerra

    This is an old song, from The road less traveled album!!!

  78. John Davis

    This is what country should be.

  79. Mickey Bowser


  80. sandra Ferrington

    He don't run this show as he thinks

  81. John Thompson

    Just got the notification 10/15 in the morning George strait perfect start to the day country music at it's best sung beautifully by the best 😄 love from Ireland keep it country

  82. sandra Ferrington

    We come from two different worlds .

    Kickrocksboy1111 Sharp

    sandra Ferrington one things for sure, each can experience a broader view .

  83. peggy self

    Don't tell me your not inlove!!

  84. Nathaniel Mills


    Wood Stock

    The KING never left! You go cowboy

    verlene robinson


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    Joey Taylor

    Hey my kkk

    Patricia Arnold


    Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Love My King George 💘💘

    Joey Taylor

    Say it if you're saying there

    ~Wings2Luv~ April.R.

    If I do please respect me with the same. :)